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How to Optimize “Google Product Listing Ads” to Hike Online Selling


Google has gained control over the globe for a lot many reasons. One of these is Google Product Listing Ads which is increasing day by day. Almost 38% of the increase in graphs has been seen from 2020 to 2021. Where Google earns 80% of its income through these ads, the entire world is engaged in investing in these ads. Brands who are looking forward to driving their sales like crazy will have to take the help of such a tool that has a good grab over the online business. 

Google knows that you depend majorly on it for promotion on a global space. And sometimes Google also confuses you and gives you a false result which involves your hard-earned money but is not worth it. But you also know that a man has made a machine(Google) and to be fooled by it won’t be good at all. Therefore, if you will get educated firmly about each advantage and disadvantage of Product Listing Ads on Google, then nothing can beat you to outshine your products on any virtual platform anytime. 


What Exactly is This Google Product Listing Ads? 

The Google Product Listing Ads is nothing but a data-driven marketing technique that is being displayed when someone searches and interrogates them regarding that related product. 

Individuals who are looking for items, not really would look for a particular brand. This implies the customer is available to explore new brands. 44% of organizations are centered around obtaining new customers but getting them through Google Shopping Advertisements is a characteristic fit. When a customer taps on your promotion and turns into a potential customer, you can focus on retargeting and upselling, which costs you less as existing customers are 60-70% likely to purchase from you. 

Somewhere due to visuals, texts, and more information, Google Product Listing Ads attract bottom-of-the-funnel more than traditional Google Ads which have seen a drawback. After identifying this advantage, a huge population of brands started trusting Google PLAs for enhancing their reach to the target customers. 


How Does It Work? 
  • Upload your product data feed into the Google Merchant Center.
  • Create a Product Listing Ad campaign inside Google Adwords.
  • Within that campaign, you have to create Ad Groups for specific products 
  • At last, set your bid.
Ways of Google Product Listing Ads 
  • Target Your Niche Customers Worldwide

Google PLAs lets you get introduced to the global market of e-commerce. With this product listing, you will be shown to those customers who are your targeted and potential customers at one click. Whenever your interested-customer puts an interrogation regarding a product matching your product listing, your product will automatically be visible on a real-time basis. And as customers love things that are shown on the top of every SERP, you will leave a good impression on them that may convince them to buy your item. 

  • Not Neglect Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are those keywords that are added for not letting you get fooled by google. These are those keywords that are connected to your products’ listing but are useless. In this way, Google may display your product at times when these keywords are being searched and decrease your rate of investment made. This may happen when you search for such products named “Coconut” which is an electronic device relating to the coconut fruit that can cause a chance of loss. Therefore, you must ensure to add keywords that can grab your attention time without reaching out to your potential customers through google because you are not paying to get this outcome in the end.

  • Use Groupism Technique to Choose Better

You must make product groups and categorize them with similar nature. It may be possible that you may not have a similar type of product that requires the same technique to advertise. Different product categories get different ads responses. Some may get good results through Instagram Ads and some may gain better attention from customers on Google PLAs. If you do not make a difference in both of them, you may spend more or very less on products that need special advertising techniques. Therefore, not all products are the same, and not every item ad gets high conversions through Google PLAs. Therefore, be wise and systematize before you make a huge investment.

  • Optimize Your Product Feed

In digital platforms, it is important to optimize yourself to make a good and influential impression in front of your viewers. As a customer, if you are searching for a certain product, and you see a products’ quality feed, you will be delighted to buy that product. But otherwise, you may doubt whether the product would be worth buying or not. That is why it is said that you must optimize your product feed for Google PLAs in a way that gives positive signs to your visitors. For this purpose, you may add high-quality images, powerful product descriptions, put detailed product titles, and use extensional marketing strategies to look different from others to attract customers.



In it, we examined the significance of product listing promotion objectives and how they can gain income for your business. The important point is that Google is attempting to utilize product listing ads to propose the right item to their customers. So all that you do from your end, from dealing with the product feed to dividing the item into groups, is to offer the ideal item at the perfect time. This implies that your CPC was incredible and when your maximum target is met, you’re getting a solid profit from the promotion you did with a huge investment. Along with this, you may also switch to some strong ecommerce tracking tool that will ensure your product performance on a real-time basis and also help you to filter out your trending keywords to add to the listing for better results. 

