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Five Authentic Reasons to Take Your Physical Store Online!

Small businesses have always had to compete with the more giant sharks. Especially when you are dealing physically with the customers, more prominent brands will make it challenging for you to attract customers to your product. However, the emerging eCommerce industry has given them an opportunity to get connected with their customers and sell their products more efficiently. Many more prominent brands have moved their businesses online because even customers do not want to spend several hours traveling and then visit a brick and mortar store to do the purchasing. Customers nowadays prefer to shop online in their comfort zone. The primary step of moving your physical store online can be profitable for you both short and long term. 

Especially after the pandemic, customers’ preferences have changed, and they rely more on online shopping. That is why moving your business to the eCommerce platform is the best option to generate more and more sales. However, you can pursue your business with an omnichannel approach for long-term planning. It is even convenient for your customers, as they can get their orders at their doorstep in no time. In the special edition of this blog, we have mentioned five exact reasons why you should take your physical store online. 

Reasons to Take your Physical Store Online

  • Promotes Cost-Effectiveness:

The eCommerce business existed before the pandemic, but the COVID-19, has changed the whole scenario. The customers are now more used to shopping for their favorite products from eCommerce channels. That’s the reason why this industry is growing day by day. Customers are more comfortable buying products online in comparison to a physical store. This is the new normal for them, and you can also miss the chance of experiencing this if you don’t move your physical store to the eCommerce platforms. Apart from that, opening a brick mortar store requires a considerable amount to spend on. But an online store doesn’t ask that much from you. Initially, you can go online at a meager price, depending on the nature of your product. In this way, you can save a lot of money. You need to buy land or rent a place for a physical store and then go through the interior part. All these steps require a heavy amount, but on the other hand, to start an online business, you need to sign up on the preferred eComm channel, and you are ready to go. 

  • Get Connected with the Larger Customer Base:

The eCommerce business has made it possible for everyone to go online and sell their products. Within a few clicks, you make your business available to billions of customers out there. However, you can not establish a more substantial customer base while dealing with customers physically. Moreover, you cannot even generate handsome revenue while running a brick and mortar store. On the other hand, eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc., already have a robust customer base. Selling your products on such platforms can allow you to attain a more extensive customer base. A more significant customer base leads you to generate more revenue in the long run. Moving to an online business with a bit of investment can let your brand grow and eventually improve its image. But you may have to face several challenges in the process of selling online. Don’t worry because there are few marketplace seller analytics tools that can help you resolve the problems related to the product listing, stocks, selecting the correct price and many other challenges. 

  • Increase Scalability:

The eCommerce platforms that offer you the opportunity to sell online can also determine which products you should choose to sell and increase the stock levels of those particular products. Multiple eCommerce platforms provide a massive range of products, and you can easily select one from them. However, this process requires robust inventory management and always keeps an eye on the stock. But you can not do it single-handedly; it will need the help of intelligent tracking software to provide every piece of information regarding your inventory, such as how many are there, how many got out of stock, and how much you require to sell. By doing this accurately, your business will eventually flourish and help you to generate handsome revenue. On the other hand, the eCommerce industry has transformed into a 24×7 business. Relying on a physical store, you can miss the chance to make sales while you sleep. The best part about going online is that you don’t have to stick to standard operating hours and be present at all times. 

  • Increase Brand Credibility:

While running a physical store, you can not provide the maximum exposure to your business, but the process of moving to eCommerce platforms provides extensive exposure to your brand. Your brand’s online presence can make it easier for customers to find your product information and make genuine comparisons. When customers search for a product online, they want it to appear at the top of the list. To increase the brand credibility at eCommerce platforms, you need to take the help of intelligent tracking solutions such as etraKY BS. The rigorous features of this software, such as keyword suggestions and product listing analysis, can help you make your brand stand out in the market among millions of brands. The product listing can make your brand more visible to the customers and helps in increasing the brand’s credibility and legitimacy. 

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction:

The eCommerce industry provides more shopping options to its customers as well as the demand for convenience. The key to customer satisfaction and creating a solid brand image is to give your customers multiple options over when and where they interact with your products. While selling your products physically, you won’t be able to provide multiple shopping options to their customers in terms of payment, shipping, and pick-ups. However, at eCommerce channels, you can provide your customers several payment options along with flexible delivery options. Who doesn’t want to have these facilities? This is also a reason why customers are moving to online platforms for purchasing their products. For brands, having an online store would be the right thing to aid customer satisfaction and create a loyal customer base around your brand. 


If you think that brick-and-mortar stores will vanish entirely, you must understand that it is not going anywhere but evolving with time. While going online, you can provide dynamic experiences to your customers that you can never provide them via physical stores. On the other hand, you can even generate more profits than your physical store by moving your business to online platforms. Thus, there are numerous benefits of moving your brick mortar store to eCommerce platforms. It is beneficial not only for you but your customers as well. If you think you will not be able to do it alone, you can take the help of advanced software to add comfort to your online business. It will help you present your product with more creativity, accuracy, and efficiency. So, it will help if you go for it without having a second thought in mind.

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5 Top Fashion & Beauty eComm Trends to Earn Profit in 2023!

For the past several years, fashion and beauty has consistently managed to be at the top eCommerce industry. For a long time, this section has dominated the eCommerce business heavily. In order to have a seamless and secure shopping experience for their customers, many fashion and beauty brands made their presence in online business. Some renowned brands have complete control over this section. And that’s why the competition is tough for new brands. However, the market is changing with the preference and demands of customers. Now, customers wish to have a more personalized experience whenever they select a brand for themselves. 

After all, who doesn’t want to have a lazy day doing their favorite things and planning to have a beautiful evening with the choice of their dress that they have ordered from their favorite platform, which is about to be delivered to their doorstep. The point is various researches found that customers are now more into having a personalized experience. This is the main reason why most beauty and fashion brands are settling up their business according to customers’ preferences. To sustain your brand and generate revenue, you have to follow the latest trends in this sector. In this specific blog, we have mentioned five latest eCommerce trends in the fashion and beauty industry that can help you make more profit this year. 

