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Product Sentiment Analysis!

Sentiment analysis is the automated process of understanding the sentiment or opinion of buyers for the products that you are selling. You can use it to automatically analyze product reviews and sort them by Positive, Neutral, Negative.

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Plan the perfect marketing strategies for your Products & Brand!

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Why You
Need etraKy Analytics
The key to a well optimized eCommerce business includes a brand focussed, converting listing copy. This Listing analysis report points out all the errors you need to fix to gain those sales and conversions.
Get more product reviews and increase sales with automated review requests. This feature is currently enabled only for Amazon through our partner brand: eVanik
Intelligently monitor your inventory position across marketplace channels and get Out of Stock alerts at geographical levels.
If someone is selling a counterfeit or similar version of your private label product. This is particularly frustrating to a private label seller, as you took the effort to create your own brand and product specifically so you can avoid competing with other Amazon sellers to control the Buy Box.
Instantly discover high-converting keywords for your listing and get critical insights into your competitors’ keyword strategy.
Get feedback and question alerts from real buyers for all your products sold on Amazon and other eCommerce marketplace channels.
  • Product Details:
    Sony ZX Series Wired On-Ear Headphones, Black MDR-ZX110
  • Listing Quality:
  • Selling Details:
    Amazon (UK): $37.65, Not on Buy Box, 14 Sellers
  • Share of Search:
  • Reviews/Ratings:
    Positive: 2343
    Neutral: 1232
  • Keyword Performance:
    Top: Bluetooth Headset
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Coverage and Spread

etraKy Analytics tracks products across eCommerce marketplace channels in over 29 countries.

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Easily configure alerts and notifications that you would like to get notified to your inbox and take action appropriately. Never get late to take instant action and boost your sales and visibility on Amazon and other eCommerce marketplace channels.

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  • Price Breaches
  • Listing Hijacked
  • Low image count
  • Incomplete Description
  • High negative feedback
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7.5 Million+
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Marketers love etraKy!

etraky Analytics is the trusted tool for Brand Marketers across domains and industries for their online eCommerce business on marketplace channels like Amazon.

Sales of ICC coins began and the road to the four platform begins.

The present ctrypto currency market is very competitive and it going to be more within next few month.

Sales of ICC coins began and the road to the four platform begins.

The present ctrypto currency market is very competitive and it going to be more within next few month.

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