Remember, Product Listing Advertisement is an incredible method for gaining new customers, which then, become return customers as you would now be able to connect with them retargeting them later on.

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Why A Brand Must Have Real-time Metrics on Share of Search?


“Share of Voice’ or “Share of Search” is a term recognized lately in the eCommerce industry with a point signifying the position of a particular brands’ product to be screened in a search engine result page on any online platform. This is a crucial action for every eCommerce platform because it won’t just give you a good ranking but also tells you about your operation mechanism. You may be wrong in your approach or may be ineffective in terms of using trending or strong keywords that may lack you to grab more potential customers. Or else, you may face a lot of hurdles to showcase your products’ features for sale on omnichannel. But analyzing which substeles are not giving a worthwhile result will only drive you in the right direction.

Types of Share of Search Tracking
  • Online Customer Survey: This study is done to analyze the continuous change in buyers behavior.
  • Non-Customer Survey: This study is done to study the non-buyers behavior against buyers behavior to analyze their taste and preferences
  • Employee Surveys: This is to measure employees’ productive engagement so that organizations do not compromise on customer retention and customer satisfaction.
  • Receipt Tracking Surveys: This survey is done to identify the frequent purchase of customers to be prepared henceforth, accordingly.
  • Ads Effectiveness Surveys: This study is based on the advertisements done and see whether it is effectively generating brand awareness and customer engagement or not.
Perks of Real-Time Share of Search Analytics
  • Fulfill Your Desired Business Goals Every Time

Share of search is directly related to your visibility which eventually brings buyers for you. Every company has a certain business target that has to be achieved at the end of a certain time. But in case you are not effectively and efficiently able to achieve your organizational goals so often, then there is a big problem with your SOS (Share of Search) mechanism. Whereas, a real-time tracking of your share of search would help you understand which parameters need to be taken into account for improvement and which are giving strong outcomes. This analytics have regular metrics which is essential for every type of business to know what you are doing in this direction as a whole. 

  • Benchmark Data

Everything you do is for a purpose that is shown when you successfully make a benchmark in front of others. Through metrics on Share of Search, you can recognize which keyword is the highest searched ones and include them in your listing that creates a pathway towards your visibility enhancement. This ensures your Buy Box Button in any eCommerce platforms that gives a chance to outshine. But the only required thing is an impactful Share of Search control. With analytics of any tracking tool, you will be able to distinguish what can be your unique selling point with usage of trending keywords. Also, these reports will let you know the researched keywords performance so that you do not miss on any leads or conversions. 

  • Identify Problem in Real-time

Tracking analytics will disclose the real reasons why you are not successfully able to grab customers’ attention. Usually, due to lack of keywords performance brands lose out on conversions. This means if you are including such keywords which are not eligible from an SEO perspective or are not in your customers’ language, you will not get searches. And for every business, this is pretty understandable that to sell your items online, this process is only going to help you. Rectify which section of your listing is not seeking engagement, where your keywords are not ranked in searches, etc. Then study well about your target customers’ taste and trends to get a boom return on sales. 

  • Rectify Internal Changes Impacts

Internal changes like your listing manner or exposure of product technique can immediately affect your visibility. Eventually, you will land on issues regarding SERP ranks, low visibility, etc. Therefore, you need metrics on each change that took place in your product listing section. Including this, you may also look forward to checking your listing hijackers that can seek your listing position and sell the duplicates to your known customers. Tracking metrics is also said to be incredible because it shows you historical mistakes and steals. If any unethical actions are going in the back-end, that will impact your customer experience and Share of Search adversely. 

  • Determine Your Marketing Campaigns Success Rate

Many brands choose to promote their products through campaign and advertisement techniques, but can you calculate your outcome from it? No, right? You can only see conversions coming but do not judge whether that was the actual efficiency of that campaign or you can still gain more? This is one of the reasons why online brands must enroll themselves with an automated tracking tool that gives them figures with comprehensive details on how great the campaign has worked. It has a long way impact that does not let your business grow easily. Therefore, do not just invest but keep a check whether you are gaining right or compromising on it.