The Latest Five Fashion and Beauty Trends of 2022

Before the origin of the eCommerce industry, customers used to buy fashion apparel from a physical store after a trial. The same goes for beauty brands. Before purchasing, customers check the various shades of foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow, and moisturizer on themselves, and then according to their skin tone, they do the purchasing. They still do the same whenever they shop products from these specific sections. And they want to have the same experience online as well. This was when things started changing in online business for fashion and beauty products. 

Try-Ons, AR & VR Experience:

As per the customer’s preference, the eCommerce industry is ready to provide an authentic shopping experience to its customers. In this way, the enormous digital world has helped them by providing try-ons and AR & VR technologies. These technologies are able to attract customers quickly. Through AR & VR, customers can now choose the beauty products as per their skin tone. It helps them immensely and eliminates their confusion regarding the products. On the other hand, via the Try-one feature, they can now try various apparel virtually as per their choice on several eCommerce platforms. Some top-notch brands such as Zara, Puma, Catwalk, Burberry, Nykaa, Loreal, MAC, and Nars are top of their game to provide all these new shopping experiences to their customers. According to the market analysis experts, these technologies have not emerged to die down; they will stay forever. That’s why you also need to adapt these trends and the business performance analysis tools that will help you analyze your overall online business. 

Natural and Clean Beauty Products:

These days, customers prefer more natural products for beauty. Before buying the products, they want to clarify the ingredients which brand has used in the specific product. Natural ingredient-based products are high in demand, and their brands are even generating more revenue than ever. Clean beauty has been in trend for the past few years; customers have become much more aware of their skin tone and texture. They know very well that chemical-based products will eventually harm their skin and are not substantial. On a daily basis, everyone has to deal with pollution and other environmental problems, which is also why consumers are looking for products that heal their skin without harming them in any way. Mamaearth, Khadi Natural, Wow, Kama Ayurveda, Forestessentials, etc., are some of the most popular Indian beauty brands that have taken the market under its control. Not only physically, but they also have a vast customer base online. So if you are looking to enter the beauty section of an online business, you should opt for selling or manufacturing natural beauty products. 

Buy Now and Pay Later:

Days are gone when customers opt for cash on delivery. After the digitalization, they prefer to pay online via various payment options. Nowadays, the trending payment method is to buy now and pay later. Most brands are providing this feature to their customers. Everyone doesn’t afford to buy luxurious fashion and beauty products, but they wish to. Brands have introduced the buy now pay later option to take advantage of this new FOMO of customers. It is beneficial for brands and customers as well, brands successfully generate targeted sales, and customers buy their favorite products. By promoting this feature, you can now be able to sell high-priced products on eCommerce websites. This payment option is attaining a lot of customer attention. As a brand, you also need to follow the latest trend in the industry; it will increase your sales and your revenue. 

The Subscription Model:

The subscription model has proven to be a game-changer in the fashion and beauty sector. Few surveys regarding this model have suggested that most customers (men and women both) prefer to have a beauty subscription to avoid the hassle of purchasing the same product every month. These surveys say the subscription model will be the constant priority in the near future. This model provides a personalized shopping experience to the customer. This model came into existence a few years back and has been enhanced still. It has even changed the way brands used to market their products. It is on its way to dominating the market in the coming years. You can also convert your business model into a subscription model, as it will add more value to your brand. 

High-Resolution Images:

When it comes to online shopping, customers prefer to buy those products that provide them clarity on this. Specifically, high-resolution images are essential in the fashion and beauty sector as customers need to view the right color and shade of their beauty products, such as foundation, eyeliners, lipsticks, and eyeshadows. Similarly, they want to ensure the right color and design of the selected apparel. That is why brands need to launch their products with high-resolution images. In this manner, you can take the help of a marketplace seller analytics tool. This tool can send you alerts related to each product’s image you have listed on various eCommerce websites. 


These mentioned beauty and fashion eCommerce trends of 2022 have given you an idea of where this sector stands in the present time and how it will evolve in the coming years. Fashion and beauty eCommerce will grow where it meets with technology. You can always keep your valuable customers by your side by following these latest trends. However, in following these trends, you also need to get along with several advanced software to give a helping hand to your business. Some seller analytics tools like etraKY BS can help you efficiently. The several features of this software such as product listing analysis, stock availability analytics, and maintaining price hygiene can definitely help your fashion and beauty brand to grow rapidly through their real time actionable insights.


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Best eCommerce Revenue Business Models in 2022!

The emerging world of eCommerce includes various business models that are booming day by day. Sales from online businesses are expected to upsurge immensely this year. Most sellers initially get caught in the latest eCommerce trend without knowing whether it will be beneficial for their business or not. A flourishing eCommerce business needs awareness of the market trends, careful research about the products, a solid business plan, and a robust business model. All these factors help in scaling up the business and generating expected revenue. However, many ecommerce sellers face challenges to select the business models that suit them. 

The basic eCommerce business models are B2B, B2C, and D2C, but apart from these, there are several new structures of online business models that count as revenue models. In this blog, we will mention some of the specific revenue business models of 2022 that you can use according to the nature of your business and your choice. 

Top Five Revenue Business Model of 2022

Believe it or not, selecting the best revenue business model for your online business is essential for long-term success. You can choose an excellent product to sell; a reliable supplier can use the marketplace seller analytics tool. But without your business’s solid infrastructure, you can not achieve success. Following are some of the trending business structures of 2022 which can help you attain success and increase profitability. 

  • Dropshipping:

    Dropshipping is the most common and trending revenue business model. In this eCommerce business structure, sellers don’t need to manage the inventory, warehouse stock, or deal with the packaging. You just need to purchase the products from a third-party supplier per the customer’s orders. Then the product directly gets shipped to the customer’s address. In this way, the seller doesn’t require handling the product directly. In this business model, you focus more on selling the products rather than worrying about inventory and warehouse management. It is considered as one of the best eCommerce business models for entrepreneurs because it doesn’t demand a lot of money, space, and time. It eliminates your headache with logistics. The best part about dropshipping is that you can operate your business from anywhere. There is a humongous number of sellers who are using this business model. 

