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Most Astonishing C2C eCommerce Startups in India 2022!

In the eCommerce industry, various business models are available to start your online business. You can select them as per your business field, work, and customers you want to engage with. eCommerce business models such as B2B, B2C, and D2C are pretty famous, and among such, the brand new business model C2C (Customer to Customer) is becoming quite famous these days. Customer to Customer is such a business model that allows customers to do business with each other on a frequent basis and in an online environment.

This particular business majorly worked through auctions and assessed advertisements. With the emerging eCommerce industry in India, many startups are pursuing a C2C business model. The C2C businesses incorporate eCommerce technology and assemble their potential customers. Several C2C platforms, such as Amazon and eBay, sell their products through a well-classified auction system.

The customers mostly purchase products from other customers through a third party, where the payments occur. If we talk about the Indian market, numerous companies follow the C2C business model and have adopted it lately. Here in this blog, we have mentioned India’s top most renowned C2C eCommerce platforms.

Best C2C eCommerce Platform in India



eBay is one of India’s leading online platforms, it provides the facility of auctions, convenient shopping, and negotiated models of trading from one Customer to another. This Customer to customer platform was established in 2006, and its headquarter is in Goregaon, Mumbai. It offers a broad range of product marketing, categorized into several listings, including apparel, beauty, personal care, computers, cars and bikes, jewelry, mobile phones, etc. eBay holds 25th rank in India’s top websites list.


Quicker is another prominent online customer-to-customer marketplace; it was established in 2008. It offers customers to post and gives their reaction to free and local ads related to furniture, events, cars, jobs, housing, and others. In the current scenario, WQuicker has expanded its services to more than 930 cities in India. The headquarters of Quicker is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. According to the survey Alexa, Quicker is listed in the 16th position in India’s top C2C platform.


Coutloot is basically a social commerce platform founded in 2015. It is widely known as India’s largest offline and online social marketing platform that offers customers the ability to sell anything to online buyers with reasonable bargaining across India. Coutloot also offers documentation, logistic services, and cash on delivery to its customers. The headquarter of this C2C company is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra.


This eCommerce venture is quite old and famous in India. Olx has made a quite strong presence in the eCommerce industry. This company was established in 2006. It is one of the renowned and popular customer-to-customer eCommerce platforms in India. One can buy, sell and rent various products such as furniture, cars, bikes, and electronics from this astonishing C2C venture. You can also buy and sell properties and apartments from this eCommerce platform.


It is one of the most popular and giant eCommerce channels across the world. The most amusing thing about this venture is that it operates in a business-to-customer and customer-to-customer business model. Almost every product category is available on this platform, such as apparel, furniture, beauty products, personal care products, shoes, electronics, home decor, baby food, etc. The headquarter of this eCommerce giant is situated in Seattle, Washington, United States, and in India the headquarter is based in Hyderabad.

How Does Customer to Customer Business Model Works

Customer-to-customer eCommerce business model works basically for customers who buy products from other customers. In this regard, they can use any third-party eCommerce platform to expedite the transaction. C2C online business platforms arrive with eCommerce machinery. In this model, customers gain benefits from such products that are difficult to locate by others. The conversions are pretty high in C2C in comparison to the traditional B2C method.

Customer-to-customer eCommerce business model is much more convenient because you need not visit any physical store. Sellers generally list their products, and customers purchase them if they find their products in the search list.

Revenue and Growth of the Customer-to-Customer Business Model

Customer-to-customer eCommerce platforms are almost similar to the B2C model, the only difference is that they make a profit from fees that are charged to sellers for listing their products for sale on C2C platforms. These C2C transactions generally involve used products sold through a classified or auction system. This significant market is predicted to grow in the future because of its cost-effectiveness. In the C2C marketplaces, the cost of using third parties is decreasing and the number of products for sale by customers is slowly rising. Sellers consider it to be a vital business model because of the popularity of social media and other eComm channels.

These channels showcase significant products already owned by customers, increasing demands and ultimately driving an upsurge in online traffic to C2C platforms. However, the Customer-to-customer business model has obstacles such as lack of product quality and payment issues. In some cases, there is less support for credit card transactions. However, the emergence of Paypal and other payment options has helped simplify payments on C2C eCommerce platforms.


There are numerous C2C companies in the market that are shifting their business to a Customer-to-customer business model and attaining significant revenue. This business model helps in enhancing customer relationships and attracting new customers. Significantly, the eCommerce businesses prefer to get along with this business model only.