  • Save Finance on Market Research

Market Research is the only way through which brands could acknowledge and develop on a new marketing action plan. Sometimes, brands take a long time to analyze what can be the right path as per market behavior at that moment. But this time, efforts and money would be saved if you keep a tracking tool support that can help you to figure out what is in demand and what you can improve in. It is very important to keep an eye on your rivals. Hence, Share of Search reports would provide you such subjects’ metrics that significantly take you to the right direction. 

End Thoughts

Here are all the reasons why you should not wait to get enrolled in a Share of Search Tracking Tool. There are few recommended and highly trusted eCommerce Share of Search Tracking Tools such as etraky BS which extract and collect data on keyword performance that can give a detailed comparison on a real-time basis. It also displays concern areas if brands lose out on sales because of low visibility or low ranking in SERP. In conclusion, you will be more flexible in making business decisions. You will get more customers with good ratings and reviews. You will immediately be able to rectify the cause and make a powerful action plan accordingly to hike on profitability.

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Free and Trusted eCommerce Platforms for Online Selling!


Many sellers want to start selling online, but high fee charges for eCommerce operations demotivate them to do so. This is indeed a bad feeling to not do things you wish or plan to do. But not to worry because we have brought good news for you. 

To all the sellers who are looking forward to building their career in online selling and are struggling due to huge investments, then pull your socks because it’s your turn to showcase yourself in the new world. This article will take you to the right path from where you will find your gateway to doing online business with no or least investment. 

There are a few software we will be talking about that allows newbies to enter and sell whatever they want to with all the business flexibility. Like Amazon or Flipkart marketplace, you will get all those benefits without paying anything, isn’t that interesting? So, let’s check out what is in the pipeline:

  • Facebook Pages

Facebook is a known name in the social media category. It was one such platform that introduced chatting online and making new friends. As people, you must have made many friends and have given virtual company to them as well, right? But now it’s their turn to help you grow in your dreams. By making a Facebook Business Page, you can have free operations and earn lots of money through your connections. This means you can just open Facebook, build a standard store page, click on “Shop” and add your business personal details. But as it is free, it constrains some actions like payment processing and if you desire, charges for Facebook promotional Ads. Having said that, before you jump to this business platform, create a strong network that can help you get shares and new customers speedily.

  • Storenvy

Storenvy is highly suggested for you if you have a structured plan for your store. This means if you want to design and customize your virtual store according to your thoughts, then don’t think twice. Here, sellers are permitted to build a customized store for free and get your listing also as per your business name. This is not easily available on any other platform but you can have it at no cost. It is best suitable for all-in-one business ideations where everything in your virtual store will be of yours and only yours. In addition to this, you will be even exposed to Storenvy’s marketplace for better search attention. It is free for up to 500 products with a minimal transactional fee of 10%. Therefore, building relationships with customers is easy as hell that will help you grasp immediate profitability.

  • Selz

If you are wondering how to establish an easy and quick store, then yes that’s possible. Selz is an online platform that allows you to have easy access to selling online free for up to 5 products. You may select one complete page that would look adorable where your listing would also get shared with in-built blogs. This helps to market your product faster on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Along with this, if you have your business website you can share it on that site too. But, everything can’t be as simple and cheaper as it seems. Therefore, you have to take a $19.99/month subscription for main features, a 1% transaction fee charge but these also help you market on bigger marketplaces. But before you get a little upset, read the most amazing thing which is “you can sell Any Product” even if you do not subscribe for more than 5 products. These products can be physical goods, eBooks, streaming videos, or software license codes. 

  • Big Cartel

This free platform is good for building a full-featured virtual business store in a more professional style. This offers its main features for up to 5 products with such tools you require to polish your marketing skills and emphasize rapid growth. Including this, it also provides inventory tracking, in-stock record maintenance, OOS banner on the product’s page. Selling similar products will also allow you to access your default pricing and shipping options. But this does not mean using it would be rocket science. With every free feature, you can still be in a comfortable zone to market your products and enjoy a good rate of returns with no or minimum cost. 

  • Jimdo

If you desire to build a product website with its special store, then Jimdo is the right place for you. This is a free website builder that also adds icing to the cake by allowing you to create a virtual store too. You can customize your store’s design as per your creativity and let your product market on your website and store both simultaneously. You can add text, images, videos, and product details in different sections. Also, you may have a preview of the image, price, and details. These will be in a solitary column and keep you growing step by step by adding more products. 

