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Methods of Social Media Collaboration for eCommerce Marketplace



Social media is a platform where the whole world can connect and share their point of view in real-time. There is a feature of feedback that allows you to understand how relatable you are among your connections. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Signal, and more are the recognized examples that have eliminated all kinds of boundaries for worldwide connectivity. In eCommerce or online business, you cannot ignore the power to create your existence and gain more customer engagements. Yes, that’s true. 


You have to be present on social media handles with your target customer involvement.  Depending upon the type of business, you may choose your social media platform. You must have seen promotions on Facebook, Quora, Instagram, etc which have varieties of advertisements with different products offering to their target customers. 


But there is a lot of confusion about choosing the proper technique to establish brand awareness and generate clients on social media. But practically, social media has vast opportunities floating for you to grab. You cannot start promoting your brand and product on the right channel but rectifying a suitable pattern of promotion is also essential. You must be able to track your advertisements’ responses as well. 


Choose the Right Form of Social Media Promotion and Marketing


  • Facebook, Instagram Collaboration

You must have seen a lot of collaborative stories, posts, and even reels on Facebook and Instagram. Generally, people who want their content to be popular and reach a mass audience collaborate with similar pages to promote them. This is highly seen for songs, videos, or movie releases. For eCommerce brands, this works as promoting your products and letting potential customers reach out to you with this. In this method, you need to link your online brand, Facebook or Etraky Instagram, or other social media platforms to related eCommerce pages. This allows engagement to those customers who are your target but aren’t in your league.


  • Google Shopping Ads

Google Advertisements (popularly known as Google Ads) are nothing but the posts you see when you search for any product on Google. eCommerce brands place their product listings with keywords with charges applied. Any brand may use this technique to grab deals because this allows unfriendly or unaware customers to visit your product listing. In this, your keyword performance is the crucial tool that decides your visibility. That is why make sure to include a researched and customized set of keywords to have good listing quality and Share of Search on Google SERPs. 


  • Amazon DSP Option

It stands for Amazon Demand-side Platform, where brands can advertise their products on Amazon marketplaces and extract details. This data tells you your reach, brand recognition, and conversions generated so far as compared to Google Ads and so on. In this manner, Amazon Brands have the flexibility to vaguely introduce themselves on social media platforms and analyze the response. You can have tracking analytics, which is a tremendous advantage to ensure high customer engagement. As we all know, Amazon brands and sellers get the highest brand awareness and conversion opportunities because of their vast customer base, and you must not miss out on this method at all.


  • Use Youtube Shoppable Ad Video Format

While opening any video on Youtube, what is the first thing you watch even before the channel’s name? A Youtube Advertisement Video regarding any brand. This is a pattern that the platform provides to provide you with customer engagement instantly whenever they access any channel. The channel is not required to have a relationship with your product. That is decided by the platform itself and lets you always be in the eye of the consumers. This is another paid format but is highly used by almost all recognized eCommerce brands and even the platforms like Meesho, Myntra, Amazon, etc.


  • Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is the people with high followings and content reachability on social media platforms. Brands even run their advertisements with the help of these influencers. As a new era of social media has introduced this pattern, influencers like making money by promoting brands and increasing sales. Their high following and content engagement is your primary concern who are needed to be influenced to visit your virtual store and purchase. They believe it more when their favorite appeals to them to try the product, and that is all you are required to get: purchasers. 


End Thoughts


You may market your exclusive offers, newly launched products, new sub-brand, platform, or new business. This works for all types of marketing needs. 


As the world is active in surfing content on social platforms, your brand also needs to socialize and make new friends. Use the most innovative and creative ideations while strategizing. Now that you are introduced to all the promoting and marketing robust options, your brand, get started to hike the leads with your chosen style.

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A Guide to Understand New Product Launch on Amazon for Brands & Sellers


Products are a medium to grow your business. It allows your brand’s conversions and helps you achieve your organizational goals. Launching a new product is a task which  brands do in the current market, especially online platforms. They have to introduce their potential customers to newly launched products before it’s even out for sale on Amazon. Brands cannot directly approach their buyers because the industry is highly unclear and complex. Then what trick helps them bring out the product for the first time by Amazon Marketplace Sellers? 

It is the technique of Search Engine Optimization upon which the platform works. Amazon being the largest and the busiest eCommerce channel worldwide, offers tons of opportunities to let you gain. This is only fruitful for those who don’t wait for the rest to make a change but be a change themselves. Amazon requires online brands and sellers to be quick, intelligent, effective, and accurate with their decisions. By launching a new product, you are making a massive difference in the market, which must be impactful. Therefore, you need to follow some specialized tricks to make an incredible entry or launch items on a well-recognized platform. 


Steps to Follow for Fantastic New Product Launch on Amazon
  • Research Your Rivals

Studying your rivals in the market is the first thing you need to do before launching the product. Brands are operating with so many different sellers. They do not know who is performing what and lose their launching technique. A fresh product requires a solid and impressive introduction for its influential purchase. If you are a brand and decide to start a new category of product or new on Amazon, you must not overlook that big players are always waiting to grab your customers anytime. If one time you fail, there will be no second chance. Therefore, you must be following your rivals’ product listing, their share of Search, the offers, and their related text materials. You may also keep an eye on their product sentiments so that you can find a loophole to add uniqueness with comparison in your launch. 

  • Care for Keywords

Keywords are the most important and unique thing you need to include while listing your products. You can have a set of researched and customized keywords to strengthen your product listing through an automated software tool. You can access the customer’s historical search volume and present the search volume of a particular keyword by adding unlimited keywords on the dashboard. This is the fastest method introduced lately to ease eCommerce brands and sellers’ operations. Include those keywords which are customer-friendly and avoid ones which do not match the customers’ choice. Also, ensure 50-100 keyword inclusion that may cover almost all the grounds of concern and can get you the best customer engagement. 

  • Photos and Videos Addition

Photos and videos are picturized briefs of a product. In product listing, products’ images and videos are added. This shows how the product looks practically. Amazon allows the sellers to add pictures and videos for getting better deals but very few sellers ensure this while listing. As a brand, track your seller’s performance with real-time actions and see whether they follow all the rules and regulations of Amazon product listing or not. Try to provide 5-6 authentic quality images and a video with segmented instructions. This influences your buyers easily and ensures one of the reasons to achieve the Amazon Buy Box Button. Many sellers largely adopt this image addition technique, but all this component needs is the best efficiency. If this is strong, half of the list’s struggle has been eliminated. 