    Wholesaling and Warehousing:

    Initially, the wholesaling and warehousing may require a considerable investment, but lately, it can prove beneficial for you in many terms. In this particular business model, you need to provide warehouse space to the other sellers and keep a check on inventory and stock. Along with this, you have to keep track of customer orders and provide the shipping information as well. You must know that warehousing is another form of wholesaling. It is basically a concept of storing products so that wholesalers can supply them to various marketplaces and vendors. It ensures the appropriate storage of the products and their on-time delivery. You can opt for this revenue business model and boost your profitability. 

    Amazon FBA:

    FBA stands for “fulfillment by Amazon” at a specific price; Amazon sellers can store their products in Amazon fulfillment centers, and Amazon itself will do the packaging and shipping for your product. They can even provide customer care service for various products on your behalf. It saves you a lot of time and lets you focus on other parts of your business, such as sales and marketing. However, to take the service of Amazon FBA, you have to do the branding of your product. However, it is a great revenue business model as it saves you from paying the unwanted price to the third-party warehouses and huge shipping charges to the logistics companies. You can reach millions of customers via using the Amazon FBA. For beginners, it is best to go for this model as it minimizes the risk of business failure as well. Apart from that, to sell on Amazon, you can use the amazon brand analytics tool to add value to your business. 

    Private Labeling and Manufacturing:

    This revenue business model is best for those who have a clear picture of their product in mind but don’t have enough funds to build their own factory. Generally, private labeling promotes a private label product manufactured by a third party and sold under a seller’s brand name. Companies that manufacture goods for sale send their details to a contracted manufacturer who does the production of the various products as per the customer’s specifications and then ship them directly to the consumer or to a third party such as a company who will sell the final product. Amazon also hires private labeling and manufacturing companies for their own products. In this business model, retailers need to define everything about the product, such as what materials you want to use to make it, how it gets packaged, how the label looks like, and then finally pay the amount to the manufacturers to get it delivered. eCommerce websites such as Alibaba offer the facility of private labeling and manufacturing. 


    This business model is a persistent revenue model in which customer’s make the weekly, monthly, and yearly payments in exchange for products or services you are providing them. It offers customers a facility to renew their subscription after a specific time. This business model allows you to establish a strong relationship with your customers and take advantage of rapid income growth. This model is beneficial for both sellers and customers. It is convenient for customers to automatically take the subscription of products or services they will need in the future. As a seller, it’s a one-time investment in creating a customer base; you don’t need to re-engage them frequently. They will automatically turn around as per their requirement. However, the subscription model requires a great product or service to generate recurring revenue.



So, these are the new business models of 2022 that are frequently used by millions and billions of sellers and brands out there. These business models are way more different and opportunistic than the traditional ones. It doesn’t matter what revenue business model you select. Still, you need to get along with one eCommerce analytics tool to scale up your business. The eCommerce industry is surging daily, and that’s why it generates a new business model to increase opportunities. No one can sit at home and earn nothing if they perform any of these above business models in full swing. This industry is waiting for you; all you need to do is select one business model as your preference.

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Top Six Fastest-Selling Product Categories on Amazon in 2022!


In the prodigious eCommerce industry, Amazon is the gigantic marketplace. It provides plenty of options to sellers to choose what product they want to sell on Amazon. This platform offers a range of benefits to sellers, such as the opportunity to generate more sales because it provides you a larger customer base. It is operable in all over India and provides sellers a chance to get connected with the millions of customers out there.  

However, for eCommerce sellers choosing the right product to sell determines their success rate. That’s why it is crucial to choose them wisely. Amazon provides a massive customer base; all you need to do is just choose the product on the basis of changing market trends and customer demand. 

Here in this special edition of the blog, we have mentioned the top ten fastest-selling product categories on Amazon in 2022. It will help you select the correct item to sell and generate handsome profits. Let’s check out what are those trending products on this platform. 

Top Trending Products on Amazon to Sell

Being an Amazon seller, it is important for you to know that this channel has the top-selling product categories. It consists of the best-selling products of the year. On the basis of that, you can select various products you want to sell on Amazon. However, you cannot only generate revenue by selecting the right product to sell, but you have to do a lot of analysis while launching your product. You should prioritize listing quality analysis and stock availability analytics, and you need to select the top-ranking keywords for your product. To follow these steps carefully, you can take the help of a seller analytics tool such as etraKY BS. Let’s move further and look at the list of product categories that are in trend this year. 

  • Health & Wellness Products

    Since the pandemic, people have become more health-conscious. According to the research, there is a boost of 8 to 9% in the health and wellness industry after COVID-19. Immunity boosters, protein shakes, varieties of tea, superfoods, and so on are the top-selling products of the eCommerce industry. Products like chia seeds, flaxseeds, green tea, green coffee, fox nuts, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, detox tea, vitamin supplements, blood pressure, diabetes monitor, weight checker, etc. come into the list of best selling products in this category on Amazon. So you can choose any of these products to sell on Amazon. 

  • Electronic Products

    This platform is widely known to shop for electronics as well. There are several high-demand electronic products on this platform that sellers can choose to sell. Products such as amaze fit (fitness monitor watch), Alexa, varieties of mobile phones, earphones, branded fitness watches, mobile chargers, home security cameras, power banks, etc. These are high-demand products in the electronics category on Amazon. Apart from these products like, night lamps, power sockets, and extensions are also the top-selling electronics products on this channel. If you are interested in selling electronics, you go for selling these items. However, to increase your sales, you can get along with some of the available amazon seller software in the market. 

  • Beauty & Personal Care Products

    Due to the massive demand for beauty and personal care products, this market is expected to grow annually by more than 8.7% between the years 2022 to 2023. According to the market professionals, beauty and personal care is the fastest-growing market in India and worldwide. Different kinds of moisturizers, sunscreens, man grooming products, shampoos & conditioners related to various hair conditions, perfumes, deodorants, body wash, body lotions, hair color, and hair styling products are the top-selling personal care products on Amazon. If we talk about beauty products, there are various types of lipsticks, kajal, mascara, foundation, eyeshadow, etc. that are selling every day on this eCommerce website. Apart from these, the market for hand sanitizer is on the boom after the pandemic. The demand is high, and most of the sellers are earning miraculously just by selling a variety of hand sanitizers online. With the new normal post pandemic, the demand for these products will never decrease in the market. That’s why it is the best option you can choose to sell for a safe side. 