Invest in Tools to Let You Go Hassle-free

Now that you do not have any financial burden for recurring high working capital, you may look ahead to improve your business efficiency also. The only access to free platforms will not help you out; rather, you can choose to invest in smart business management tools such as eVanik OWS, which gives your instant reports on accounting, reconciliation, order processing, inventory management, and so on on a server-based platform. You can easily access any of these reports on a real-time basis and save your time and efforts with enriched business performance. 

Along with this, keep track of all your business activities and never miss any updates on them. This can be possible by some amazing business tracking tools such as etraKY BS which gives you a disciplined area of marketing by tracking your sellers’, rivals’, and products’ performance to keep you ahead always. You will have instant WhatsApp alerts about price breaches, listing hijacks, or any violations that may hamper your sales. Therefore, you know what to do now. Get modernized techniques to start and grow your online business anytime, anywhere.


In this piece guide, you may find your pathway through which selling online and establishing virtual stores would have been easy for you for no investment at all. Henceforth, you also have to be smart and strong to make business decisions to not always save on investments because finance is the backbone of any business. At the time when you will be required to switch to a big marketplace with a subscription, or an upgrade in the same platform, do not hesitate to do so. Investing in the right things and tools is not a liability but a future asset that you will possess after some time. Therefore, wish you, luck seller, and boom your sale always!

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How to Prevent Out-Stocking for Large-Scale Conversions in eCommerce


In eCommerce, the best way to always ensure high conversion fulfillment is tracking your stock availability. Thousands of times brands switch to different marketing strategies but are never able to prevent their out-stocking status. Due to this, not just sales opportunities, brands lack in maintaining standard and regular rate of return and good customers’ sentiments. In this subject, faults can be from your or your sellers’ side which puts you down in SERP while searched on online channels. As it is a known fact that gaps are the reason which allows you to either fulfill and be the master or let others fulfill and grab your selling opportunities. 

As online platforms are vague and large because of which you can’t assure a regular checking and monitoring of all-types of stocks and on every channel, that is why brands lose control on inventory availability. Brands selling efficiency get hampered and leads are driven to others for fulfillment. But before acknowledging the prevention methods, let us have a glance on what “Out of Stock” actually means.

Meaning of Out-of-Stock 

The unavailability of product or stock at the time of purchase is called Out of Stock status of that particular product. This means if a customer is searching for a brands’ product and it displays “Not in Stock”, then that product is in demand but is unavailable at that point of sale. This may be due to ineffective inventory stock management  especially location-wise. In addition, stocks have different logistics for distributions and if the sellers themselves do not assure continued procurement from the brands, the stock goes unavailable. 


Let us examine which factors can result in unavailability of stocks: 
  • Bad Inventory Management
  • Inaccurate Inventory Records
  • Poor Forecasting Efficiency
  • Inaccurate Safety-Stock Calculation
  • Ignorance of Regular Refills
Importance of Preventing Out-of-Stock

Imagine a situation where your loyal customers are in search of your brands’ product but lack the ability to purchase it due to stock unavailability. This will trigger your potential customers to never look back to buy your products and replace you with your rivals. It’s painful right? But to avoid such circumstances, brands must build such a mechanism that could give them good control to turn every visit into conversions. As eCommerce platforms are hard to depict, you need a speedy and accurate tool that can guarantee your products to be seen always on Buy Box Button. Or else, because of your inefficient mechanism you will even lose your existing customers. 


Ways to Prevent Out-Stocking to Enhance Conversion Rates
  • Utilize Forecasting & Reordering

As eCommerce is a rapid order receiving platform where brands have to be active with their inventory availability check. If you do not have detailed data on your stock, you are not able to realize how often your product needs to be procured, how many times you went OOS and how much is your conversion rate for that particular product. This helps in building good future action plans regarding the availability so that demands can always be fulfilled. 