With the help of brand analytical tools such as etraKY BS, you can capitalize on this business model. It can help you list your products accurately and provide you with the appropriate information regarding your stocks. It can become easier for you to run your C2C business with the help of such software. Believe it or not but Customer-to-customer business models are generating enormous revenue. You can establish your eCommerce business based on this peculiar model and earn decent revenue.

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Enormous Tips for Running Amazon Advertising Successfully!

Undoubtedly, Amazon has become one of the world’s best and most massive eCommerce platforms. Since its emergence in 1994, Amazon has grown exceptionally fast. It has more than 9.5 million sellers and brands all around the world. This enormous platform has completely changed the shopping culture for all of us. Whenever customers require any specific product they simply search for it on Amazon without even giving a thought of any other platform. Customers from urban and even rural areas are also prone to shopping online. In such a manner, it has provided a great opportunity to the sellers and brands to sell their products online and generate decent revenue.

Becoming an Amazon seller is indeed a highly rewarded and low-risk business. But you should know how to play your cards to attract more and more customers and upsurge your revenue. However, Amazon has allowed sellers to use Amazon PPC (Pay per click) to expand their business enormously and effortlessly. Accurate marketing campaigns can let you reach out to more customers and convince them to buy your products. Setting up an Amazon online store could be easy but gaining exposure can take time. However, you can get that expected exposure by running Amazon campaigns. Here in this blog, we have mentioned some essential tips for running successful Amazon advertising campaigns.

What is Amazon Advertising?

On a monthly basis, more than 200 million shoppers are visiting Amazon’s websites with each passing month. It is one of the largest eCommerce ventures in the world. Hence, it makes perfect sense to get your product prominently displayed in front of all your potential customers. If we talk about how it works, well, it works similarly to other internet-based ads through a lightning-fast bidding system. Amazon advertising works on a bidding system, whenever it chooses which ad to display on a specific page, numerous ads bid against each other. Apart from budget, keywords also play an important role in running a successful Amazon advertising campaign.

These are two basics that Amazon uses to pick the ads, once your ad has been picked up, it will be displayed on Amazon’s search page. Whenever customers click on this ad you will have to pay for that. This advertising model is known as Pay-Per-Click (Ppc), Amazon advertising works on this model. You need to target it correctly and plan your advertising strategy accordingly. However, if you don’t target it correctly and customers do not click on it, Amazon will automatically lower its ranking and display other ads instead.

Five Amazing Tips For Running Amazon Advertising

According to a recent survey, it has been found that more than 80% of Amazon sellers are planning to raise their bid on Amazon advertising comparatively last year. Eventually, it means that competition is heating up, and it’s time to get aboard and take your advertising to the next level. Let’s find out how you can run successful Amazon advertising campaigns.

Upgrade Your Product Listing Accurately

If you are one of those sellers or brands who don’t consider the importance of product listing, then you are not on the right track. For your information, the entire concept of Amazon PPC campaigns is based on product page listings. Product listing must include all the relevant and top-ranked keywords per your product’s nature. You must add those keywords along with the description and product title. Apart from that, you must include high-resolution images and high-definition videos. The visuals of your product video must follow Amazon’s guidelines, and the content of the video should be appropriate.

You can also use listing quality analytics tools such as etraKY BS to make this process accurate and successful. However, numerous sellers don’t believe it is necessary to upgrade their listings at times. Moreover, you can use it as a keystone to run your advertisement accurately on this platform in the future.

Increase Your Brand Visibility By Sponsored Ads

You should be aware that, at Amazon, you can use three types of ads to run your Amazon advertising successfully. These are product display ads, sponsored brand ads, and sponsored product ads. If you are a new brand on Amazon, you should use sponsored brand ads because it is one of the best types of Amazon advertising. It will make your brand recognizable among potential customers. Sponsored brand ads can make your products appear on the first page of Amazon. It will not only improve your products’ performance on individual listings but also attract customers’ attention to your brand. Sponsored brand ads help increase the brand awareness among the targeted audience and upsurge your brand visibility.

Run Manual and Automated Campaigns Together

First of all, you need to understand what automated and manual ads are. Automated ads are where Amazon decides when to display your product ad based on the keywords identified from the product description, title, and other aspects of your listing. On the other hand, manual advertising is all about defining the keywords and the bid rates in manual campaigns by sellers. Manual ads run depending on the keyword that matches your products.


The automated ads are much easier to run your Amazon advertising, especially if this is your first-ever time running an ad campaign. Along with it, you can still run usual manual campaigns occasionally. Automated ads can provide you with a bunch of information in finding keywords to run manual ads.


