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Brand Studio Prezzi

Brand Studio Prezzi is the tool of ease that settles all your problems related to pricing in the eCommerce industry. Tracking of price is a new term marketers have realized after a long time where not just their products’ price analysis is important but keeping a check on competitors pricing activities also plays a significant role. Our best competitor price tracking tool is a robotic solution where data is assembled and reports are generated on your products’ and competitors products’ price all together at a single centre. This method not just eliminates loss of deals due to pricing issues but also establishes a strong competitive behavior of your company. It is being noticed that the customers are easily influenced due to the lack of the brands’ standardized pricing control.

As eCommerce platforms are vague to keep a regular check, brands face price violations very often. This is because sales stealers are always awake and are waiting for you to lose the surveillance so that they may drive your customers towards themselves and enjoy potential deals in your name. But not to worry, we have thrilling features that can give your brand a standard pricing control anywhere in the eCommerce world.

Fascinating Features for Price Tracking

See Rivals in One View

For powerful price tracking, it is very important to create a solitary and quick way to keep access to all the happenings regarding pricing on the basis of your competitors, channel conversion rates and your own business interest. This is why we offer instant reports on who is on the Buy Box Button at present and in the past as well. We provide information such as the seller’s name which achieved the highest Buy Box Button, competitors’ status of price changing, comparison of your pricing to your rivals’ price, etc. This is to ensure that you do not lose on any conversions due to inefficient pricing management and plan yourself according to your rivals’ footprints to be on the same page

MOP Pricing

Marketing Operating Price (MOP) is the lowest price a brand provides at which the products can be exposed for sale from the sellers. This is a technique to fulfill a desired profit rate by selling and not compromising on any conversions. Generally, customers who see a product being priced lower than its actual rate, they create a mentality that the product may not be of a good quality or are older items. This influences the customers to buy your rivals’ related products. Hence, tracking on MOP helps the  brands to know whether their sellers are dedicating the pricing method for engaging more customers and enhancing brands’ sales or not. Our reports notify the brand automatically and instantly whenever your sellers play fowl on you to restrict such practices.

Price Breaches Alerts

Price Breaching is a term used to describe the unauthorized selling of products at lesser or deep discounted prices without brands’ acknowledgement. Breachers are the sellers who are not associated with brands or hide their malpractices by earning higher profit rates at lesser time. It impacts badly on brands’ pricing hygiene that results in diminishing selling rates because of customers’ lack of trust issues. Our reports, thereby, provide a quick alert on such breaches and allow you to take better control over online marketplaces. You may also download such tickets of claim and make the culprit exit your business space on time.

Instant WhatsApp Alerts

We believe to keep you ahead of the entire eCommerce business rivals. Hence, we have introduced “quick-to-know” alerts not just on mail but on WhatsApp too. This is a new era technique that doesn’t have any tracking software. But we know how important it is to control your conversions through tracking pricing against such malpractices. Nowadays, more attention is given to chatting platforms and we feel you will also be available whenever we ping regarding any unbearable activity. Therefore, here we go for your favor and flourishment always and let you know about every step your rivals or conversion thieves take.

Historical Price Movement

Historical access of pricing data is our speciality that is nowhere possible. We keep you aware about not just present price movement but historical movement as well. As it is said that history helps us to be effectively educated about what may go  wrong and which strategy scored high sales. Similarly, it helps brands to know their pricing strategies also by analyzing previous recorded and authentic data before they make an important business decision. This is a smart manner a brand can rephrase their pricing policies while being in the intensive and sensitive market.

Seller-wise Price Monitoring

Our reports cover all the details of pricing like when, at what selling pricing, which seller achieved Buy Box Button and how dynamic was the repricing of that product. This data is collected through a server-based software so that no mistakes or delays can happen. You can access these data anywhere at any time of your convenience. We provide you data through tracking sellers’ location and rectifying the rate at which your product is being displayed at any eCommerce platform. This enhances your efficiency and nothing is hidden regarding your pricing operations taking place on Myntra, Meesho, Snapdeal or Amazon, because we are everywhere!

We are a revised version of price tracking software. We know the importance and influential drawbacks pricing ill-management gives to your sales rate and scale of operation. That is why we are designed to make you the master of all by powerful pricing administration and  higher profitability.