  • Perform Automated Tracking

Tracking your inventory status has proved to be the best method to avoid the situation of OOS. Especially considering visibility of product, display of product not in stock status is very much disappointing to your customers and can lower your brand image. Here, a status matters alot that cannot be rectified with manual monitoring. Therefore, you must switch to an automated tracking method that can alert you before you are unavailable. This not only helps in managing better control over warehousing, but also provides instant reports regarding your listing, pricing, share of search, etc power that are basic tools to grab more customers.

  • Conduct Regular Countings

Regular counting of inventory refers to the activity that can be used to keep a check on comparison regarding your existing inventory and needed inventory quantity. It benefits with an idea that if a seller promised to perform this, they will never have to face understocks of products. They may also gain profits in tangible or intangible manner (monetary benefits & good customer experience). But if this is done ineffectively, then brands and sellers both have to compromise on sales and this struggle would never come to an end. The sense of responsibly handling the inventory does not only depend on sellers but brands too. That is why you also ensure regular inspection over your inventories.

  • Apply Quality Monitoring

The step of order processing, specifically picking up of items, has to be monitored each time. If not done, then those products may get returned from the customers which will increase stock ill-management and poor warehousing. This section of action must be taken care of on a professional basis so that whatever you say, you only pick those customized products as per the order and do not mislead the delivery. This wrong product order fulfillment generally increases the chances of inventory to lie in between “sold but not sold” situations where products are returned after sale and hence, affect your inventory management.

  • Strong Relationship with Suppliers

Building strong relationships with suppliers genuinely means brands must not overlook the suppliers’ problems also. If your stock is not available, there could be multiple reasons for this likewise the demand may have fallen down, sellers must not be paying attention to availability, sellers interest and its commission may be contradictory, etc. These all reasons need an open discussion which sometimes get neglected  or dominated by the brands. Therefore, you must not establish such a relationship with them, rather you can try a transparent communication to take place regarding conversions and inventory fill rates. 


End Thoughts

Whether you deal online or offline, inventory is the only factor that connects you with your customers which has a behind thought of sale and purchase benefits. If you do not hold such products which customers are looking for, then you can be a loser. Including this, you also have to satisfy your existing customer whenever they look upon you to buy products. But if you are unavailable, you are losing on many things such as sales rate, potential customers, brand image, strong competition, etc. Hence, you need to be powerful to track your item availability for accomplishing your organizational goals whether on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra and so on.

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Which is Better Amazon Vs Flipkart for Online Brands for 2022


To begin with online selling, research well about your channel of deal before you could make a regrettable mistake. In India, customers trust Flipkart as a brand more than Amazon, as indicated by a new review which surveyed 7,500 respondents across 30 urban communities between July and September. But as a marketplace, Amazon is a multinational brand that has more than one country coverage and is bigger than Flipkart in terms of brand community involvement. But, you should not fall into the trap of following the crowd or following the path. Every eCommerce channel offers minor differentiations among one another. Here, you have to chase for things which will fit your requirements the best. It is advisable always to look upon such options which suit your target customers’ nature and your organizational goals. 

Hence, before launching your brand in 2022, do not hesitate to research both big names of eCommerce marketplaces which are Flipkart Vs Amazon.

  • Registration Process

The Amazon India registration process is highly simple for brands to register themselves. Indeed, any brand can begin selling on Amazon in just under 24 hours if they possess all the essential documentation and resources. Brands that need to come on board rapidly may do as such by presenting a couple of easy but vital papers to commercialize themselves. 

Amazon approves an organization’s data and their sellers  to enter into an elite selling interface when the business subtleties are supported. Similarly, the Flipkart brand registry technique is also very much like the Amazon India brand enrollment process by being extremely fast and basic. Flipkart goes a step  beyond by acquiring organization data to get everything rolling. 

  • Brands Central Dashboard 

The Flipkarts easy plan interface gives the feeling that you are covering all eCommerce engagements. But, this doesn’t guarantee high conversions. However, there are only a couple of their support tools accessible for sellers. This means Product Listing and a couple of different selling components are under your sellers’ control to get higher conversions. 

Whereas, brands’ sellers can have unlimited authority on Amazon for listing, pricing, delivery, or bulk order processing. Amazon is undeniably incredible to start selling for today. It is a full-package of B2B administrations and a biggest application store which has incredible offerings for brands to sell in comparison with Flipkart. 