  • Home & Kitchen

    This particular category includes a diversified range of products related to home and kitchen. It includes a range of home decor products, kitchen accessories, and home appliances. The top-selling home and kitchen products on amazon are beddings, pillows, decorative artificial plants, garbage bags, juicer mixer grinders, lunch boxes, fancy water bottles, storage boxes, electric kettle, curtains, doormats, artificial grass mats, television, gas stoves, water purifiers, washing machines, vegetable choppers. These household products have always stayed in trend, but the demand for these products is trending in the past two years. Besides that, the sales of air conditioners and refrigerators are also increasing as per their season. Usually, consumers used to buy these products from a physical store, but after the revolution of the eCommerce market, shopping for these items online came into the limelight and increased rapidly during the lockdown period. Thus, this category is also a good option; you can sell these kinds of products as per your choice. 

  • Fashion Apparel, Shoes & Jewelry

    Earlier, this eCommerce platform was not into selling apparel, shoes, and jewelry. But as per the demand of customers, they have added this vast category as well. Today, this platform offers its customers a range of men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, branded shoes, and artificial fashion jewelry. However, there is huge competition in this category for sellers because customers are already associated with their favorite brands. It offers a reasonable price range for women’s, men’s, and children’s apparel in both Indian and Western wear. Same with shoes, you can find a great range of branded shoes on this platform for both genders. Women’s fashion jewelry is also a trending product on Amazon. If you have a keen interest in selling products from this category, you have to offer something unique to the customers. To be successful with these product ranges, you have to be eye-catchy and should be able to separate themselves from other items in these slots. 

  • Pet Supplies

    The bond between humans and pets has increased during the pandemic period. Based on a recent analysis, by the year 2023, thirty million people will have a pet in their house. When we talk about a pet, most people prefer to keep a dog in their house. That’s why products related to pet supplies are also in the top-selling category of Amazon. It includes the products such as toys, beds, leashes, harnesses, collars, grooming products, shampoo, and conditioners, customized pet tags, etc. Apart from that, various kinds of pet food products are also in the best seller category on Amazon. So these are also some of the best options for sellers to sell on Amazon. Apart from these above product ranges, products related to outdoor and indoor games, gym equipment and accessories, gift cards, books, video games, and cameras are also the top product categories selling on Amazon.

Efficient Tips for Sellers While Selecting the Right Product 

  • Ignore selling those products that only trend during a particular season.
  • Select products that have minimum competition and high demand. 
  • For a clearer perspective, analyze both historical and recent sales products. 
  • Always go for low-volume and low-weight products, as they will save your money for shipping and storage. 
  • Always opt for a seller analytical tool. It will help you in launching your product flawlessly. 


Hence, these are the top six selling product categories on Amazon that you can select to sell on this platform and earn tremendous profits. However, being an amazon seller, you also need to keep an eye on the latest trend and demands of the customers. In this manner, you can take the help of the Amazon brand analytic tool such as etraKY BS

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FBA or Drop-shipping, Which is the Finest Model to Get Aboard?

Order fulfillment is an essential part of this gigantic world of eCommerce. It is a process that deals with order receiving, packaging, shipping, and the delivery of goods. It also looks after the exchange and returns process. In the current scenario, most brands and sellers opt for FBA or dropshipping for fulfillment. FBA stands for fulfillment by Amazon, and it’s a renowned service that Amazon gives to sellers to sell their products on this enormous eCommerce platform. In this particular process, Amazon looks after every order fulfillment step for you. On the other hand dropshipping is a fulfillment process that is single-handedly managed by the sellers without the involvement of any third party. If you are going to sell products on an eCommerce platform, you definitely have to choose one. Both are methods of order fulfillment, and they have their advantages and disadvantages.

However, we will clear all your doubts regarding Amazon FBA and dropshipping in this blog. It will help you better understand the difference between the two and choose one according to your preference. Here, we will learn more about both models and understand their pros and cons.

A Brief Description of Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA provides an excellent opportunity for beginners who want to target customers on a vast level. It is a renowned business model globally in trend for its phenomenal scalability. Of course, you are aware of the enormous reach of Amazon from rural to urban areas of the country. It’s a spectacular eCommerce platform where one can list their signature products and sell them online. The order fulfillment service provided by Amazon can minimize the risk of order failure. Through the Amazon FBA, your product will reach the Amazon warehouse, and then they will process the order further. They will look after the picking, packaging, and shipping part of this process. Sellers need to pay a certain amount of FBA to Amazon. Nowadays, most sellers who deal in bulk orders opt for this peculiar business model. This process also includes customer service along with the return reconciliation. You can also use the Amazon brand analytics tool to sell your products efficiently on Amazon.

Advantages of Amazon FBA

Effortless Order Processing: Since Amazon looks after the picking, packing, and shipping part, you need not add extra effort to the whole order processing. This giant eCommerce king handles all the essential steps of order fulfillment. You can utilize this time to focus on another crucial part of your business.

Brand Recognition: Establishing a brand in the eCommerce industry is time-consuming. No one makes their brand overnight, but with the FBA service, you can sell your products under the brand name of Amazon. It saves your time and money from spending on branding. The goodwill of this brand automatically provides brand recognition for your products.

Upsurge the Reach of Target Customers: It is essential to have a solid customer base for a successful eCommerce business. However, Amazon FBA allows you to reach out to target customers. It can help you in generating more and more revenue.

Disadvantages of Amazon FBA

Inaccuracy in Inventory: Regrettably, while taking Amazon FBA service, you won’t be able to keep track of inventory. The unsold products may get accumulated at the warehouse, and it may increase to the point where it can become impossible to manage the inventory appropriately. However, you can use the Amazon brand analytics tool to eliminate this. It will keep an eye on your inventory without any hurdles.

Higher Competition Risk: Unfortunately, you are not alone in the Jungle of the eCommerce market who are using the FBA service. So you can not solely take advantage of this service. Many other brands out there are selling the same product as yours. So for beginners, it can be challenging to compete with experienced brands and sellers.