On the other hand, manual campaigns allow you to classify which keywords you need to target and bid on. In this way, you can enhance targeting others with higher conversion rates, as you have the deciding ability to bid per keyword. You can run automated ads with the help of relevant keywords you would like to spot first to ease yourself into it. It can help regulate which keywords are converting and use them to launch your next manual campaign. In such a way, you can use automated campaigns to find the top-ranked keywords while manual campaigns upsurge your reach and conversion rate.

Do Not Overuse Negative or Exact keywords.

To run a successful Amazon ad campaign, you must avoid adding too many negative keywords in your manual or automated campaigns. It can negatively impact the terms of your product ranking. Instead, you should reserve the negative keywords match options either at the ad group or campaign level for search terms that are unrelated to your products or yield little to no sales.


Enhance Your Keywords Wisely

To run an Amazon advertising campaign successfully, you must review and upgrade your keywords at least once a week and segregate which are the most effective ones. However, it is also crucial that you don’t make a hasty decision to change your keyword strategy on the basis of the most recent data. You must understand the fact that keywords are subject to change on a timely basis. For example, if you believe that keywords are not performing well, you can add them to your ad campaigns.

But don’t make insane decisions and start enhancing your keywords based on two-week performance. Instead, you can use automatic targeting to find out what keywords your customers have been using recently and then add the new keywords. In case your keywords are performing well, you can twist your product descriptions to match and emphasize your ads to match the new search queries and drop those terms that aren’t performing well.


Thus, in such a way, you can improve your Amazon advertising; it can be an essential part of your eCommerce advertising strategy. Because of the popularity of Amazon, generating sales on this platform is not only a requirement for sellers but also a must for expanding your business. Running Amazon advertising campaigns can surely increase your product visibility and help you reach your potential customers.

It is one of the best ways to sell your products thoroughly on Amazon and make your brand a profitable affair. In this regard, you can also take the help of some of the brand analytics tools such as etraKY BS. It can help you in enhancing your product listing quality and thus help you with running a successful Amazon advertising campaign.

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How to Become An Expert Seller on Amazon


Despite so many business options available in the market, every seller ends up establishing their selling setups on Amazon. Have you ever thought why is it so? We all expect that if one seller is on Flipkart, he must not be on Meesho. But on Amazon, almost every seller has an account. That is because Amazon has a great space for selling with flexibility. Being an eCommerce platform, it has maintained its image like a supermarket that has everything to offer its customers. But before the emergence of eCommerce marketplaces, it seemed to be a foolish idea. But some of these foolish ideas proved to be better and unique than others that created history. Likewise, Amazon has brought first flexibility of operation through “Cash on Delivery”. It was for the first time on the globe when such a marketing strategy was created. And do you know for which country it was initially applied? India. Yes, you read that right. The decision was made by Amazon to make Indians active as eCommerce buyers. Similarly, Amazon is a highly chosen online platform by not just buyers but sellers too.

But some sellers still have covered their eyes and have not understood what Amazon’s huge market space has for them. That is why this article would help you to understand the scopes you need to fulfill to make your performance better and bigger. But let us understand a new term launched lately, “Third-Party Seller”. Read down to know more about it.

“Third-Party Seller” Meaning

Third-Party Sellers are the individual sellers who perform selling activities on eCommerce platforms. These are not the direct dealer who deals but are the members of Amazon who receives the order and fulfills them by their own methods. Also, they control their products’ customer services excluding Amazon Prime Items. One of the great features of Amazon is that it allows people to sell items on its site, which means if you are a 3P-seller, you can use the flexibility and great impact of this platform for your business expansion. Amazon has been providing this opportunity in foreign trade since 2006. By using the Amazon Merchant Dashboard, you will have the option to tackle an online-based business outside of your site and allow Amazon to tackle all monetary activity. There is no doubt that it is good to have a site, or a blog, or a web-based media presence to make sure you send the expected buyers to your Amazon page.

What does Amazon offer to its retailers?

  • Engagement

Continuing since 2020, Amazon has been visited by more than 2 billion consumers in a few months and more. Obviously, not every visitor will be looking at your item. But you will be in a better position for those individuals who want your special items, and are ready to buy.


  • Opportunities for Quick Shopping Entry

Using the Amazon platform, you do not have to worry about setting up an online shopping website. You can simply compress your items into existing formats to make them more usable and display faster.


  • Transportation and Satisfaction

Instead of buying postal goods and construction methods without preparation, you can follow an online dumping business to let Amazon agencies handle orders, shipping, etc on your behalf.


  • Potential customer

The time a seller starts selling their product, they may not find as much customer attention because online platforms work on SEO mechanisms. This mechanism requires some patience while generating visibility of your product. But when you choose Amazon over any other marketplace, you will have the highest customer engagement than any other platforms because of its good operating report from customers’ side.