  • Product Listing 

In Flipkart, a brands’ listing space is not easily rectified if any error or mishappenings takes place. If a seller places a product for sale, then any hijack activities regarding its components ( images, description, bullet points, title) mistakes cannot get identified later in simple steps. It only seems mistaken when you focus on your listing or else an excel sheet analysis is required to analyze where the actual mistake is existing to solve. 

Whereas, Amazon has a smart method to quickly identify where an unknown activity is taking place to hijack listing. It offers easy detection of the unethical listing process regarding any sort of product. It ensures a quick action against them without losing much on deals. It provides a more brand and seller friendly environment to sell online.

  • Branding 

The principle difference among Amazon and Flipkart lies here. Numerous industries are focused by Flipkarts snarky ad campaigns. For instance, on Flipkart, your seller can’t set unique offers through keywords for your product. Moreover, there is no chance of flexibility to increase sales through creative marketing strategic tools like advertising banners. For this matter, the advertisement capacity limits your brands’ strength.

Whereas currently, the Smart ROI campaign isn’t accessible on Amazon India. Still, there is an availability of extra choices for brands to promote their products to help you get the most measure of exposure and conversion consistency. 

  • Order Processing and Delivery 

Flipkart has an order processing interface of its own but lacks in many related efficiencies. For instance, Amazon India permits the brands and their authorized sellers a pick time window for their product (10 AM to 1 PM and 1 PM to 4 PM). In this time, your sellers process the orders received with effective monitoring over inventory availability.

On the other hand, Flipkart offers a different pick up time to its sellers from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  It is a significant factor that you as a brand must acknowledge before initiating your deals on these platforms because bulk orders are required to be fulfilled on time. For this purpose, if you lack to get your order delivery late then that would directly hamper your customer experience and conversion frequency eventually.



It is seen that Indians are faithful while making a purchase from a certain platform or store. If they like your product costing, quality and delivery timing, then you have secured one of such customers’ long-term purchase interest with you. Therefore, you have to be very choosy and smart while deciding whether your main focus of getting impressive conversions should be from Amazon India or Flipkart or any other eCommerce marketplaces. As different channels have different mechanisms and customers engagement rate, you cannot ignore other factors too before jumping into the selling space. 

As discussed above, Flipkart still lacks some necessary equipment to invite brands for effective and efficient marketing. Whereas, Amazon has not only cared about customers’ sentiments but also brands and their sellers’ growth. This is why Amazon is a well-recognized brand in not only India but the entire globe.

Note: Implementation of automated tracking tools will ensure you have powerful control over your sellers and rivals’ actions over pricing, listing, share of search, stock availability, etc so that you do not lose yourself in this huge but vague marketspace. Touch Here to know more.

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How to Trace “Amazon Listing Hijackers” Selling Thousands of Products Declared “Unsafe”

Introduction to Amazon Listing Hijacking

Amazon listing hijack is the point at which one more seller offers a fake product of a brands’ product on their listing, which can diminish your deals and number of positive reviews. These duplicate products possess the product listings Buy Box and are of unauthorized sellers.

Amazon stealers have existed since the time Amazon marketplaces offered sellers to market their product. At times, somebody who buys your item and afterward chooses to exchange it with your authorized ones also gets cheated as these chances are grabbed by these hidden sellers. Hence, the thing that matters is preventing yourself from such offenses of selling a fake product versus a real one with a speedy rectifying and recovery method.

How to Acknowledge if My Listing Got Hijacked?

Your organization can detect an Amazon retailer that seized your posting with these rectifications: 

  • Somebody begins selling on your listing that isn’t your business or an authorized seller
  • Somebody achieves the Buy Box replacing your product listing
  • Customers start posting negative or strange reviews on your listing section

While every type of business is helpless against Amazon thieves, a couple of elements through which you can make your products easily exposed to be attacked:

  • Running out of stock
  • Restricting branding on products or products’ packaging
  • Ineffective tracking of product listing
  • Exposing products with huge offers
  • Avoiding the Amazon Brand Registry program

Much of the time, an Amazon retailer that captures or hijacks your listing will float your product at a lower cost. For instance, assuming that you sell your product at Rs.1500, they might offer it at Rs. 800. This price difference can work as an alert to help you recognize an Amazon Stealer Vs an Amazon Seller.