  • Track Sellers and Products

Products before launch are not registered with Amazon and its listing. After you are set with a market survey and understanding, you have to get a product listing. In this, you can follow the instructions mentioned above for an effective listing quality score. Along with this, you need to focus on the Share of Search simultaneously for ensuring your effective product visibility. While documenting for a product, brands need to abide by, giving information of your authorized sellers and their location-wise stock availability. Through a tracking system for Amazon, you can allow yourself to track your sellers’ location and know what they are up to with your products with the information provided by brands. In this regard, your brand hygiene is very significant to gain buyers’ trust and purchase interest. If you want to standardize your launches with all your sellers, trace their activities regularly and intensely on an automated single dashboard. 

  • Promote to Influence

Influencing Buyers can be done in several ways. But Amazon Launch needs your innovative marketing technique to get impressive results afterward as you are launching a brand that is still not known to your buyers yet. You need to educate them deeply with the help of indirect promotions. In eCommerce, brands start websites with complete information about their products for customers. Also, they add content as blogs that could give them exact and related information. Brands may also allow social media influencers who are known and have an ideal audience to recommend their new product and convince them to purchase. 

  • Paid Marketing

This is an old but hidden secret behind eCommerce success stories. This marketing tool has gained sellers’ and customers’ trust on many platforms. In this, PPC is run on google with the help of keywords and blogs, also social media posts that can get viewers that eventually turn out to be their potential and loyal customers. They do not have to rethink when a brand has an excellent digital marketing team. Through automated analytics tools for eCommerce or specifically Amazon, you can get the best version of your product with quick surveys on the market and digital marketing response.


End Thoughts

Brands come and go with their new product launch. But there is a huge responsibility to give an impactful impression upon your potential and virtual customers. If you score good marks in this, you are indeed a master of marketing. On Amazon, you need to be precise, professional, and protective about your products’ pricing, listing, and overall launching process. Add some uniqueness and power to your launch and see how incredible this platform is to welcome your product with open arms and high profitability. So do not miss out on steps and grab the best out of it in your New Year in 2022.

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Why Do Online Brands Desire an Automated Analytics Tool for Business Growth? Report for 2022


eCommerce channels are an absolute market space that builds higher conversion opportunities for online marketplace brands. But this requires something advanced and attractive to gain them as thousands of brands would be thinking of the same ambition. Here, you can not go beyond your controlled activities but have to be extra than before and your rivals. 

That is why many online brands have found a modern solution for digital pains and implemented it to ease their operations. This is none other than an automated solution for eCommerce multichannel surveillance. 


What Does it Mean?

Automated is the real magic happening in real-time for many recognized brands who have chosen to celebrate their victory of growth through it. It is a freedom of operation with countering each activity related to the Share of Search, Buy Box, Product Listing, KPI management, Pricing, Sellers, and Stocks. This artificial intelligence support system has rectified the real pain suffered by eCommerce brands. It also tells you about the undisciplined actions occurring instantly through WhatsApp and Email alerts. It extracts all the market details and gives a solitary report governing the multichannel operations.

It is the best support to any size and type of business that regularly allows transparency and brand hygiene. But how can the brands implement them effectively to gain better results? Follow the article for some amazing tricks that can guarantee your success in less time, money, and effort. 


Areas to Implement an Automated Tracking Analytics Tool
  • Optimize Multi-Channel Product Listing

Automated tracking tools track the activities of eCommerce brands and their associates and provide benefits to add to their business efficiency. They plan to enrich your conversion rate. A powerful eCommerce tracking tool will provide a complete product listing to the brand. This assistance works under the umbrella of product title, bullet points, description, and image score on board. Along with this, brands would get the ability to post simultaneously. This means products get listed with standard processes on every online platform. It helps add researched and customized keywords that let you join the Best Seller tag on Flipkart, Myntra, Meesho, Amazon and other marketplaces.

  • Chase Buy Box Button

Buy Box Button should be the target of every online brand for better conversion rates. But this power is not constant with the sellers. Your seller may gain or lose the Buy Box as their marketing efficiency. If they believe in continuing a manual way of managing an online business, they lack accurate and fast operational data analysis. They can only achieve it with an excellent tracking solution that secures their Buy Box Button and item listing from hijackers who may drain their profitability anyway. It maintains a consistent watchdog mechanism through a server and guides you on the way to getting on top.  

  • Omnichannel Standardized Mechanism

Omnichannel is a term used to describe multichannel operations to achieve high conversions and implant better customer satisfaction. Both of them play an essential role in enabling your long-term business survival. eCommerce is complex and dynamic, which does not tolerate any mismanagement and bad monitoring. If you lose control over different online platforms, your customers will rapidly start switching their purchase interest from your product to your rival’s product. That is why a system of standardizing the selling approach and ethics over all the channels is significant. Try it with an automated tool and always enjoy a good market value with impressive profitability. 

  • Analyze Profitability Regularly

It is said to keep an eye on your business profits constantly. This is practically impossible, right? But what if someone introduces you with a 24/7 tracking solution for quick and regular profits analysis on multichannel? Yes, this fantastic efficiency would be granted to you to answer all the queries regarding your sales. Your sellers would be tracking location-wise. Also, your reports would contain details of past and present. You can view anywhere about your product performance, and customers’ response to it. A quick market survey benefit is also available where you would have no intensive effort in understanding. Their analytics displays your graph and loopholes for improvement. This mechanism relaxes you with stressful business decisions and gives you simplicity with effective marketing strategizing. 

  • Ensure Impressive Share of Search 

Share of Search is the technique of getting visibility for the product. Also, the building structure of Online business states that achieving a high-ranked Share of Search plays a vital role in getting your customer’s attention efficiently. But many sellers do not know how to gain it. That is why tracking analytics would show your brands’ performance, turning your brand condition into a better version. The dashboard tells you the non-sponsored ranking analysis on Mobile vs. Desktop views. This is the advantage of being advanced and knowing your actual worth in the market. That is why focusing on this component will help you reach heights of success.