  • Regular and Secured Payment

In e-commerce, business platforms first receive the payment and then transfer it to the sellers’ account. As you being a seller do not deal directly with your customers, you need to be secure about your earnings. This is being guaranteed from Amazon as they transfer a regular earnings in every 7days-interval of customers even for CODs (Cash on Delivery). 


  • Stress-free Shipping Process

Amazon handles the mechanism of your order shipments of any type of shipment method whether it can be FBA(Fulfillment by Amazon) or Drop-shipping method. This protects your inventory while delivering so that your resources do not get damaged or wasted. 


  • Add-on Third-Party Support

There are sellers who are interested in getting added support services from the Amazon marketplace. These additional services include product photography, account management, and many more. This help is entirely to enhance your product visibility and ease of business management provided by Amazon itself to their sellers with charges.

How Can You Find the Best Selling Opportunities on Amazon?
  • Get Automated

Some sellers believe they can earn more in the modern world but with older methods. But this thought will take you nowhere. This is because the world is dynamic and so is the eCommerce industry. It keeps on changing with time that creates pressure on making things go rapidly. Here, competition is high which means you need to be sharper in the aspects you choose, faster in the process you choose, and smarter in the tools of your choice. It is observed that eCommerce is very sensitive with its pricing in comparison to its competition. That is why artificial intelligence is being widely used to give good analytics by automatically tracking your competitor’s price to have full control over brand hygiene. This can not be achieved with a manual team that has an infrastructured set to monitor the pricing methods of different sellers of a brand. But automation makes it easier and faster. Automated stock tracking tool gives you comprehensive data of every time pricing updates for a product. If any product violates the pricing, this software supports generating alerts to ensure standard competition.

  • Become an Active Advertiser

You can’t just throw your stuff on Amazon and trust enough people to find it automatically. Unlike the natural business, the common method of “build and come” does not always work. You should advertise your business using web-based media, on your blog by sending messages to your organization. Or any other sensible approach for your product. You can also combine tools and applications that are intended to enhance customer commitment towards your objects, such as chatbots or surveys. You may decide to create a special online media account for your object only and attract customers with challenges or improvements. Label your item on attractive photos, then add links back to your Amazon Merchant page. Try as many innovative advertising methods you can for better reach.

  • Choose the right Niche

When you run a business on Amazon, you need to sell things that people are passionate about. Stay informed about patterns in your industry and show that in your online business. If you already have a full-fledged item or business, you are probably investing some money to earn and know about your intended buyer. In a situation where your contribution can be categorized as one of the most popular ones on Amazon, you have a good chance of tracking the right crowd. In any case, if your item is black, you may have the option to enhance visibility (and deals) by linking it to the most popular category. For long-term financial success, you will need to get into things in the business industry that are always strong, such as weight loss, general well-being, self-improvement, yoga, shopper gadgets, baby items, and more. A decent way to measure a profitable market is to test Amazon itself for what smash hits are? Keep in mind that it is a wise idea to stay in a large mainstream market that will continue to be profitable for a long time to come.

  • Be Competitive with Your Competition

 It usually pays to see what others do with your speciality. See how they test their stuff, what kind of promotion they use, how they introduce and present their stuff, how often they launch new items. Even if your Amazon store is thriving, there is no guarantee that it will always be that way. To avoid stiffness and stay productive, it is important to stay aware of the market. An unusual way to do statistical research, especially on Amazon, is to evaluate customer surveys for good and bad. Find out what people don’t like and what people like about certain things, at the same time, make sure you fix those problems and stay away from traps.

  • Innovative Marketing Strategies

You could start small-stage earning with just one item on Amazon, and if you are lucky it may be one miracle. Also, focus on availability to see positively sold products and use what you know in your business to make more with resources. It is also important to use busy shopping periods. Regular retailers make up the bulk of their revenue each year during the Christmas season, and the same goes for online retailers. Online marketing has even inspired your own “vacation days” shopping. Make sure you are provided with all the space to handle the number of requests. In case you hope to recommend your web-based deals, there is a way to earn double. By joining Amazon’s Associate program, you can include partners who are connected to your content in your promotion. So when someone buys your item, you get a profit on that deal, but more than that a referral commission.


Eventually, Amazon has made a larger market than any other eCommerce platform. Thus, this makes it the most famous of all. As a result, more customers are available here who are searching for products to make a purchase. Hence, be smarter in your approach too for making a higher profit, giving strong competition to your competitors. Make choices that will keep you maintaining a fair product performance, visibility, and customer satisfaction rate on Amazon.

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