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Location-Based Tracking

Every eCommerce brand looks for a better mechanism of creating control over every aspect of its business. As a big space of marketplace, e-commerce does not facilitate brands to track each activity related to the product and the sellers.  And yet, this problem has not got any such solution. etraKY BS has launched an exclusive feature. According to this, it allows a cloud-based command over every piece of information. A brand distributing the products to different parts of the country does not know the actual gaps in the final sales graph. That is indeed the reason behind the need for brands to adopt automated support. This support can not just only bring data-based analysis location-wise but also create flexibility in growth.

As a software, etraKY BS has launched the only solution to brands who could have every possible data related to their products and sellers. etraKY BS grabs the information from buyers’ locations through computerized formulae and provides reports on product pricing, availability, and sellers who are selling them on a real-time basis. This is the method used to bring quick, accurate, and transparent analytics to encourage improvements.

How does etraKY BS work?

Many such brands have yet not occupied better selling opportunities even if working for so long in online business. This is because they have not adopted a better business assistant for themselves that provides them an instant analysis of marketing gaps and encourages better solutions. etraKY BS is here to fill this gap for you to enjoy a potential profit base anywhere in the country. As a brand, you may have faced a lot of losses because you were unable to find the struggles of achieving better selling strategies. This is because of the unavailability of surveillance over components that need to be looked at. Let us understand how etraKY BS help you to fulfill these gaps: 

  1. Control Over Availability
  2. Control Over Pricing
  3. Control Over Sellers

etraKY BS focuses on assuring the availability of things that can bring better options of sales. As inventory is the basic thing to increase sales. etraKY BS tracks the availability of inventory and the demand through a buyers’ location to ensure your exact report. This ensures the brand fills the areas for improvement. This helps the brand to never go out of stock anywhere in the country when there is demand for the same and enjoy a solid sales rate.

Standard pricing is the uniform price of the product selling anywhere in a decided market area. In a country, different sellers selling the same product in various locations in eCommerce may offer different prices with slight chances. But this may not be a big difference in comparison to the original price. But few sellers do not consider this and offer a lesser price for a short time without brands’ knowledge. In this regard, pricing discipline gets violated. Hence, etraKY BS provides you reports on such issues showing which seller is selling the product at what location at what price. This enhances the marketing standard of a brand.

Sellers operating from different locations for a brand sometimes violate some standardized rules of brands. This directly impacts the customer review and image of such brands. For example, a seller may perform ill management of inventory and pricing, this creates a disconnection between the customer and the brands. This is why etraKY BS finds out such activities and certain unauthorized sellers through buyers’ locations to ensure a good return on investment. If there would be direct control over all the sellers working in eCommerce for a certain brand, the sales and standard would automatically increase with fruitful results.

Benefits of etraKY BS

Sometimes, brands do not enjoy the potential profit of selling products. This means somewhere the sellers do not perform proper inventory management because of which there are fewer deals received. In such cases, reports on sellers having an amount of inventory help the brands to analyze themselves about meeting the demands. These reports show which states or locations have how much demand. Proceeding this, they also look after the availability of stock that does not know where the things are lacking behind. etraKY BS helps you to analyze better without miscommunication issues and ensure your efforts for meeting large-scale marketing opportunities. OOS

There is a huge problem of getting complete control over sellers operating in different locations in e-commerce. Sometimes, brands do not know which seller is adding which promotional strategy or even considering the increase of sales for brands or not. That creates a loss of selling opportunities that hampered the chances of growth. Especially, when there is omnichannel or large-scale marketing, it sounds like the best dealing opportunities one can grab. But at the same time, when there is no such process to look after the crucial marketing segment. That eventually lowers the profitability since the brands may score more. That is why etraKY BS ensures transparency between brands and sellers operating anywhere to meet the demand and supply efficiently for a better selling rate.

It is an improper way of asking the inventory management status of any of the sellers associated to operate in e-commerce. But demands which are higher than the supply also need to be met. This is why etraKY BS provides comprehensive reports to download and claim with proof regarding the stock management. If this system was earlier introduced in favor of the brands, many such have saved their hard-earned profits. But our software understands your pain and has introduced an amazing feature to let you talk with proof. This not only helps in ensuring better availability of stock but also helps in improved business analysis.

The motive behind every business is the increase in sales. But then in a sensitively competitive marketplace like e-commerce, where every segment of product exposure impacts your business is difficult to manage. In this regard, many brands lose to target the customers because of OOS, improper pricing, and all. Therefore, for achieving more customer engagement and hiking selling graphs, our software brings out the loopholes of improvement through which brands may analyze the report better and understand the scopes where changes need to be made.


To dismiss reasons for losses, we first need to find the cause of them. Numerous brands are in the race to achieve their sales target but could not do it efficiently. The worst part of this struggle is that no brand could know the challenges that are hindering their growth. That is the place that creates the need to work with an automated solution. etraKY BS is a studio of solutions for generating a brand-friendly atmosphere where each detail brands look for is available in a single place. We send reports of any time with the minimum step processing so you do not lose any of them. This data keeps you updated about your marketing positioning in the eCommerce marketplace. Also, help you to come with better promotional ideas. 

eCommerce itself talks about large-scale marketing where different buyers are looking for the same product. In this case, if you are in the race of grabbing a larger crowd of them, make sure you are subscribed with the exclusive studio solutions for maintaining an exclusive control mechanism over pricing, availability, and sellers of products.