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Customized And Researched Keywords

In the e-commerce industry, it is hard to fulfill every requirement of anyone’s specific platform. It creates difficulties in managing omnichannel marketing. Including this, a common mistake many brands or sellers make is lacking the search of popular keywords to hit the top position in the visibility list. As a trend of SEO in digital markets has taken a major space, no brand can afford to lose a deal because of this factor. Considering ineffective keyword usage, it is possible that brands or the sellers may not bring the target customer to the Buy Button. This happens because they do not know which keyword helps customers to find your product while searching. Therefore, a proper mechanism or tool is required through which keywords or characters can be recognized to use it for increasing the listing quality score and share of search of the product.

etraKY BS is majorly designed to provide brands with analytics they can’t analyze themselves to help them get the best out of all in the marketplace. With this regard, we offer a feature of finding customized and popular keywords for brands to reach the highest number of potential customers. We research the volume of keywords currently used to find a certain product along with the historical search list. This helps to customize keywords for a specific brand product in the most effective and efficient manner. If a brand does not follow the rule of SEO keyword optimization in the description or anywhere while exposing the product for sale, they may not reach their target customers in the intensely competitive marketplace.

Common Drawbacks of
Keyword Negligence

If brands do not understand a proper set of keywords to use in the product description or bullet points or in its title, they may fail to target the customers on that particular product. Also usually, brands or sellers who use customer-based keywords rather than SEO-based keywords generally face these drawbacks. The reason for this is not being in trend. If you don’t research on this aspect, market behavior won’t be analyzed, resulting in it being useless to deal on such fast-growing platforms. This is why well-researched keywords must be included in the Listing Quality components to get the best outcome.

Negligence of keyword utilization results in a non-impactful listing quality for a product. According to online platforms, there needs to be a set of effective keywords inclusion that helps the product to be found in SERP. This mechanism is very important for ranking your product because Google uses the keywords that increase the product visibility. In the title, description, and bullet points, these keywords are mentioned to make it relevant according to search engine optimization.

Keywords are the basic thing through which a customer can find your product. If keywords are not researched effectively or misused in any components of the Listing of a product, etraKY BS instantly will notify you about this. It is suggested to use as many keywords as your word limits allow a seller to include in a meaningful way. This increases the chance of finding new customers or else leads to losing great deals.

e-commerce platforms have a rule of achieving a good score of product listing that eventually increases the share of search visibility. In the middle of so many options, a customer can easily be driven to some other brands for purchase. This demands a brand to use an organized technique to increase the attention of customers and retain the same for long-term interest. Keywords play a significant role that helping the product to achieve a score of 10 in the listing. etraKY BS is an automatic solution software that helps in tracking the flaws while listing a product by providing a list of focused keywords specializing a product.

Benefits of Keyword
Processing in eCommerce

Keywords are applied for increasing the visibility of a product to be on Buy Button easily. This means keywords are the reason to get identified by the customers while searching for a specific product. If a brand uses a keyword processor, they get to grab the most impactful keywords simply and fastly. Interestingly, etraKY BS offers not just researched or popular keywords for the brands but also notify lacking keywords that suit the best for the product. We help you to be ahead of the competition.

Keyword play is difficult while getting a good ranking in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). As every other brand is following the same rule of using keywords and increasing the Buy Button possibility, etraKY BS facilitates the improvement sector also to get the best out of each deal. Our customized keywords are well-researched and popularly used keywords that we provide you for better customer response.

etraKY BS ensures to analyze the keyword trends in the finest step possible. For a better understanding, we go through the volume of searched keywords or characters in present and historically as well in just a few seconds. After this, we customize the final list to encourage better sales rates. We bring transparent analytics for each and every product you deal with. You will get ranked in a global space with a good number of growth opportunities. Hence, this will give you a huge scope of building relationships with new or more customers instantly.

e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Jabong, and so on have different sets of rules for their keyword processing. As etraKY BS not only focuses on one but every platform of the e-commerce marketplace, we are effectively designed to bring ways for better keyword utilization. If keywords are not mentioned appropriately or significantly, it may create hardship to rank the product. Eventually, it diverts the purpose of the sale. With us, brands are solving this issue globally with each and every type of product. We help in encouraging your customers to reach you directly.


etraKY BS is a cloud-based software exclusively designed for brands who want services for tracking their product and seller-related activities. As an e-commerce software, we refine the mechanism to make it brand-friendly and provide analyzed analytics regarding listing quality, keyword processor, review management, etc to improve the business management. Talking about keyword processing, etraKY BS performs an automatic process to recognize the popular, relevant, and impactful keyword at the simplest and fastest speed. 

We also notify you globally on subjects of keyword processing and more for enriching your performance in the e-commerce industry so that you can avail yourself of healthy and strong competition with others. As etraKY BS is not just for Amazon, go and grab your best assistance in tracking online business activities and increase your control over any chosen marketplace.