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Not Just Amazon

There are many softwares working to offer “ease of tracking” of sale to the brands. Still, there is a challenge of making high sales on all the online platforms. This is because none of such software provides the same service on every possible platform in e-commerce. Generally, brands face few drawbacks like loss in sale opportunities, ineffective listing quality, low customer engagement, etc as they struggle with inability to track the scope of improvement other than on Amazon. etraKY BS, exclusively gives an advantage to track your sellers and product’s activities not only on Amazon but on any chosen platforms. Say it is Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, and so on where we allow our software to work 24\7 on your behalf.

Including this, dealers also make a lot of mistakes or do not optimize a better scope to sell the product. This is due to lack of information regarding different e-commerce channels. etraKY BS has a super control system for all the e-commerce brands to enjoy each analytics that covers all the channels of online business. A brand exposing its products anywhere in e-commerce space can have an analyzed analytics to understand the market behavior effectively. This also helps in building good marketing strategies.

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Challenges of Omni
Channel Selling

With an automatic mechanism of selling a product, brands can somewhere be able to control the Amazon selling analysis. But they may lack the skills to outshine in other platforms. This develops a situation of losing the opportunities to competitions. With this, etraKY BS realized the need of overall control on any of the chosen platforms for the brands. We provide accuracy on each platform to bring you on top of the SERP worldwide.

Primarily, it is important to understand the market behavior. The reason that impacts the sales graph needs to be acknowledged on time. A brand who is expecting return on investment needs to be analyzed on a daily basis. In the current scenario, there is no option available for any brand to have a full-proof analytics on issues hindering their growth. And as the mechanism demands, no manual team can assure you efficient tracking of products accurately and fastly. This is why the brands have to compromise on their return on investment due to lack of resources. Hence, etraKY BS assure you to achieve your target sales with a satisfactory achievement.

Other than Amazon, no online business software has a way out through which any brand can extract their efficiency. In this regard, etraKY BS makes sure that you do not settle for less. We guarantee to notify our associated e-commerce brands to have reports on such matters that need improvement. If there would be no alerts given, no brand would be able to understand the loopholes. Therefore, we help you to fill this gap for better results and get to create new benchmarks for the competitions.

Customer engagement is one of the reasons why e-sellers want their products to be sold on multiple channels in online businesses. This may in turn impact their sales as well. But, still there are challenges to get a large scale of customer engagement. This is due to the inability of the brands to track the faults in their product exposure.  Taking this into account, the customer engagement actually takes place due to powerful implementation of marketing strategies such as effective listing quality, usage of popular keywords or abiding by all the rules of each e-commerce platform for better search results. etraKY BS, hereby, brings the best assistance in this regard. We provide reports on the cause of loss of customer attention, and also help you to resolve it not just for Amazon but for any chosen e-commerce platform.

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Solutions We Provide

etraKY BS is a cloud-based architecture that is basically to provide ease of tracking to all the brands. This service is available for e-commerce brands for any platform existing in the market. This helps in getting an ethical and analyzed reports on areas of faults. We work for brands’ enrichment, not for platforms. Hence, we keep you informed regarding each activity of the market worldwide on every channel. We believe to encourage your business support on genuine terms. This is why we give you the ability to have full control over your sales activities on a real-time basis.

Through market research, we bring out the new trends and behaviors of not just the customers but also the competition to you. This helps in making good advertisements and promotion plans on different market spaces. Having said that, etraKY BS understands the importance of innovation and investment both. Therefore, we help you to introduce yourself and be knowledgeable about everything that happens in the e-commerce marketplace. Here, we have an exclusive feature to let you acknowledge not just the Amazon platform but elsewhere also.

In an oligopoly market structure, competition needs to be maintained for betterment in the marketplace. If there wouldn’t be any competition taking place, the scope of improvement and innovation gets ruined. For this purpose, every brand must focus to be strong and compatible for existing in an intensely competitive world. For this purpose, etraKY BS allows brands to have full control over the data analysis regarding the market. This facilitates the growth of the company. This increases your scope of earning through different channels.

Analyzing the data for different channels is not possible. For such cases, it is a problematic thing if brands could handle all the data on such one centric place. etraKY BS provides brands this facility where they can not just have their different sellers and product-related data on their fingertips but also allows different channel data collection. We are a pocket of varieties that function in favor of the brands.


Generally, it has been noticed that brands do look for an automated solution that can help them have all the analytics on just one command. We, as a highly trusted and chosen tracking service have shown that credibility that any brand would be satisfied with our service of control. We are not just suitable for Amazon sellers but Flipkart, Jabong, Snapdeal, etc channels that have online buying and selling nature. etraKY BS is a studio of features exclusively launched for the purpose to fill the gaps for brands who are unable to track their business dealers or inventory. We provide thorough market studies and encourage marketing tools of promotion in any of the chosen platforms. As we access every single channel in eCommerce, we keep it authenticated and error proof so that no brand faces any difficulties in their business management.

Whether you deal on Flipkart or otherwise, get our back- office support to track your dealers or product anywhere on a real-time basis and enjoy a profitable competition worldwide.