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Historical Report

Data handling is not an easy deal for any brand. But for speculating future business scopes, acknowledging the business ranking, maintaining disciplined business mechanisms needs to be analyzed and controlled. In this regard,  it is significant but impossible to access such huge detailed information through a manual team. Especially when details are to be stored in the past, there can be error and mismanagement. For such issues, computerized bookkeeping is way better than the manual method. And things can be even better when it gives you historical data as well. Many brands face a lot of losses that they even don’t know about. These increase the liabilities of the business and hamper the assets as well. Therefore, a quick and automated record maintenance of past data is incredible for any business.

Especially, talking about eCommerce brands who deal on a real-time basis struggles to analyze their buy button chances and mistakes that are taking place. As a brand-friendly tool, etraKY Brand Studio not just provides an alert and reports on such faults of marketing components but also protects you from unknown losses. Including this, historical data is not common for many brands. That makes it more attractive to be ahead of everyone else in the marketplace. Our reports of the past 6 months encourage you to rectify the product performance, sellers operational activities, product pricing issues, stock management issues, buy button visibility, etc that is stopping you from achieving your organizational goals. So that you can choose the best way out, enhance your sales and productivity and build a standard marketing process.

How Does etraKY Brand Studio Work?

etraKY Brand Studio is a cloud-based software that works through different sets of formulas to extract errorless data as there is no third party involved for data entry. It maintains a record report of the past 6 months back that can be searched by the brand for access and inform them regarding any flaws their business is facing. This historical data thereby, provides a flexibility and transparency to ensure product availability, pricing and control seller unapproved activities as well. In India, this is the first ever software that offers this amazing feature to its users to encourage better selling opportunities and dismiss errors and mismanagement.

Challenges and Solutions
Maintaining Marketing Hygiene

Listing Hygiene means abiding by all the policies of the eCommerce platform while product exposure so that a standard mechanism can be maintained. This includes rectifying unauthorized sellers, standard product pricing, and so on. If any seller is misleading the image of the brand, they will get notified about this regard. Also, sellers who are offering the product at lesser price or unavailability are taking place, then sales automatically get affected. For such matters, listing hygiene is significant. etraKY BS is a brand-effective software that maintains such discipline. It shows a report of the past 180 days to ensure the brand does not lose on any data. This secures a brand from any violation regarding e-commerce marketing. This protection not just guarantees better goodwill value but also emphasizes sales.

Product Pricing Violation Report

Sellers perform few activities which take place without the brands’ consent. In such matters, it is harder to find such activities occurring for short duration likewise selling a product at a lesser price and violating the pricing policies. These activities need to be stopped and taken care of. In this regard, etraKY Brand Studio builds up a feature to provide brand reports for the past 180 days. We give data that shows when the seller sold the product at a lesser price, when the product was on Buy Button, and so on. This is the utmost need of any brand to ensure standardization or better customer involvement. In e-commerce, such violations charge a lot of loss in the sheet of profitability. This is why we balance such activities on your behalf and notify you on a real-time basis.

Better Operational Analytics

Any brand who wants to access the historical data regarding their product performance and seller-related information and actually build more creative and effective marketing strategies. This matter of subject needs to be considered as operational activity tracking on a regular basis is difficult. This increases the risk of defaults. In this case, etraKY Brand Studio checks out all the happenings on eCommerce platforms to make a report for over 180 days. This also encourages brands to install our software as we provide the most unique online business solutions by providing the easiest and accurate back-office support.Operational analytics matters more because they help in better understanding the market. In addition, if a brand has data on regular activities for more than a month, it encourages brands to analyze their real positioning in the SERP as well as the competitive scenario.

Improper Utilization of Marketing Tools

This is a proven fact that SEO optimization plays a significant role for putting your product above every other competitive product. Things generally result well if the better usage of marketing tools are done. Eventually, the deals that are made will reach a good percentage of customers bringing a wholesome profit to the brands. But, at the same time when the tools best inputs are not given the process gets corrupted. Hence, this impacts the process of marketing. Therefore, computerized software enhances this power by notifying the brands of the gaps or flaws. So that this results out to be the best way to score visibility on Search Engine Result Page. Software allows them to bring the best result out and increase productivity.


In an overall point of view, an automated solution of maintaining historical records of products and sellers informing availability, unavailability, buy button visibility, and so on for any chosen time within the past 180 days i.e 6months. This is a new era benefit of technology where a software can grant every needed and important data in just a few clicks. As it is said that it is crucial to understand the roots of any problem, this mantra works for business management as well. If any business is unaware of the real cause, a permanent solution to such issues can not be found. This is why an implementation of a computerized tracking system needs to be present. With etraKY Brand Studio, a guaranteed accuracy, transparency, back-office support, errorless data reports are provided to the brands for creating a healthy and powerful business environment. We work on your behalf to ensure your business discipline. Also, we notify you through alerts on different issues that may violate your brand policies. 

It is said that it is better to accept the changes with time and get rid of older methods. Therefore, online brands who are facing difficulties in business tracking can join our campaign against such violations and enjoy a stress-free investment return on any e-commerce platform.