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Listing Quality Analytics

Listing Quality Analytics is a phenomenon which means listing a brand’s product in depth on e-commerce platforms and analyzing the score for its visibility. Listing Analytics helps in maintaining a quality for your product’s considering its image, description, meta tags etc. For any eCommerce, those who have an omnichannel way of selling their brands online needs to achieve a good quality score of their products. In this regard, businesses sometimes fail to determine how to manage this process especially, in bringing their products to the top of the Buy Button List. Therefore, etraKY Brand Studio provides you with the scopes of improvement in organized and fast listing features.

Listing gives a direct impact on product visibility as well. Having said that, listings require some parameters as mentioned above which needs effective keyword usage. etraKY BS comes up with such analyzed analytics that notify the brand about the faults while listing. In this regard, we provide a set of customized keywords that help you reach the highest on search result. Here are some significant pointers that impact the Listing Quality and the sale rate.

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Importance of Listing
Quality in e commerce

Listing quality gets its hike when the potential keywords are used effectively. If there is no process of researching and recognizing best keywords for a product, it may rank low in share of search list. Generally, sellers try to mention their description in the most attractive manner but still lack behind for the sale. This is because the product has more customer-based keywords rather than SEO-based keywords. Therefore, etraKY provides a report on well-researched and popularly used keywords for brands to have best selling opportunities.

As so far we have understood that while putting a product for sale purpose on any of the e-commerce platforms, listing plays an important role to rank it on top. Having said that, short details make more sense to the customers while they go through your product. This is also a better idea because it keeps the keyword on focus that facilitates product listing quality. etraKY BS on this regard helps you to know under what word limitation a seller can describe a product in the simplest form.

Google Market is a better place for increasing growth prospects. In this case, it’s a good opportunity to enjoy while positioning your product on the top of the SERP worldwide. etraKY BS facilitates the improvement of marketing strategies while counting the drawbacks a brand is facing for listing quality. We provide the brands to reach their target market on a global scale. Although e-commerce brands need to make the effort to fill the gaps to be in a better position, etraKY BS analyse these scopes. After this we maintain a report of the analytics to keep you updated about the faults so that you do not miss any tip to assure the best number of deals.

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Components of Product

Title is the name given to your product which needs to be crispy and catchy. While launching the product or putting it on sale on an e-commerce website, we need to make sure that the title matches the product, suits the trend and convinces the buyer. If anything related to the title area does not satisfy the listing quality score, etraKY BS would let you know. This is a section where ethically has to be impactful enough. It is also suggested that the start of the title must be of the brand’s name. Through this, the very first place a customer would look is the brand name. This would immediately encourage customer attention, especially the existing ones.

Product images are set to be of specific mega pixels for different e-Commerce platforms. Likewise, Amazon has a fixed pixel of 800 that needs to be maintained for any concerned products. etraKY provides proper instructions to the brands for increasing better listing quality. Also, that images need to be segregated properly. It means the heroic or main image needs to be the best and the most attractive one. Following this, other images also need to outshine the product features. This process directly indicates that images need to be more than one for better outcome and etraKY BS aims to provide you information regarding the same. 

Description of any product is the brief information that is provided to make the customer understand the product overall. In this case, a powerful description is being made with the use of keywords at a certain allowed word limits. This included keywords helps in targeting the potential customers who are searching for that particular product. That is why etraKY BS concentrates on making product visibility effective and rank high on a large scale.

Bullet Points are the area of focus where one-by-one features are shown for the customers that highlights every single point with the better emphasis. etraKY BS makes an analysis on how many bullet points  need to be formed, what all should be covered, etc to make it more impactful. etraKY BS rectifies issues like length, word restrictions, etc for you to maintain a good quality scoring for listing. Having said that different platforms require different ways of mentioning bullet points to define their product impactively.


etraKY Brand Studio is a centralized software which focuses on every aspect of SEO tools which increase the sale rate. In this regard, it helps in recognizing the faults of product listing not just on Amazon but on other platforms also. It gives you a full-researched analytics report on what can be the better place to enhance the visibility on getting high ranking in search engine result page. etraKY BS works on a real time basis and its analytics provides you details regarding your product performance and how many of them are in the Buy Button List. As listing quality is to be rated between 1to10 where 10 is the best and this is what we assure you to be rated with us by notifying you on each sectional setback. etraKY knows the importance of LQS (Listing Quality Score) for which we consider length and keyword richness. Our analytics are proven to be more faithful and effectful as 12000+ brands have shown their trust in us.