  • Improve Fill Rates

The out-of-stock analysis is a significant concern while operating in vague and competitive marketplaces. Many brands suffer from losses on deals and rivalry disadvantages because of this issue. Customers who look forward to buying your products would get disappointed with OOS status. Here, a cloud-based solution comes into responsibility to always let you get alert before your stocks drain out. It alerts on Out-of-stock and Back-in stocks matters where you can view which product has what status. This enhances the business back-office. Also, this method gives your flexibility and filtering ability to restrict your seller’s dedication. 

  • Monitor Customer Sentiments

Customers are the support system for your business’s existence. In the society of marketing, if you cannot gain your potential customers’ trust and reliability, it will be a tricky part for you. You have to build such a business that does not ensure good sales but also helps you build customer relationships. Retaining customers is a skill of masters. If you want to achieve omnichannel operations with impressive benefits, start valuing your customers’ sentiments. Online channels are famous for offering varieties at products, prices, and sellers. If you don’t know how your sellers are processing, you may get a drastic and sudden downfall someday. It means you would have to have a software support system to fulfill your organizational goal with full effectiveness and overall monitoring of business segments and influence customers to purchase.


End Thoughts

This is a big deal to understand the complexity of the eCommerce business, especially for brands. Some are older, and some have now switched to building their virtual stores. But what matters the most is your technique to operate in any marketplace. If you are ready with all the business component effectiveness, no one can stop you from achieving what you have aimed for. But any bad service or experience has a wrong impact on your customers. Undoubtedly, it is not a brand’s ambition to depress their potential buyers with a bad experience and lose out on conversions. That is why having access to all the subjects of your operation is significant. That gives you awareness regarding your business discipline and actual efficiency. That is why choose the best analytics software solution and hike your deals with ease, comfort, information, accuracy, and speed in the coming days.

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Meaning, Benefits, and Suggestions of Listing Software for eCommerce Brands

Meaning of Multichannel Listing Tool


A multichannel software is a cloud-based solution that helps eCommerce brands’ product listing and manages different eCommerce multichannel. It permits brands to list new products on every channel in a standardized manner.


A robust listing software will effectively cover item descriptions, bullet points, images, and product titles mechanism. The tool also offers the addition of customized and researched keywords that allow better engagement. 


Nowadays, eCommerce is full of innovative marketing strategies where sellers cannot get easy attention from potential customers. That is why this tool is high on demand for its trending suitability and smooth operation benefits. Want to discover what all such tools offer online brands’ business growth? Check them out below. 


Benefits of Automated Listing Software Solution for Online Brands


  • Smooth Operations on Multichannel

The listing tool is an artificial intelligence system that encourages multitasking while launching a new product on omnichannel. It gives the flexibility and ease of exposing one or more products simultaneously with impressive product listing efficiency in more than one online platform. Brands do not have to worry about each channel’s separate mechanism in listing their items. 


The automated software itself would perform all the back-office. The most attractive part of this solution is that it does not require any high knowledge of the operation and its understanding. A well-researched and customized set of keywords are offered by the tool itself that guarantees a long-term engagement of the products on any online channel. 


  • Enhance Product Visibility

Product visibility is the main motto of any brand while uploading the item on eCommerce platforms. In this regard, product listing gives assured visibility and engagement in any chosen platform. Brands struggling to get a good rank in the Share of Search must adopt this tool to get the best out of the eCommerce business. 


This tool helps brands create selling opportunities with retained or new customers. As the share of search impacts your purchase possibility a lot, that is why you must not think twice to enjoy the high conversion experience on Myntra, Meesho, Flipkart, Amazon marketplaces. It is also notable because it gives you a chance to grab your rivals’ customers. 


  • Save Time and Effort

Time and finance are the two most essential things followed by effort in a business. Brands should not invest both of them in minor activities. A listing may be a minor but most complex and vital activity in online business; you may implement an automated listing tool to figure out market research and a well-planned listing for your product. 


Brands can focus on a more critical and lengthy process of business that requires regular and high concentration in enhancing business efficiency. On your behalf, your assistant would be doing the work that can bring you money and buyers in less time and money investment with the least effort. 


  • Incredible Market Research

Market Research in online business is the most challenging task to analyze the trends and customers’ choices. But for powerful and impressive eCommerce product listings, you have to add something extra and practical for the business to get more customer engagement. A manual process of finding out the market nature will not work. 


For brands waiting for good deals and loyal customers, they would achieve it only after intense research over the market. This gives ideas for making an incredible product listing. Or else you may include such obsolete keywords or may not match current customers’ keywords. Therefore, be the first and most attractive brand to introduce your [potential customers with your robotic listing quality. 


  • Automated Alerts on Hijacks

A computerized tool always keeps you informed regarding every activity and happenings on your listing. It tells you how your keywords, product performance are as per the market behavior. Also, it generates an instant WhatsApp and/or mail notification that could immediately warn the brand about hijackers.


These hijackers are the thieves (unauthorized) who capture brands’ item listing and use it to sell duplicate products to loyal customers. This listing software solution is highly recommended for brands who are on omnichannel to standardize their selling experience. 


  • Solitary Dashboard for Management

A computerized product listing software solution for eCommerce needs to maintain brand hygiene and discipline. This industry is sensitive and rapid, which requires fast actions and decision-making efficiency. This tool provides details of all the sellers (authorized & unauthorized) and product ratings on a single dashboard. Not only this, this gives a comparison ability to brands between their past and present mechanism.


In this way, brands are aware and educated about all the actions that help bring out better future insights. This is unique in feature and is only possible with a technology-based tool for an item listing. It eliminates carrying out long discussions and compiled file studies. 


Recommended Software to Empower Product Listing


This is the master of tracking online sellers, products, and rivals through single analytics. It is the easiest and fastest tool that allows listing quality, the share of search, buy box button, seller, products, and customer sentiment analytics in real-time. You can access information on all the umbrellas mentioned above location-wise and history-wise instantly. Their alerts are immediate and are available on WhatsApp and Email. It is a user-friendly tracking tool that favors a disciplined and organized operation on multichannel. 


