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Candes Technology Private Limited

furniture and kitchen appliances at affordable prices.
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December, 2017
Platforms Tracked:, Flipkart, Bigbasket, Grofers, PayTM,
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India: 900+ SKUs, 12 Cities
About Candes Technology Private Limited

Candes Technology is India’s most reliable and leading home appliances company that offers a complete range of furniture and kitchen appliances at affordable prices. Their products include Fans, Geysers, Heaters, LEDs, Toaster, LEDs, Smartwatches and much more. They focus on making customers happy by continuing to provide innovative electrical solutions through innovative products, world-class production processes, a knowledgeable and customer-focused distribution network, highly responsive after-sales service, and the staff involved. They are very responsive to changing modern lifestyles and consumer needs. Their motto has always been Customer Happiness for Innovation & Enthusiasm focused on performance and collaboration.

Brand Requirement
  • Out of Stock Tracking
  • KAM Wise Reporting
  • Share of Search
  • Location wise Metrics
  • Fill Rate Trends
etraKY BS Solution
  • BS Prodotto
  • BS Procurator
  • BS Ricerca
  • BS Procul
  • BS Prezzi
Case Study: Candes Technologies 

Candes Technologies is a vast company who deals with all types of home appliances and has ruled the marketplaces for a good time. But as the company was dealing only through mouth-on-mouth conversions, online product selling was not that easy for them to build the same operational discipline. As a client, they sent their worries regarding tracking of products for different categories, channels and brands. Significantly, they were not able to keep a record on how many conversions a particular product is receiving, or which sub-brand is highest in demand, or which eCommerce channels has the  best product performance and if there were any violations taking place regarding products’ price. 

In this regard, we went to these grounds to acknowledge real data regarding the brands’ tracking problems.

What went right with etraKY BS 3.2

The Process

Since, etraKY BS is a known tool that segregates the products as per their category, channel or brands, we brought them a comprehensive report on the same. We understood the nature of the business that possesses one type of home appliance, we showed to them the feature of unlimited tracking of sellers operating in any location. While doing this, the brand could know the status of their sales team, professionals and sellers all on a single dashboard. 

Our reports are based on metrics that give comparative results on what the organizational goal was and where your team has reached in sales. If you are facing any price breaches, an automated alert would be sent to the brand immediately so that a quick action can be taken.

By implementing these features, Candes Technology experienced a good inflow and outflow of operation discipline. 

The Outcome

We were glad to hear from them that they are not facing any violation of policies or price breaches. They are capable enough to make a strict discipline throughout channels location-wise. With etraky BS, they believe the brand image has also seen a good response from the customers’ side. 

Overall, Candes Technology is happier now with an impressive impact on their business and has real-time records of past and present operational activities of its sellers’ and organizational professionals to achieve the common professional goals.