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ECommerce Tracking Tool of Sellers for Brands' Business Management

As a brand, you must be dealing with different sellers through different eCommerce platforms. In this, you may have segregated the work of tracking and managing of your product based on channel, product type and so forth. This must have been done with a purpose to keep an organized and accurate data regarding what your sellers are doing with respect to your products. Since brands’ higher authorized persons can indulge themselves on such issues, therefore, a manager or sales team must be allotted the same. But still, this process needs an automation enhancement by receiving instant reports on product and seller-related activities. Here, Brand Studio Procurator works on providing you a right-way of business management through reports including details of your responsible manager or sales person who is supposed to be attentive on such matters and how they are performing.

Here, some key attraction we have that helps your brand to grow:

Key Account Management

Disseminations of work is always recommended to build an organized structure to manage the business activities. Especially for regular marketing operations, specific professionals and teams are made to ensure smooth and effective working. In eCommerce brands, managers and sales teams are designed respectively based on channels, sub-brands and categories. Look at one-on-one pointers to understand how we provide you reports on such segregations:

Brands hire professionals who could be more active on matters dealing in different channels that brand is operating on. They may have a team to make things much organized to have a productive performance. Here, our reports show details regarding your product being sold on different channels i.e omnichannelized. This is a great initiative brands have started to enjoy the advantage to see what their managers are doing for brands with higher sale rates. In case, if any manager is not performing the duty efficiently, then the brand gets alert regarding them. Hence, a better control over every channel is created to hike profitability.

Brands hire professionals and build a team to handle products of divisional brands. In a simpler way, these are the products of such brands which are a part of the parental company. Our reports are made on this aspect where we clarify the issues related to sellers and products of such divisional brands that needs to be managed effectively by the authorized person on eCommerce platforms. This builds control over promoting and selling such brands’ products as well for business expansion on a real-time basis.

Category-wise report means the different products a brands deal in has to be equally taken care of. If a brand has a convergence type of business, they may deal in more than one type of products. Here, our reports will provide you details regarding which product has what fill-rates and how the manager assigned for the duty to increase sales rate is performing their duty. If the demands are not being met at any location, the brands may strictly take actions against these happenings.

Map Channel, Brand, Category

Product mapping is an act of coordinating your inventory with your rivals’ inventory to make exact and consistent cost examinations. Mapping brand’s product based on channel, brand and category is done on our reports that indicates your performance on omnichannel marketing, or promoting your smaller sub-brands, and increasing your different products sales against your competitions. We do not miss on any segment where you may lose on potential deals and hence,provide the best tracking support for your business. We are not just instant in action but accurate too. And our reports are easy to download for any claims that you need to make regarding your managers and sales team ineffective performance.

Flexible and Filtered Tracking

At any time, from anywhere a brand may access their product and seller activities to have a better business decision. Including this flexibility in operation, we also provide filtered details on the basis of the platforms you deal with, the sub-brands you deal with, and the varieties of products you deal with. Hereby, you get the smallest details also that helps you make a strong mechanism and control over your business regularly.

Monitor Individual Performance

Every tracking solution will talk about how your product and sellers are contributing to your high sales. But nobody gives you records of your organizations’ people who are hired especially to enhance your productivity. But what if you can control all of them in just one centralized platform? Interestingly, we are an automated system that gives you analytical descriptions on who is doing what. This means you just have to focus on your innovation and growth methods and we will assure your disciplined operation not just outside but inside the organization too. 

We are a computerized exclusive solution in terms of our reports and notification method where we don’t just say but show you on records on a real-time basis. We believe in helping you be ahead of your competitors and justify your business in earning large profits. We understand your big dream values and hence, we are always there to be your shadow support!