  • CedCommerce

CedCommerce empowers small and medium brands to move their item listing from their online store to probably the biggest eCommerce channel globally. Sellers or Brands utilizing Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce, Bigcommere, and Prestashop would now interface with commercial centers like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Jet, Etsy, Wish, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


  • Sellbrite

Sellbrite allows eCommerce brands and retailers to track and sell items quickly across various online channels and deal with bulk order satisfaction. With a simple, spontaneous connection point, Sellbrite gives a firm multichannel answer for dealers with mechanization to improve a listing, alerts on overselling, and upgrade satisfaction.


End Thought


It is the right time to start applying professional and productive techniques to strengthen your listing quality. As the listing quality score decides your Share of Search and Buy Box, you must not miss out on this capability. 


Attach all your customer’s keywords into your product listing and track your business activities with the best monitoring and managing tracking tool. It is not just an automated tool; it is the chance for you to hike your conversions, customer ratings, and reviews. With unorganized operations on multichannel every time, your customers will be driven away forever if you get late in making decisions. Therefore be quick and wise and empower your business deal efficiency NOW.

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Trends to Adopt for Higher eCommerce Conversion Coverage in 2022


eCommerce is a vast space for buying and selling. Initially, technology was used to answer queries and offer services like downloading songs, music, movies, etc anywhere, at any time. But gradually, it started offering advanced services that could help the users be more interactive and convenient with it in such a way that the whole world has become dependent. Similarly, traditional markets also got converted to web-based stores. 


Since this emergence has taken place, everything has been faster than before. Now, the trends and tastes of customers also keep changing in short durations. For instance, a device feature is in trend, and suddenly boom! We have other brands to offer better or similar services with enhanced user experience. It signifies that eCommerce brands and sellers need to establish a robust tracking solution that updates them on every business segment. 


The most important reason behind this establishment is the dynamic trends in online business. Everything and anything can go obsolete in no time or come into action frequently. Then how can online brands ensure the best selling experience in well-recognized Online Platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and more? By understanding the market behavior. 


Essential Trends to Adopt in eCommerce 


  • Online Platforms Competitive Growth


Online Brands know the struggle and advantages of operating in bulk orders. eCommerce platforms welcome all the brands who want to sell their products in their specialized areas. This increases struggles when their presence is on multichannel or with multiple products. If your sellers offer your product at a varied price than the MOP, or the after service is not good, it will impact your brand’s image. As eCommerce selling skill demands you to be perfect and updated in almost all business umbrellas, you cannot lose out on any one of them. 


In this regard, you need to keep track of your rivals also. Keep track of pricing, sellers, product performance, Buy Box Button, the Share of Search, and more against you and your competitors. They may offer something unique that you have no idea about. But this would lead you to lose on conversions. Therefore, build more trust and order fulfillment capacity to enrich your customer engagement.


  • Mobile Obsessed Buyers


Nowadays, buyers under the age of 18-34 are much more active in window shopping. They like getting products’ varieties in a single dashboard. This means they have become too lazy to go outside and make a purchase. Hence, grab this opportunity for your goodness. You may improve your online stores in a customized manner to make them look classy and fancy. Here, things depend on the presentation first; after that, you may impress them with your services. 


Some intelligent online brands have made their presence in online supermarkets like Flipkart, Meesho, Jabong, and also have created their personalized virtual store. This helps your target customer either buy your products from their desirable online channels or you directly. This has immensely helped brands like H&M, Nykaa, Zara, Lakme, and more convert through a mobile application conveniently. 


  • Trends of Social Media Presence


Social Media is a known name where people of almost every generation are present and using it every 5 minutes. eCommerce brands, in this regard, can bring their presence too. They may share their upcoming sales timings, new product launch, special offers, prime services through Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. Since every age group that exists in any of these platforms likes the platform, they may also likely get convinced to look at your product advertisements and then your listing to purchase. This marketing technique has given many eCommerce brands and sellers a significant advantage to expand their business. 


This marketing method also gives a market research benefit where brands could analyze their niche customers’ reactions and demands. You may facilitate customers’ sentiments through comments, likes, and shares and utilize the positive ones to convince visiting customers to potential customers.


  • Add Environmental Concerns in Advertising


Customers are intelligent and aware of marketing and advertising techniques. No, you cannot get their attention if you talk about how to impress a girl with perfume or get a promotion in the workplace with your dashing bike. But what you can do is to get innovative with information. Yes, that’s right. 


You can add some trending issues of social or environmental causes relevant in today’s era and need to change with betterment. You may relate your product with issues like animal welfare, women empowerment, pollution, girl education, etc, and make an impactful advertisement with a solid moral. Online brands are also in an advanced place to sell their product, which could add on some more stars to your selling abilities. 


  • Apply Automated Tracking Tool for Omnichannel Standard Selling


The omnichannel marketplace is vague but profitable for higher conversions with profitability. But if you are not excellent in your actions, it can even get you on the lowest brands list. eCommerce current trends say if you are a brand with powerful future goals, you cannot miss out on any deals. You are required to make customer experience standardized on every single platform. You cannot allow violations at any cost for the price or the product quality, your listing, or your Buy Box. 


This means you need an automated tracking system that can safeguard you for the same. A digital solution can only help rectify a digital thief and hence apply such a robotic tool that can instantly alert you regarding price breaches or listing hijackers. Your stock availability should never go OOS, and you can always access your performance against your rivals in a solitary dashboard effectively and efficiently.


End Thoughts


Trends are the cause of every change and innovation that happens in business. New policies come up, new prices are offered, new features added in service, and new demands arise. Historically, if any brand has neglected the market’s updated needs and policies, they have seen severe damage. They either got liquidated or dissolved. But undoubtedly, you do not wish to end this so soon. 


Then fasten your seat belt and get ready to fly with the best selling experience you could by covering all the components of current trends. In 2022, give your brand amazing profitability and goodwill value along with your happy long-term customers.


Although both the tools have built good trust and credibility among their target clients, you have to be confident and wise in choosing the right fit and help you achieve your goals with flying colors.

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Which is Best etraKY BS Vs. Jungle Scout for eCommerce Brands in 2022


In eCommerce, tracking tools have made an identity among all the online brands that have not seen such an advancement related to their operation control mechanism. Now that it is known to many that brands are looking after every activity their associates and assets are performing, this adoption has seen a hike. 


