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Brand Studio Ricerca

Ricerca is a tool that works for improving your share of search reports and helps you reach heights of SERP ranking. You must be aware that share of search is more reliable than just brand advertisements. As per the reports, 96% of customer interests are vague because share of voice does not guarantee you this. Thereby,  we have made it easier for brands to know the volume of searches they achieved in any eCommerce platform and analyze their genuine customer intention. Our robotic tool calculates the number of times your brand’s product is being searched on eCommerce marketplaces in comparison to your competition. Including this, you will be able to track this real-time report with the help of unlimited keywords you want to mention. As it is known that keywords play a vital role in maintaining your Share of Search position, you must require a smart tracking solution that establishes a good share when searched online. 

Here, we provide some unique and advanced features you must be searching for:

Share of Search

Basically, BS Ricerca is all about managing your Share of Search through providing a quick analysis of your business performance. It is the share you achieve against every other brand operating in an online channel and grab a better position of visibility.  For brands, good understanding of your customer interest is important so that you may work to improve accordingly. But in eCommerce marketplaces, you cannot depend on your sellers only to keep your products visible for sale. Then what is needed? Keyword usage. Including keywords can enhance your Share of Search opportunities four times more. Therefore, we help you to analyze where you are being positioned when your customers look forward to making your related products’ purchase.

                                  Number of searches for your brand 

Share of Search      =     ——————————————————– 

                                      Number of searches for all competitors

Desktop vs Mobile View

There are many brands who have started establishing their mobile applications also to enhance customer engagement. As customers prefer to do windows shopping on mobile rather than on a desktop, reaching out to those customers is also significant. Similarly, tracking systems generally calculate your Share of Search on desktop i.e websites only. Whereas, we cover your rate of Searches on desktop and mobile both. Our reports include all your potential customer engagement as compared to our rivals to make better analysis on a  single record. You need not require another watchdog for that matter. We try to provide as much assistance as we can so that you do not miss any scope of selling opportunities.

Competition Performance

The eCommerce marketplace is highly intensive with competitions. Everything changes here with a rapid go. That is why you always have to be aware of what your competitors are doing. A wise brand will choose to face the challenges of their competitors always. And your tracking efficiency decides how powerfully you are ready for the same. This feature is the most important one because we know how much it takes to be on top. That is why we track your competitors’ performance also to make you do better and better each time. We include details like which brands’ product went on top of the Share of Search page, what are the prominent keywords seeking customers’ attention, and which brands’ has overcome your conversions.

Track Unlimited Keywords

Keep adding as many keywords as you want to because we have enough allotments for you to analyze your best keyword listings. As per e-commerce platforms, you make your product visible through your keywords matching with your customers’ keyword while they search. Here, brands struggle to analyze which keyword is effective and what can be removed. Therefore, make this decision with our tool where you can freely research and customize your final keywords. This report will help you in understanding which keyword was higher in the past and is in the present trends too.

Sponsored Vs Non-sponsored

Sponsored products are those brands which get paid position Share of Search. Whereas, non-sponsored Share of Search positions are the organic positions achieved by a brand. In our report, we provide you analytics on the basis of unpaid positions which are achieved by your or your competitors’ brand. We perform research in the back-end to make you examine your original share in the SERP page in comparison to your rival’s positioning. You will not be diluted because of our reports as we are offering you filtered reports on it. 

etraky Brand Studio focuses on making powerful and unique analytics that represents each feature that benefits you to understand your own performance in just a few clicks, so that you can outshine against every other brand existing in the marketplaces.