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Tracking of products’ fill rates, sellers conversion efficiency and rivals’ Buy Box Button is okay, but what if you can track all of these without geographical boundaries? Yes, etraky Brand Studio Procul has this efficiency to give you the key to success where your single tool will include every business information you require in a synchronized and simple manner. Our software grabs details through tracking your sellers’ location and identifying your conversion and fill rates at that particular place.

Procul offer some interesting advantages to your business efficiency through our tracking reports:

Location-wise Monitoring

For a better control over your sellers and assuring products’ fill rates, brands must try an impactful technique of building the control over market by tracking them location-wise. We have realized the necessity of dismissing the geographical boundaries while effectively tracking your best selling scopes. To fill this gap, Brand Studio Procul helps in tracing sellers’ location and extracting the details of inventories with high/low conversion rate, fill rates frequency, logistic costing, and so on. This report is prepared on a real-time basis so that no information could be left behind. We enhance your product availability in each kilometer where your customer resides.

Add Unlimited Location

Through our tracking software, add infinite location names and search which seller is not performing dedicatedly and which rival is seeking your customers due to unavailability. There are no such restrictions in researching your business condition in the current market and finding out the highest conversion rate opportunities. This helps you identify the locations where availability needs to be taken care of for fulfilling the demands. Additionally, you will be able to distribute your inventory effectively and efficiently and enjoy complete control over inventory. Remember, customers are only for those who know the innovation. Hence, you have to be instant and accurate in making your products ever-ready to dispatch.

Improve Fill Rates

Fill rate is the number of times inventory needs to be procured by a seller. Here, conversion rates are the key factor that determines the fill rates of a product. In our reports, you will be able to know how frequently a product is being filled and what is its conversion rate for a specific location. This facilitates long-term customer retention and engagement that would result in higher sales. Etraky reports are easy to analyze regarding your higher selling geographical places and monitoring the inventory distribution accordingly. We do not want your resources to be wasted, that is why we provide you data on metrics so you do not leave any stone unturned.

Standardize Customer Experience

Primarily, that is our focus to place you on top with known brand image and customer validation in the marketplaces. You can access robotic reports which gives you flexibility to create a standard customer experience throughout the map. This means no customer would bounce back due to OOS because your seller will always have inventory to release for order fulfillment. This encourages those customers to come back each time to facilitate you with good ratings & reviews. As eCommerce new customer engagement takes place through your brand image, you will be able to grab your rivals’ potential customers towards you and enjoy a strong competition and control.

Reduce Logistics Cost

If tracking is bringing you in a situation where you can score good selling opportunities with effective methods in each kilometer, nothing can be greater than that. We have seen brands struggling in putting high logistics costs while distributing the inventory. Therefore, we provide those sellers’ details to you who are closer. Location-based reports let you know where you can allocate your products for sale that have an impressive conversion rate. This eliminates your huge working capital so that you may invest your precious time and finance on innovative marketing strategies. Isn’t this exciting to grab more deals in the least amount of money and time investment?

We are an advanced tool of artificial intelligence that is bringing a new revolution to eCommerce marketplaces through tracking on each parameter and enhancing brands’ power of operation against the rivals and sellers’ unauthenticated practices on any geography.