Extra Charges for Long-Term Storage: Taking the service of fulfillment by Amazon can cost you an extra penny. You have to pay them extra for the long-term storage of your products. You need to pay them in case your product doesn’t sell out.

A Brief Description of Dropshipping

In the eCommerce industry, dropshipping is one of the trending business models that seem beneficial and cost-effective for sellers and brands. In this process, you need to purchase the products from any third-party vendors and directly ship them to the customer’s address. Some sellers keep the products at their houses or in self-made warehouses, and then they directly ship the order to customers. You don’t need to manage any inventory or buy products in bulk in this process. Hence, there are bulk products, which ultimately minimize the risk of loss. Dropshipping could be the latest trend in India, but countries like Australia, Canada, and California have been into this for a long time now. This process is much more convenient because it doesn’t require a vast investment. If you are new to this online business and don’t want to take any risk, you can go for it. In this regard, to make this process more efficient and profitable, you can take the help of a seller analytics tool. However, this process also has some pros and cons.

Advantages of Dropshipping

Minimal Investment: It is one of the most tenacious advantages of drop shipping in that it doesn’t require a hefty investment. You don’t need to create a concrete foundation to start your eCommerce business. This process is budget-friendly, and you can initially get aboard. However, adding a seller’s analytic tool can make it easier to establish your business in the first place as it can minimize the risk of failure by providing you the real-time data on order fulfillment.

Minimum Risk: There is a minimum risk of business failure in dropshipping. You don’t need to manage a massive inventory. If you have any, you will be solely responsible for managing that, which minimizes the risk of money loss or failure. You can save more money and invest it in adding more value to your business.

Location Friendly: It is another fantastic benefit of dropshipping; this business model doesn’t require you to be at a precise location. You can efficiently operate your online business by keeping in touch with vendors and customers.

Disadvantages of Dropshipping

Lesser Profit: However, this process doesn’t require a considerable investment, but the return on investment rate is comparatively less. Also, the competition is very high, and you have to keep in mind that you are not the only one selling those products. Out of the blue, you can’t raise the price of your products because customers can find the same product at a lesser price. In this way, dropshipping can affect the revenue of your business.

Clumsy Customer Support: In this business model, you have to provide customer support from your end. Believe it or not but it can be a clumsy process. You can not provide excellent customer support to your valued customers because you may not always be available to answer their questions. Moreover, if you are buying products from a supplier and then selling it, you won’t be able to gather all the precise information regarding that product. Thus, it can hurt your customer’s sentiments.

Lack of Branding: In the dropshipping process, you won’t be able to do a strong branding of your product. To sustain the eCommerce business, branding is a necessity of this era. It will be pointless to sell your products without any branding. In this business model, the lack of branding may always remain there.


So, now you have a clear picture of Amazon FBA and dropshipping. Both business models are working parallelly, and people are into both. But then again, the real question is you can’t go with the flow if you are planning to sell products online; you have to opt for one of the above models. We have already mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of both business models. You just need to choose one as per your preference.

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How Can A Chatbot Facilitate eCommerce Brand Customer Relation!


A Chat Box is a communication medium offered to share thoughts and remarks in textual format from the sender to the receiver. Every person has a habit of chatting around with their personal connections, and gradually, it is showing benefits in connecting professionally. Our primary concern lies in the eCommerce business; the industry is very prompt and competitive. In this regard, we can learn some interesting facts about chatbox contributes to the success of online businesses. 

Online brand’s virtual stores are operated over a server where they provide all the details related to brands’ products and their associations. This provides buyers with a better scope of learning, and exploring and creates connectivity with a relevant brand image. But every website of an eCommerce online marketplace must flash a chatbox service through which the customer may raise a concern and acknowledge relevant information directly from the brands’ associates. This increases the competition for improving communication methods also in the market due to the rise in instant interaction features.

Cause to Apply A ChatBot in eCommerce

  • All-time Service

As a brand, you must have your customer centers dedicated to clearing out customers’ doubts and queries. But a human cannot serve you 24/7 with their presence. They need rest after a long shift. And hence, it would be best to realize their manual team is not sufficient for your customers’ engagement. Along with this, hiring more members of the team is even worse because staffing costs more than implementing a software tracking tool Know more. A robot assistant is always a better choice for a stable man workforce. They would even find it challenging to assign them all day long with such tasks. Eventually, appointing a robotic staff is better than could address your customers anytime with stated relevant information instantly. 

  • Cost-Efficient

What can be better than gaining a less-budget, high-productivity outcome from a particular business functioning addition? This cherry on the top of your cake (e-commerce business) is a Chatbox. Cost management and the excellent efficiency of the back office are good business management strategies. If you have noticed that it is the latest trend through which brands retain communication with the buyers. Getting the benefit of a fast back-office support system available whenever your customer pops up with a question on chat is incredible. The automated assistance is a surety that your customer center operates in an advanced algorithm to give you cherishable results in less investment. At least, currently, it is the best system to provide information directly to the desired customer in no time.

  • Builds Customer Engagement

Website traffic decides whether the engagement is bringing the expected potential or not. Here, an automated chat box is implemented to bring the customers close to your product listing on,, and other eCommerce marketplaces. In such cases, your modern customers do not like to wait for a reply on chat. Instead, they would spend their time surfing your rivals’ virtual stores. This means you are generating scope for your rivals’ to drive their customer towards themselves, and you are at a loss. Hence, establish a speedy reply system with an artificial intelligence chatbot executive to your online customers. 

  • Increase Conversion Possibilities

Your on-site robot assistant, who is active all time long to relieve you by answering your customers’ questions, is even good at increasing your sales too! As mentioned above, it is possible that your rivals would grab the time you allow your customer to wait. To prevent such situations, brands must look for an involved staff that looks forward to always greeting your customers so that their confusion gets cleared right away and they decide to buy your product or glance over other offers if they desire to. It has been noticed that customers love when they receive brand hospitality in less hustle. This helps the buyers to trust you and see you as a professional brand that may have quality in their items.