Introduction to etraky BS Vs. Jungle Scout

Impressively over a long year’s Jungle Scout has made a strong market in the eCommerce business tracking. This tracking system is well known for its reports on business operational concerns. But the time has changed, which has created a few business gaps in the market. 

Meanwhile, etraky BS is also incredibly serving its clients with the best service of track records for over 690 online brands. Not only this, but they have also added a few exclusive characteristics which are still not provided by any other tracking tool operating in the entire globe. 

Are you curious to know the significant differences between etraKY BS and Jungle Scout over tracking metrics? Check this out below.


Features Both Offers


Feature 1: On Omnichannel 


Etraky BS is a popular tracking tool because of its omni-channel presence. It implies that etraky allows brands to track metrics on Amazon and overall online channels. Whether it’s Amazon or Flipkart or Messho, or any online platform, simultaneous tracking metrics can be accessed by the brands on a real-time basis. Brands who want to track their products, sellers, or stocks on any multichannel may choose etraky BS over Jungle Scout.


Jungle Scout is a specialized tracking system for Amazon only. That means it does not allow tracing activities of any business segment other than Amazon marketplace sellers. It restricts the brands from operating and maintaining the standard over multi channel platforms. That can be implemented if you are only working on Amazon. 


Feature 2: Location-wise Analytics


Etraky BS is known for its uniqueness in providing location-wise tracking analytics. Here, brands could track the actions of their seller, report, or product by following sellers’ locations anywhere in the world. This feature has helped many brands associated with the tool take over their rivals’ markets and enjoy a standardized marketing experience. This feature is itself a significant advantage ( closest sellers to reduce logistics cost, sellers’ location demands, product fill rate frequency, etc.) that is availed by only brands who have implemented etraky BS as their tracking assistance. 


On the other hand, Jungle Scout fails to benefit the associated brands with location-wise reports. They give reports on stock availability, product performance, conversion and fill rates, etc but only for sellers who are added by the brands. If any seller is in proximity with the brands’ warehouse or is losing out on conversions as per their places’ demands, no entries would be made. 


Feature 3: Alerts Technique


Alerts are the primary need for any online brand. Etraky BS has a particular way to let their clients know who violated what when their stocks went unavailable or who is the real culprit behind the low sales rate through an instant WhatsApp and Mail notification. This type of alert is new in the business, not provided by any other eCommerce tracking software. This allows the brands to instantly know the listing hijackers and price breaches in a fraction of seconds and react against them accordingly. 


Jungle Scout is also good with its alerts which are instant and accurate regarding the price violations and listing hijacks. If any other seller takes brands’ listing space or Buy Box, they notify the client at that moment itself. But this is only done through mail sent to you for Amazon violations. And if you miss it, you may lose your brand hygiene in that minute itself which would create hardship to recover quickly. 


Feature 4: Historical Metrics


Etraky BS has a dashboard that shows brands their history of operations. In this, you may find your past data on OOS, Fill rates, sales rate, the share of search, buy box opportunities, etc, on a single center. Also, you may make a comprehensive comparison of your implemented methodology and the outcome you were expecting effectively. 


Jungle Scout in this subject lacks the accuracy and ease of understanding that is needed for brands who do not want high technical accessibility to decode the reports. They also offer historical metrics but limit the umbrellas to only stocks and keywords. They do not provide other data as compared to etraky BS.


Feature 5: Unlimited Keyword Research


Etraky BS is a giant platform that offers infinite research power on any platform as many times as a brand wants. You may add several keywords in the dashboard to check whether they are on the top trending list. Also, you may access the historical search volume of keywords to make your listing the best of all. The tool also offers a customized and researched set of keywords to include in the brands’ product listing to facilitate better results. 


Jungle Scout lets brands know which keyword is in trend and seeks the most fantastic attention. If you are somewhere in the middle to understand the best suitable keywords for your particular product, you may add specific keywords for the assigned number of times. This practice is done by many brands through their assistance and has shown an incredible outcome, but if you are completely blank on adding keywords, this tool is not fit for you.


End Thoughts

We have covered a long way to determine which tool is suitable for whom. If you are only on Amazon, you may choose Jungle Scout to track your concerned business parameters. But if you are a multichannel operating brand, do not take a second thought to apply etraky BS as your back-office tracking tool


Although both the tools have built good trust and credibility among their target clients, you have to be confident and wise in choosing the right fit and help you achieve your goals with flying colors.

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How to Establish Keyword Performance Tracking on Omnichannel


Dealing on a website is a complex mechanism that needs higher knowledge of the back-support system to enhance your lacking issues. In this regard, one of the factors that directly impact your product visibility and customer engagement is the mode of viewing your eCommerce website. If it is on mobile view, users would be more friendly and responsive to buy the products. 


Whereas if it is on a website, which means users can access it only through a desktop setup, that impacts your customers’ engagement. While products are exposed to the market, specific components such as keyword ranking, listing analysis, the share of search, and so on allow sales responses and visibility. 


How Automation Tracking Ensures Good Share of Search

Automated tracking support keeps an eye on how your keywords are performing and provides you with a comparative report based on your competitions. In India, recognized brands are tracking sellers, products, keywords, and rivals through back-office analytical systems. It focuses on quality building and brand-friendly business environments in just a few clicks to keep you ahead of your competitors in every trend. 


Scoring a high rank in Share of Search is crucially important. It enhances your visibility and helps you achieve a good conversion possibility when a customer searches for a relatable product. Here, sellers are the mediators who introduce your product for sales in the market. In this regard, sometimes sellers lack in maintaining the keywords standard that makes you suffer. But everyone operating in eCommerce needs to be wise in their ways to grab potential customers. Hence, it would help if you did the same. 


You are required to build a system to keep track of keywords your sellers are using that allow your products to be searched. This keyword tracking plays a vital role in this whole process and impacts your profitability. Some eCommerce tracking software is designed to provide you with ease and best-selling capabilities. 


What Can Be Implemented?

Such tools are robotic controllers specializing in enhancing your share of search. You may understand this feature as a keyword processor that researches and customize keywords and brings you high visits to your product. 


In the case of different modes of view (desktop or mobile), you need to rank potentially through listing quality scores and trending keywords. But if you are even average in your SERPs ranking, you may lose target customers when you are on mobile. That is because users are more active in shopping on mobile phones than using a whole desktop setup.