How to Eliminate Listing Hijackers From Your Product Listing

Listing Hijacks is a common reason brands are badly abused by their target customers. At times, brands get sudden hikes in negative customer experience regarding their product pricing and quality. As discussed above, this is one of the factors to identify hijacked listings. For maintaining brands’ standard and regular customer engagement, it is a big task to track such unethical practices on Amazon as it is largely exposed to sellers’ and brands’ vulnerabilities.

In this subject what matters the most is how instant you can stop this practice to avoid possibly regrettable criticism from customers who buy products due to these Amazon stealers through your listing. First, learn how you can play well before the damage takes place.

Follow these tips to eliminate stealers from your Amazon listing:
  • Add your marking to your item 

Other than the Amazon Brand Registry program, your organization ought to mark on your item. Add your logo and brand name to your item and item packaging. Make it hard for Amazon hijackers to duplicate your item and simplify for your customers to differentiate your item from that stamp.

  • Brand name your items 

If you haven’t as of now, started branding your name on items, start immediately. A brand name is perhaps your best asset with regards to battling Amazon listing hijackers, so don’t hold on to get one. Amazon Registry Programme is primarily organized to build a safe zone for all the brands and sellers to never face unethical activities. It is like an insurance you prescribe to avoid such uncertain losses through Amazon itself. 

  • Group your items 

Your brand can utilize item packaging to diminish the odds of Amazon product listing hijacks. With item packaging, you bundle various items together for customers. This is basically done to ensure that you do not use different keywords for different items. You can club your items’ keywords according to their category so that your stealers do not understand or make  differences between them easily. In this manner, you can make a protective shell around your products listing.  Thus, if somebody needs to seize your listing, they need to invest more energy into replicating your listing.

  • Sell your items on your site 

With this technique of making your products’ separate page, you’re not leaving the Amazon commercial center. All things being the same, you’re giving a reference that Amazon can check your proprietorship and eliminate the outsider fake retailers. A few organizations that utilize this strategy select to make a product page, however that page is not being used as a primary marketing tool.

List of Top  Advanced Tools to Trace Listing Hijacks Instantly
  • Jungle Scout 

It is an across the board tool for selling on Amazon from item examination to stock administration. Find the items that Amazon customers are looking for by keywords, classes, or customized channels. See every day deals, stock information, and income for any item. Observe authorized providers dependent on your hunt rules. Put together and track deals, costs, and other key measurements. View execution after some time and gain bits of knowledge to improve the same.

  • CamelCamelCamel 

It is a free Amazon value tracker tool which helps in Amazon price monitoring and provides cautions through email and Twitter when price drops. View the value history of more than 100 million Amazon items. Add value history diagrams to your program with The Camelizer augmentation and enjoy a good control over price listing hijackers.

  • Helium 10

It is another across the board suite for Amazon marketplace. You may access item research instruments to reveal customer experiences, approve item choice, find low stock freedoms, and compute productivity. Process mass keywords into a money producing list. Utilize the converse ASIN query instrument to uncover keyword stealer for both natural and paid ventures. So, smooth out your item posting process with this amazing solution.

  • etraKY Brand Studio

It is currently the most powerful tracking solution because of instant and automated analytics over location-wise sellers and rivals to alert you regarding listing hijacks, price breaches, OOS availability, Share of Search, etc on a solitary center. These reports are for any eCommerce platforms on a real-time basis to assure brands never lose their command over marketplaces. They provide rapid notifications on not just mail but WhtasApp too, for brands to take quickest action possible against unethical activities and outshine with full-proof action plans. 

  • Prisync

It is a price tracking tool which assembles information regarding your pricing policies so that brands never compromise on your MOP. It is a specialist of price tracking that offers the brands access to real-time reports to identify their hijacked listings. Anytime, the price is low, they generate quick alerts and let you know when and who tried to steal your listing. This tool gives a major advantage of assuring standardized brand image because your products’ prices are in safe hands with their help. 


End Thoughts

Listing Hijacks are on high alerts especially on Amazon. Since eCommerce is a place full of loopholes and no brand can allocate what is happening at what time regarding which segment, that is why tracking is needed to establish better brand image and high earning efficiency.

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