  • Influential Guidance

You must have noticed that some non-technically sound users tend to stay away from website navigation. Additionally, if they acquire something like an automated answering tool, they try exploring the virtual store in-depth and extract potential thoroughly. Although, your chatbot would be disclosing as much information as you would permit it. Therefore, it is not harming your unique marketing strategies if applied to any. It is advisable to add the trick to build a creative way of communicating with the customers. The best could be to talk about the advantages along with the product details simultaneously when asked. This helps the customer to be convinced to make a purchase effectively. It even benefits you over competitive benefits because people like talking to somebody who could answer innovatively. 

Steps to Establish An Automated Chatbox

  • Choose a platform to apply an automated chatbox
  • Select Appropriate Technology
  • Plan Dialogues 
  • Teach the Robot
  • Test & Trial the Robot
  • Deploy the Robot
  • Keep the Robot Updated

End Thoughts

According to reports, brands implement a chatbot through multiple popular chatting applications. Primarily, these chatbots are on WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, etc. These are the platforms that are even known for personal interaction, and buyers are highly active on these and find it convenient to use the same to know the brand better. 

Therefore, it is advisable for brands to have their existence in all the chit-chat software that may suit the customers’ comfort and allow them to get the best out of their interaction. But do not miss out on planning your dialogues effectively where buyers could not find a solution for their issues. 

Try to prepare your answers in accessible language and give a format of interactive sense to the user with an experience of a genuine person talking to them. Avoid jargon that may dissolve the power of communications as your customer may not find it easy to understand. Build it in a way that suits every type of customer base. And last but not least, get optional languages in which the user would like to interact to facilitate a free and flexible conversation. 

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How to Make the Best Utilization of Product Listing Image


In every eCommerce platform, brands book a product listing or product page where they can add all the product-related information and images in detail. When a buyer visits the virtual store, they view the listing page where they can find the item and its features comprehensively. The product listing on any platform has four essential components: product title, description, bullet points, and image. Many experts guide online sellers about making effective keyword usage in their first three contextual representations of listing. But we will address the listing image section to extract the most out of it to get seamless conversions on multichannel.

The basic idea for the image is to represent the look of the product before and make customers potentially understand how they can get the utility out of it. But this is not it when it comes to posting on major online marketplaces. Online platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, etc., have a high competition where sellers are the only hope for brands that can bring customer attention. As a mediator, sellers also need to focus on giving the possible profit scale to brands to safeguard their business continuity. But can informal or unprofessional product photographs give you the real perk of operating online? Absolutely not! And if you agree, you can carry forward your reading and learn the fantastic ways to kickstart your new sales process with incredible images on the listing. 

Tricks to Make Product Images Influential

Segregate Product Features

The item you post in the listing needs to talk about itself through its image. The leading thing sellers need to focus on is mentioning all the features on the image format also. This helps the seller to understand the items more relatable to make a purchase. 

As online customers have a history of questioning the eCommerce products’ quality, they may easily be convinced to drop a negative comment about their unexpected experience with the product. That is why it is safer to provide the most in-depth feature details on images to clear all their doubts with visibility. 

Emphasize on Weight/Size

The listing image is a virtual medium through which the customer tries to figure out how the item looks in real life. But the most common issue your customers face is identifying their actual size and weight. This means you also need to create transparency about the items’ weight and/or size. It is suitable for you to establish an unfiltered trust between you and your customers. 

Eventually, when the products belong to a particular brand, they must have also been manufactured, keeping the essentials in mind. Therefore, the basic eligibility must be present in the product. Hence, sellers should use the details to showcase such details in the description and on the image too. Remember that these texts you use to refer to these details must not be messy and crowded. Otherwise, the image will result in ineffectiveness as buyers would not like the presentation approach. 

Showcase Variations

It is possible that your buyer may like a specific product type, but its color or size may not match their wishes. Hence, if the brand provides options in their product and you procure the same, do not miss out on your virtual display. It helps you get high conversions quickly as customers check out their desirable product with varieties. 

It is great to sell on different eCommerce platforms, but it is even better to deal with diversified options. Categorize your product image into different sections that can disclose your offerings. Practicing this technique can give you immense benefits over competitors. 

Show Set of Items at Ones

You would have noticed that a customer mentality works in such a way that they choose combinations of products to buy first rather than a single product. It means the image should give importance to the best offer for the customers. This trick is being used for marketing the product, and for years it has been a successful method to get increased conversions. But the buyer is not acknowledging the advantage from the image itself; then, it’s none of your benefits. 

Plan to display your bundled product in such a manner that can substantially impact every other rivalry item. It will be best if you decide to add more practicality to the image. Try to brief with different colors and textured items that may be better relevant to make it precise and perfect to be bought. Not every combo product is appreciated to be sold. This means you have to demand identical products for all customer types. 

Add Professional Editings

Try to hire a professional photography team to help you with stylish and compelling images. Smart Sellers are those who know to get the first click amidst the rivals in the Share of Search. They know that professionalism is a guarantee that convinces the customers’ minds to try a product. Although one brands’ product has been sold by many eCommerce sellers, not every seller could make it cherishable. Henceforth, you can be the rainbow among the clouds if you apply a reasonable and organized way of presenting your stock. 

The best you can also execute to enhance the productivity from your image is relating it with the base utility. That means you may show a cut with hot coffee in it, a watch with an outfit to complement the whole attire, etc. Use graphics that can beautify the image quality.

End Thoughts

The higher your image quality, the more trustworthy and professional you look. The image creates the first impression of your product, and this directly creates the possibility in buyers’ minds to visit the product listing. That means it is good to improve on-time and throw intense competition with the rivals when your and their product would be displayed on a single interface, i.e., on the SERPs. You would give a super sixer shot on field and grab the highest conversions seamlessly without hustling much on any chosen well-known online platform.

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How to Make Money Through Online Arbitrage



Online Arbitrage refers to buying products from one eCommerce marketplace and selling the same product on another online channel. This trick is used by eCommerce sellers who want to earn from the same product with better returns. This mechanism is more than the geographical boundaries and hence, does not restrict the buying and selling. You may purchase some inventories for a low price from Meesho’s sales and sell them on the Amazon marketplace with a high price tag. You may also apply the same rule from country to country online channels. The most basic necessity for operating an online arbitrage is an Internet Connection. You do not have to maintain a vast inventory scale or order processing method. Just buy the product in bulk or so as per your convenience, sell it on different websites and earn more than your expenses. 