What Does a Tracking System Add to Your Business? 


  • Improves Listing Quality Score

The software provides you with listing quality that includes your product image, description, title, and bullet points. That means it takes care of your seller’s keyword inputs and choices to give you suitable space in deals.


Brands also have to take responsibility regarding the products’ visibility incorporating with the sellers. In such matters, brands should prepare a mechanism through which they can help their products’ reach any type of buyers either potential or non-potential. 


If customized and researched keywords are included in the Listing elements, it will eventually rank your product or seller at the top. Since you will still be unaware of what is going on for your product, the tool provides metrics on the present and past performance your product is showing. These are comprehensive enough to understand better and can be improved on time. 


  • Easy Analysis on Analytics

Reports are made manually and technically both. But what is essential is to understand them in the most direct and organized manner before spending much time. A server-based tracking solution helps you track your sellers’ product action on a real-time basis. But inclusive of this, you must be knowing that providing reports does not work unless you can decode them with a solution. Therefore, the first thing to do is detailed research on what you are dealing with and low sales. 


These analytics cover issues where brands need to work and enhance their efficiency, such as product availability, visibility, SERP ranking, keyword processing, etc., to improve SEO mechanism methods. As eCommerce is an advanced marketplace, brands have to be aware of every small thing. 


That is why it gives you regular and depth-research reports about your business performance on desktop and mobile responses. The difficulties brands face to maintain effective omnichannel operation is eliminated by building a standard monitoring system for Flipkart, Meesho, Amazon Marketplace Sellers, etc.


  • Fast Recovery Scope

Product listing window has the basic components through which sellers have to show their efficiency and influence the virtual customers. But what if you do not recognize the hidden problem, and eventually, you are the one facing losses? 


Such things should never happen when you operate in a rapid and dynamic business environment. Hence, you have to build a watchdog that can notify you whenever you compromise or lack any deal. This immediately accessible reports on matters such as SERP ranking, product performance, product pricing, product visibility, and so on establish ongoing check-ins. 


Hence, if you are on a desktop or mobile application, you need not make people purchase your products or reach out to you. Because you are aware of every aspect you need to work on and have improved from your past experiences, you will surely be able to grab better deals henceforth. You will always be ahead of your competition because of instant actions on alerts. 


  • High SERPs Ranking

SERPs means Search Engine Result Page where an SEO-based website or application works. eCommerce marketplaces such as Amazon, Myntra, Snapdeal, etc., have a way to connect your customers. This method is nothing but increasing your ranking in SERPs. 


That will automatically make your visibility space right at points where customers can easily visit you. Hence, as other brands are operating in the same way as you are, it raises the need to get automated and have a full-proof action plan on how many customers you created in the last few months and so on. It is believed that if a brands’ product is shown on top of all, then the product quality must be good. This mentality allows you to make more financial benefits and customer relations through high SERPs rank. 


The metrics on such subjects will give you an idea regarding your overall product and keyword performance in the entire omnichannel. It also commits to assure the accuracy, ease, speedy and potential tracking of any type or size of business on a real-time basis. 



It’s high time to recognize your flaws and move ahead. You know already that competition is high and fast. Hene, choose the right tool for yourself and be a tough competitor for other brands dealing in the same marketplaces.

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How Can Brands Monitor and Prevent MOP Violations on Online Marketplaces


eCommerce has largely seen acceptance in terms of online selling. Starting from brands to the customers, people find it easy and convenient to make product exchanges with values. But lately, online platforms have also significantly been prone to dismiss price control. Since, all the platforms are vague and do not provide a transparent way of buying and selling, brands are unable to find the scopes of violations. Brands have made huge profitabilities but only when their operation system has good control. 

It is a well known fact that pricing of any brand gives the pathway to achieve the target customers attention to make a purchase. In this matter, sometimes brands lose control over their MOP (Market Operating Price) and dilute brands standardized operations on online platforms. 


What is MOP

Market Operating Price is the final lowest selling price a brand offers a product for sale on any online channel. As a matter of fact, pricing variance creates brands to calculate their cumulative profitability.

Sellers are the key factors who deal with customers selling products of brands. In this, there is no interference of brands and do not give transparent reports on when and who violated the pricing policy. 

In this regard there is a need for a price tracking and monitoring tool specialized for eCommerce that could provide real-time metrics on not just pricing for many more subtleties and stages of marketing. 


What is a Price Tracking Tool

 Pricing Tracking Tool is something that allows brands to have real-time metrics and instant alerts on any violations taking place in pricing. If any seller, authorized or unauthorized, breaches the pricing of any particular product, this tool sends an immediate notification and notify that certain seller is allowing unethical activities and hampering your profitability rate.

Pricing plays an important role in not just sales profitability but also forming a standard brand goodwill. Among many other brands, customers have a lot of options to make a purchase from one brand to another. This makes the market very sensitive in presenting it in front of their target customers. Otherwise, customers will start having credibility issues and switch from your product to another. This is why Price Tracking plays a vital role.


Importance of Price Tracing: 


  • Dismiss Errors

Excel sheet is the most widely recognized strategy for maintaining physical price tracking. But eliminating errorful data-entry risks you while accessing information, even after your team tries with full dedication.

By utilizing an automated tool, you will have full control over such pricing records. The metrics would have real time data informing you the time and person who violated the location as well.


  • Speed up your value changes

Price wars can be furious and for some online business areas, especially gadgets and home appliances costs are mostly unique and keeps on changing. This requires a unique advancements tool to track usual and occasional deals repricing activities as it turns out to be very difficult to manually recognize price dynamic information regularly.

When you use a price monitor, you will observe the entire market and the precautions you need to set up. This helps you speed up your repricing methods against your rivals’ pricing.


  • Save time

Time is important for you or any brand to spend in a useful manner. It should not be wasted on just analyzing products’ price matching against your rivals, especially in case when you are dealing with different categories on different platforms.


There are vastly improved ways for you to invest energy gainfully in different spaces of business. Allow the product to get the best for you without facing any hustle through software support instant metrics.


  • Further develop information investigation

You’ve now saved significant time and assets, it’s time to further develop your information examination. By allocating resources into the price section, you’ll realize what is the existence of the price cycle of your product, regardless of whether the item could be less expensive or more later on; whether value changes happen routinely or occasionally, and whether discounts or advancements would be proper.

