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Track Your Competitors’ Live Pricing Report on Any Online Platform Instantly!

Our automated tracking system is built to enhance your control over the omnichannel marketplace.


What are WE?

Etraky Brand Studio is an artificial intelligence tool based on tracking your competitions’ pricing, performance and conversion. We research and collect all the data based on your rivals, professionals and products in a single cloud-based platform from where we extract the reports on a real-time basis.

Why Are We Exclusive?

We are the top eCommerce tracking service provider that has the most powerful tools to offer brands to never compromise on conversions and be the coach of the game. We are 24/7 on work to let you outshine the market.

Uniqueness We Offer
Instant WhatsApp+Mail Alerts
Instant WhatsApp+Mail Alerts
Get your instant violation reports not only on mail but WhatsApp too! Because we want you to be fast like light in decision-making.
More Than Just Amazon
More Than Just Amazon
Get the opportunity to track your rivals everywhere they exist. Yes, you can be the hero of every movie by using our omnichannel controller tool.
Any & Every Industry
Any & Every Industry
Get your tracking reports for any chosen industry you are operating in like FMCGs, Telecom, Pharmacies, etc in the fastest, accurate and simplest manner.
Location-Based Analytics
Location-Based Analytics
Get real-time data on which location has higher fill rates so that you do not compromise on any deals and enjoy long-term profitability.
Historical Interpretation
Historical Interpretation
Get 90-180 days past records on price breach, Buy Box Button, rivals’ repricing frequency, etc to make a competitive comparison and impactful price plan ahead.
Global Metric
Global Metric
Get started with your tracking tool anywhere in the globe to extract your details of retailers, rivals and products anytime in just one go.
Pricing Attributes We Offer

MOP Monitor

Our automated solution offers instant alerts on who violated your determined price in advertising products for sale so that you do not compromise on sales or brand image.

Price Examiner

Our price checking feature permits you to look at your rivals' price in each channel, category, and brand you decide to make comparison with.

Price Equalizer

Our Price Matcher feature assembles your rivals’ pricing data and changes yours’ likewise. You only determine whom you like to track and we’ll handle the rest!

Price Controller

Our price controller gathers rivals’ historical pricing strategies to expose the long-term plans in a solitary dashboard for a comprehensive pricing record to enhance profits and business efficiency with revised policies.

Price Manager

Our price automated executives upgrade your evaluating choices for you to benefit more without going through a long period of manual price endless bookkeeping.
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  • Keywords  1000
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MOP Control on e-commerce platforms?

MOP stands for Market Operating Price which allows sellers to offer the product at an allotted price while exposing them for sale. Through this, brands can ensure an efficient profitability without compromising on conversions. It is important for brands to keep checking their rivals’  MAP to plan their product price to be at par. It is suggested to have an automated tool for such monitoring so that you may not lose on your evaluation any time.

How can I track my rivals without letting them know?

There are few robotic tracking solutions available that work as a back-office support to provide details regarding your rivals’ pricing and how often they go dynamic. This is completely a confidential method of tracking that does not let your rivals’ know about it. You may get access to their activities and their pricing plans through instant reports effectively and smartly and take advantage of driving their customers to you.

How does tracking benefit branding and sales?

Tracking is a method adopted by many brands on eCommerce platforms so that you do not dilute yourself in such a sensitive marketplace. In case of branding and sales enhancement, tracking reports help you to analyze which one has the control in the current market scenario. Also, regular tracking allows you to make better marketing strategies to overcome such rivals’ and outshine the industry.  Eventually, you will be able to rule the selling opportunities and increase your brand name.

How will I get to know Price Breaches on WhatsApp?

etraky Brand Studio is the only tracking software that alerts brands instantly not only on email but WhatsApp also regarding any price violation happening under your brands’ banner. This keeps you updated about your products’ pricing and eliminates unauthorized selling techniques that hamper your brand standard.

What does historical analytics do in enhancing customer experience?

Historical reports on brands’ product and its pricing helps them to compare their business condition in terms of Share of Search frequency, Buy Box Button frequency, tracking listing hijackers, etc. With this, the brand can easily rectify when the sales went down and the reason behind it. It also helps to keep strict control over sellers and rivals’ too..

How can I track my live products easily?

Automated tracking reports include information about products which are live on various eCommerce sites and allow brands to examine their fill rates as well on a real-time basis. These reports can also be used to check whether sellers are dedicated to increasing sales or not.

Why is Share of Search important in online selling?

Share of Search is the position of visibility a brands’ product achieves through listing quality score in an online marketplace. It is important to focus on it because if a product has effective keywords they may be on the top of SERP rankings and hence their customer would easily visit to purchase even on a laptop or a mobile device. This ensures good customer reach that leads to high selling profits.

Is it significant to keep checking competitors pricing performance?

Yes, it is crucial to keep an eye on your competitors’ pricing methods and performance because it gives an idea where you can improve your products’ pricing as well. At times, some brands’ offer the same product at a lesser price that gets away the potential customers. That is why you must not be left behind, hence a regular check on rivals’ performance compete strongly in the market.

How to eliminate unauthorized sellers?

Unknowingly, sellers who are unauthorized from the brands’ side deal with duplicate products on their brand name which lowers the brand image in front of their loyal customers. Thus, a versatile computerized tracking system needs to be implemented to avoid such violations and ill-management in marketing.

Why do I need an automated tracking solution?

Tracking on a virtual medium gets hard in extracting the data effectively. Therefore, an automated tracking tool is highly recommended that not just give you comprehensive reports on areas of pain but also establish a 24/7 surveillance over your competitors by giving instant alerts.

Do I need a technical integration in my tool for automated tracking?

Absolutely not, a brand does not require any technical integration to install a computerized tracking tool to keep robot-generated records of their rivals, sellers and products. It is the easiest, fastest and strongest method used currently by many big brands.