Types of Online Arbitrage 

  • Amazon Online Arbitrage

Do you know where the highest online arbitrage business lies? It is on Amazon Marketplace. Yes, as Amazon has built such a stage of success, hundreds and thousands of sellers operate in this eCommerce platform in search of growth and higher profitability scopes. Arbitrageurs also look forward to gaining good money through floating already-bought products on other online channels. If the seller is a small businessman who does not have substantial financial flow plans, they may seek this method to approach their success gateway. 

  • Google Shopping

Google Shopping is another way where online Arbitrage takes place very often. In this method, sellers expose their products on google and use the efficiency and range of exposures to get conversions whenever a customer searches for a product. If the sellers have included researched and customized keywords effectively, they will be more likely to grab deals in no time. As Google is such a platform where every second a search is occurring, you can grow your business with less effort and time and enjoy a fruitful result.

  • Social Media Marketplace

You must have acknowledged many social media platforms such as Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, and more that turn themselves into an eCommerce marketplace. Social media has gained enormous success due to customers’ long-time active cycle. In the light of buyers keeping an eye all day long on their social media feeds, they get to interact with a few retailers’ posts where they even like to take a glance. In this manner, online Arbitrage has started to fall on such sources also with conversion objectives. Online marketplace retailers who exercise arbitrage offer products on Facebook, and so, to achieve enhanced profits and operate on a large scale without much investment. These days, customers also like to try some attractive productions through such platforms and open the door to experimentation. 


Pros of Online Arbitrage

  • Less Business Operations

Online arbitrageurs don’t need to panic with their business operations. If they perform their tasks efficiently, they get better selling chances and extract the best from that platform. They have to learn how to float the same product on another channel with a high price but still know how to influence the customers to purchase. If you are an online seller with exciting and innovative marketing strategies and negotiable skills, you can be suitable for this selling method and plan to expand your business operations.

  • Low Capital Investment

As mentioned above, online Arbitrage demands less finance to do business. If you are a shopaholic and keep purchasing from eCommerce multichannel, this quality could encourage you to perform your business more powerfully. Try to explore products with similar or more customers’ interests and price differences with its online channels. Spending more on marketing is not the real essence of the arbitrage business, but research ability is. Therefore, know your product type and try to be knowledgeable regarding a particular product and its marketplace performance for seamless performance. 

  • Location

No boundary restriction is present in the online arbitrage framework. This statement means the seller can buy a product from eBay USA at a low cost and sell it on Amazon India at a higher price. Yes, it’s interesting in processing also as it sounds. All you need to know is to keep finding the best online market for your product to streamline your business. There is no eligibility checklist to achieve Buy Box Button to upgrade your business. Just the perfect knowledge of the market and a systematic selling decision would help you achieve your business goals incredibly.


Cons of Online Arbitrage

  • Missing Data

The best advantage eCommerce marketplace brands and sellers gain is capturing customer and operational data through analytics software. They may apply the tool for as many online platforms and access the real-time reports within a fraction of a minute. It lets the brand know the market’s latest behavior and encourages sellers and brands to innovate their items for competitive benefit. At the same time, online Arbitrage does not have any such policy. This week, you may get conversions but cannot access the operational and buyers’ data to reproach them henceforth. It gets challenging to analyze business performance and dismiss professional business strategizing power.

  • Copyright Issues

Usually, online brands like to operate through authorized sellers, allocating inventories and command with MOP. The systematic process helps them standardize their products’ sales rate. Also, they can manage brand awareness and marketing policies potentially. But online arbitrageurs do precisely the opposite of brands’ hygiene policies. They love selling brands’ products higher than the eligible competitive demand. Even the worst is single-handed profit storage. The arbitrage business does not contribute to brand success. Instead, they snatch buyers from them and impact their business mechanism with harm. Hence, brands claim copyright on their products so that their customer base does not face challenges and unfair deals on any online platform. 


End Thoughts

This article tells you about the good and bad of online Arbitrage, but you may have been confused about whether selling in this manner is legal or not. Yes, that is entirely legal but with some limitations. Before jumping into the arbitrage business, research more about the associated risks and challenges and how sellers are gaining more through this process. It would be more of an experimental business model but is increasing day by day with lots of sellers indulging in this activity. If you are also thinking of trying it, stretch your socks and get started!

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Types of Sentiment Analysis and Its Benefits for Improved Customer Experience




Sentiment Analysis or Customer Sentiment Analysis is a complex task performed through Natural Language Processing (NLP), where customers share their experience with the brand or product. The artificial intelligence algorithm helps identify the quality of the same. In eCommerce, feedback features are essential and expected to be received through one or more sources. Online marketplaces have used it to build trust and healthy competitiveness in the market to embrace customer engagement. Buyers, too, find the feedback system reliable and decide whether to purchase a product or not after getting satisfied with the shared customer sentiment. 


It is highly possible that poor management or negligence of customer feedback can drain your brand’s operational power, due to which eCommerce brands and sellers are said to engage themselves in disciplined and organized operational activities. They should monitor and control the brand and target to win Buy Box Button. Many brands have established a professional customer service center to safeguard customer interest. Any dissatisfied customer can reach out to the team to resolve their issues. But is it enough to analyze what your customers are looking forward to from your brand? No, it is not all that could protect you from angry customers. Let us look up to check on managing Customer Sentiment Analysis better. 


Types of Customer Sentiments Analysis: 


  • Detecting Sentiments 


Detecting Sentiment is one method through which analysis can be done under Opinionated data and Objective data types. The two main subjects of this analysis type are comments on the feedback section “It was lovely but can work on costing!” and “Good service but lack customer care instant response.” These statements have a suggestion or an opinion as per their experiences. In this regard, the management process would be different and categorized under detection analysis. 


This is highly used to understand the sentence feedback so that sellers can understand what they have to improve. Through automated sentiment analysis, tracking software systems are designed under this feature to let the brand decode the exact Sentiment the customer is trying to portray without going through the entire content. 