Tracking tool implies you have all the estimating parameters data readily available and it turns out to be a lot simpler to settle on exact choices for the future accomplishment of your business.


Tools That Helps Brands to Avoid Price Violations
  • Honey

The Honey price tracker is accessible on Google chrome. It searches at better item costs by looking upon an entire bundle of retailers on Amazon. You can make a drop-list, which informs you in the event that the costs drop for a thing on your listing.

Honey is an agreeable Amazon estimating tracker for a couple of reasons including its universality and convenience. Additionally, it offers free price research assistance to its customers. Also depending upon an item’s set of experiences, Honey offers promotion codes for all things you are searching for.


  • etraky Brand Studio

etraKY is a brand that has seen a huge acceptance in the field of tracking where brands have got complete control over their pricing, sellers, product and rivals’ real-time, cloud-based metric. This report shows historical and location-wise activities regarding brands’ products and policies on multi-channel. A brand can access these reports anywhere and anytime in the globe to make effective and efficient marketing action plans. 

etraky Brand Studio focus on stock availability, listing hijackers, price breachers, customer sentiments, keywords, share of search, external and internal team performance, Buy Box Sellers, MOP controlling, with non-stop surveillance. This is best suitable for omnichannel and location-wise tracking for brands.


  • Keepa

When searching for the best Amazon price tracker, Keepa is a big name that a brand  would run over. It has a smooth interface and when you pursue their free preliminary, you will actually want to get to practically experience the highlights as a whole. You will require superior adaptation to get to their intelligent charts, API, and cost increment cautions by picking their month to month membership. 

Utilizing their API, you can get to signify item data like price history information, new and utilized things, classification subtleties, successes list, and so on. This estimating tool works across various nations including Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Japan, Mexico, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, the UK, and the US. Regardless of the choice you pick, you can add their help to your operation which is accessible for Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Firefox.


  • Earny

Earny is somewhat not the same as different tools in the marketplaces. While the vast majority of the pricing tracker tool in the market will be secured with repricing, Earny tracks your buyers and displays precautions when the price of the item purchased drops.

It’ll examine the messages to look for beforehand purchased things so you can track their earlier price on Amazon and on other web-based stores. It makes an information base of all online exchanges that you made and includes all the store receipts that you operate through email.



MOP monitoring and planning is an activity performed after you research your marketplaces but is not that easy as it seems. Since, online business channels are dynamic in nature, brands cannot make a powerful action plan and eliminate all the violations and ill-management taking place at any place, any time, and anything.

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Is It Possible to Track Pricing, Seller and Stock Location-wise


It has been ages since e-commerce channels have started seeing some violations and ill mechanisms regarding selling of products and services. Many sellers who have merchandise themselves to sell a brand’s product manipulate the sales rate if they perform unwell. 

Behind this can be the reason like lesser commission on such products, bad coordination between the seller and the brand, less conversions in certain regions, and so on. But sometimes, they are the only ones who face loss and even at certain places which have a good number of conversions. In this regard, brands need a location-wise tracking tool.

This tool is nothing but a formula towards tracking your sellers, conversions and fill rates. If a brand is able to rectify which area has how many conversions, it’s stock allocation would automatically be authentic and effective. But if they lose control over stock availability or price control, customers may stop searching for its product as they will always be disappointed by outsocking product status and difference in purchase value time and again.


Basic Areas of Concern : Price, Stocks & Sellers

Usually, tracking tools get to focus on substances such as stocks and their authorized sellers and its pricing policies. If a seller is not assuring the level of required stocks as per the demands, your target customers will rely on your rivals for purchase. 

Losing out your conversions on your rivals is a curse in business. Therefore, tracking is important to be done for particular locations based on your sellers and their stocks and look upon the price they are offering to the customers so that a disciplined format can be established. 


How Does It Work

Tracking of sellers with their stock efficiency and pricing is done through a cloud-based server tool that a brand implements for its business tracking. This tracking is performed on a real-time basis that looks after your sellers performance in terms of your product sales and value. It inculcates alerts every time when stock goes OOS, Back-in stock, or gets breached in pricing. 


10 Benefits of Location-wise Tracking
  • Report on Out-of-Stock: 

Instant analytical alert on outstocking beforehand. 

  • Report on Back-in Stock

Instant analytical alert in stocks getting back on listing.

  • Real-time Access on Price Violations

Help in real-time action plan against any price violations taking place by displaying the exact location of the seller without hardship 

  • No Resource Wastage

Better allocation of inventory and its distribution without wastage on huge and unnecessary finance investments

  • Effective Order Fulfillment Experience

Every order will be fulfilled with regular stock availability.

  • Higher Conversion Tracking

Help to grab more number of conversions whenever customer wish to

  • No Loss on Rivals

Never miss on your customers’ order placement to drive them to your rivals

  • Strong Competition Control

Strict taking care of stock and sellers with effective monitoring to enjoy good control over market

  • Omnichannel Stock Monitoring

Each platform tracking can be achieved through automation when done on sellers and stocks

  • Standardize Operation Technique

Help in setting up a standard of operation so that brands’ image can never get diluted


Metrics Must Consider The Following 
  • Stock Availability

Stock is the primary need a business must acquire enough to fulfill their potential customers demand. You have to learn the rule to “Never Say No” to your customers you target to grow your business. For this matter, automated tools should be tracking sellers’ location to identify how much is the stock level and since how long the seller has not procured more inventories from the brand. 

  • Stock Fill Rates Frequency

Stock fill rate is the time when a seller is required to ask for more inventories and keep their warehousing up to the mark always. This is the basic mantra to ensure each order fulfillment received through any e-commerce marketplace. If sellers are missing on stocks, brands get alert to effectively take actions regarding the same and eliminate bouncing back of potential customers. 

  • Regions with Good Conversions

Regions are the cities or places where brands may calculate their customer engagement. In this metric, data would be including the number order placed in comparison to sellers with available inventories. If brands could recognize the amount of stock less than the conversions, they may allocate a certain quantity to such sellers on time before loss could take place. 

  • No Huge Logistics Cost

Logistics are the distributors while carrying the stock from brands warehouse to the sellers warehouses. In the matter of tracking, brands may assure an efficient inventory distribution when they do not have to invest much on it. They may track their closest seller as per the conversion rate and start sending their inventories to them. So, with less investment more profitability and customer satisfaction can be achieved.

  • Location-wise Price Breaches

Price Breaches or Price Violations are the terms used for such situations when sellers allow customers to purchase the product at a lesser price. Although brands already set MOP (Marketing Operational Price) for every seller, sellers try to breach it in greed of more sales. This is displayed as per the location where the breaches have occurred and help brands take quick and strong actions.


End Thoughts

Tracking is a simpler term as long as it is seen on vocabulary aspect, but terms out to be the toughest job for brands for analyzing their sales rate and customer reviews. 

If you are a brand that looks forward to the scope of development and standardizing your mechanism of business, this is the right choice to select an instant and simplest  automated tracking tool for eCommerce that provides you control over not just Amazon but every single channel with historical and current metrics as per sellers’ location.

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8 Important Metrics Every Ecommerce Tracking Tool Must Have


The eCommerce industry is more sensitive than an offline mode. After digitalization, every type of business has evolved itself on web-based platforms. In one way, it is a scope of business expansion and in another way, it’s a new gateway of success also. A brand must not miss this opportunity to learn the best technique and also engage more customers. 

If performed effectively, returns are very impressive and build long-term interest in profitability. But it has some crucial mechanisms which also are required to be learned. The trick behind an effective eCommerce business is tracking your business performance against your rivals to make better business decisions. But can you ever build tracking surveillance through manual methods? No, right? You would need an automated tracking tool that can handle all your hectic business subtleties and let you be the version of your business.

Tracking Tool is a software back-office solution that keeps track of every segment of business such as the performance of a product, sellers, and rivals simultaneously. It extracts cloud-based metrics and gives you a solitary center of view to know what are the loopholes that are not allowing your business to rank in top big companies. The metrics consider keyword performance, the share of search, stock availability, customers reviews, social media involvement, response on google ads, and so forth. There are many tracking systems available that track business-related activities on a real-time basis. 

With this, brands are enjoying attractive benefits mentioned below: 

  • Strong Business Decision
  • Set Short & Long-Term Reports
  • Data Visualization
  • Strategize Areas of Improvement
  • Effective Product and Platform Selection
Types of Essential Metrics for Effective Business Tracking
  • Conversion Rate Metrics

Sales Conversions are the number of orders received and fulfilled in an online business. These rates and their frequency are very crucial to analyze at certain decision intervals. Every business’s key focus is to build a strong control over its conversion efficiency. If metrics will be maintained by a traditional medium, the process is unclear and may not show the right business path. But automated business tools that could display a better scope of marketing are highly appreciable. This is why tracking through software must offer metrics over sales conversion on a real-time basis to help brands analyze their business situations. 

  • Average Order Metrics

Robotic Reports on Order frequency is another such crucial report that gives the brand an idea regarding their customers’ engagement and market ranking. This type of metric must be available on every tracking software that tells you how many orders are received, which location has the maximum conversions, which season is highly predictive for your brands’ product, and so on. Along with this, the report facilitates the study of the market and saves time to make innovative marketing strategies for better results. 

  • Revenue on Ads Spend

Real-time metric over ad campaigns on Google or any social media is very expensive. In this regard, if the report shows you the expected response and the actual response through those campaigns, nothing can be more exciting. As a result, you will always know which type of promotional strategy you need to implement for specified brands’ products. The loopholes that do not allow your brand to achieve your target goals will also be identified. You never have to suffer from investing big amounts on ads and getting depressive returns. Hence, your customer engagement efficiency will also enhance.

  • Metrics on Customer Experience

Customers’ good feedback does not come but negative sentiments are shared instantly. For this purpose, brands suffer their hardships in business handling and its growth, especially an online business. This is a task which every business should ensure that their customers are happy and satisfied with what they have bought. This is a reason why some good deals are either taken or lost. Therefore, have a business tracking software that gives you an organized chart of customer sentiments of what your buyers have to say about you and your product. Remember, a new customer would always look for your social ratings, and only then they may buy your product. So never go down on tour rating and improve your customer experience before it’s too late.

  • Cart Abandonment Rate

Cart abandonment rate is a situation where customers view your product and add it to the cart but never buy that product. In this regard, tracking cart abandonment helps to identify the scopes where you can influence your customer to make an immediate purchase. This is an issue that causes fluctuation in business conversion deals. Brands must aim to convert their cart additions to conversions and make the viewer a customer. This is why track on such activities which tells you why customers are delaying their purchase plan and which are the items that hold command more on a cart. 

  • Location-based Seller Performance

Tracking sellers by their locations gives a transparency in marketing mechanism. Brands never miss on their stock availability, customer engagement and would enjoy good control over the eCommerce marketplace for omnichannel. This is a technique to make your tracking more convenient and strong for plans for sales and otherwise as well and increase profitability. These metrics add on to your powerful coordination with sellers and customer satisfaction rate anywhere in the globe.

  • Metrics on Listing Hijacked, Price Breaches

 Metrics on the number of times Listing Hijacked and Price Breaches have taken place would be shown on a real-time basis through these reports. Brands’ awareness regarding their listing profit thieves is very much significant and needs to be dealt immediately. Along with this, instant alerts should also get generated directly to the brands authority to let them know when and how many times violations have taken place. 

  • Metrics for Omnichannel

Methods to create a standardized mechanism of operation will only help you if you are able to track your Myntra, Neesho, Flipkart or Amazon marketplace. If you only focus on one platform, you will lose on others. And that would not get you on the right path towards your ambition. Therefore, implement such a business tracking tool that works for every type of tracking on every eCommerce marketplaces. 


End Thoughts

Tracking Tool for Business management is the new technique to keep an eye on not just your business performance but your rivals’ business too. After this, businesses can have metrics that are foolproof and real-time entered which can not mislead the decision power. Along with this, brands can make effective comparisons and never land on wrong investments for promotional or marketing operations. 

Automated tracking tools for any online marketplace like Amazon, Meesho, Nykaa, Bigbasket, etc play a huge role in making the brand ensure stock availability, customer satisfaction, promoting products, fill rates, etc. It’s good that you implement a modern tracking technique but that software tool must acquire these reports that facilitate your market, business, and customer understanding.

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