  • Categorized Sentiments


Categorizing Sentiments is an analysis technique where ratings such as excellent, sound, and poor are analyzed. This type of analysis only deals with the star ratings upon the quality of service and product they received. A manual method would not understand what the star signified. And hence, they bring the best decoding of the stars allotted to the service. 


Customers generally want to have access to float their feedback through the most straightforward method. It is the most convenient method to express but hardest to understand. It often has no explanation, which means the seller needs to have a clear picture with the help of a customer sentiment analysis tool. 


  • Polarity


It is the analyzing mixture statements that have positive and negative feedback and creates confusion for the brand or seller to understand. If the seller has received a comment such as “product is expensive but worth it,” the seller cannot understand whether the customer liked the product or not. If these comments are dropped in the section, a simple way to learn its central meaning is by applying a sentiment analysis solution. 


The cloud-based tool is specifically designed to grant ease and proximity to the seller and brand to know where they are lacking behind. They may think upon reframing their pricing policy or enhancing product quality. Certain tricks need to be executed to learn about the target customer’s business performance to improve the lagging. 


Benefits Brands Receives from Customer Sentiment Analysis


  • Accuracy in Results


The seller could know the most appropriate feedback of the customer. Nowadays, brands want customers to share their experience but cannot extract the best out of it for betterment. That is why the tool is defined to monitor and manage more effectively and efficiently. It is important to acknowledge the real customer opinion. If you guess and work on their issues, you may dedicate yourself in the wrong way. It is better to address on time with full correctness and clarity.


  • Better Future Insights


The more you understand about the loopholes, the better you plan your business framework. The customer feedback analysis is critical to administer on the most immediate basis. It helps the brands to continue the sales seamlessly and encourage new customer engagement too. The tool method to understand the highest possibility of improvement adds strength to the brand and sellers. Planning foolproof strategies to standardize customer analysis is only possible through an automated tracking system that covers the monitoring and addressing the issues and experiences the customers share without delay. It enriches brands to work on their loopholes to protect upcoming selling efficiency before it’s too late. 


  • Saves Time and Energy


Tools are made to fasten and smoothen the business’s operational activities. But what if you indulge in minor operational duties and lose your core focus in the business? This is depressing and the start of the business downfall. But implementing a software solution could give you a fantastic experience for management. It saves your time and effort to concentrate on your primary objectives. When brands do not know how to empower their employees’ productivity, they set a tracking solution to create a captivating experience. Therefore, brands must start thinking about saving their professionals’ hard work and cherish their productivity. The best trick is taking the help of a powerful analytics tool that grants you accessibility to know your business better, avoiding prolonged mechanisms. 


  • Consistency in Measurement


Regularity is the need of online brands to beat the competition with enhancement and advancement. If brands or sellers keep an eye on feedback management, they cannot ensure impressive results because of irregular and ineffective processes.  But tracking and preparing a real-time report on customer sentiment is very different. They encourage brands to be constant and more knowledgeable of what they are doing in their performance. They can decode and address such issues immediately through a solitary dashboard and give the customer a sense of responsibility and accountability towards their services to retain their trust. 


Losses Due to Ineffective Sentiment Analysis


  • Low Brand Goodwill


The number of stars added in the listing decides whether you will get a conversion or not. If you do not care about the same, even the customers will stop looking for your products. After purchasing their products, the brand needs to know about their customers’ experience. In e-commerce, ignoring business flaws will never work; instead, brands must address the issues with accountability. If the brand does not address customer issues, buyers may stop coming to you for purchase. They may shift their trust and purchase habits from you to your rivals. Hence, your business would come to an end of its journey with angry customers. 


  • Low Profitability


You may manage to neglect what your customers feel about your products for some time. But this will not continue for a long-time. The unsystematic operational activities and carelessness hollow the business and give you pain in return. It means if you respect the effort you put into growing your business, you also need to acknowledge the business’s real essence: Customers’ Feedback. If not, then the result would be very harsh, and that will start with your low conversion rates. So, if you are getting conversions lesser than the previous, do check your customer’s point of view to strategize better. 




End Thoughts


The higher you want to fly, the broader you have to think for improvement. This mantra should be known to all online brands and sellers. You cannot achieve anything without putting effort and sentiments towards it. If you do not acknowledge what your customers are upset about, your rivals will do it on your behalf. And undoubtedly, you will be a loser for sure! But before the table turns, you should not leave any stone unturned to unlock your success gateway by focusing on your customer’s point of view and increasing your scale of operation immensely. 

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Learn the Factors Which Decelerate An eCommerce Business Growth


You must have heard of eCommerce marketplaces where uncertainty is natural and may happen any day. Considering the market competition and complexity that is increasing these days rapidly, a smart brand tracking solution is used to standardize the eCommerce marketplaces mechanism. As the only thing a brand can control is the discipline of its sellers and smooth routine functioning, tracking reports enables brands to do so effortlessly.

The best method of dealing online has the immense power to perform market research, establish brand uniqueness, adapt technology back-office support, and plan strategies effectively. The brand could have the accessibility over the real-time reports to understand where the loopholes are hampering the business. It may not always be an external interference, but your own ineffectiveness lowers your sales rate. Marketers cannot figure out the activities killing their business growth due to a lack of brand tracking efficiency. Hence, we will discuss some pointers that drain brands’ power to embrace fast growth.

Factors for Slowing Down of Online Business Growth

  • Prolonged Checkout Procedure

As a brand, try to establish a system of checkout which allows your customers to place an order quickly. It has been noticed that online customers exist for purchase due to its convenience feature. But if a brand designs a long ordering process on an online channel, the customer experience gets badly affected. Along with this, cart abandonment is another issue where customers add the items to the cart but never place an order in the light of time-consuming methods.

All the brands operating in eCommerce multichannel marketplaces are advised to fade out their selling efficiency by burdening the checkout procedure. Judge your system with its time consumption, access to guest checkout, or mobile responsive site for user convenience. In the race of many similar brands, your focus should be grabbing the conversions by keeping them short and simple.

  • Unethical Action Administration

Several times, the seller doesn’t cancel the order, but the customer is notified regarding order cancellation. This means the seller loses command over operations and security checks, leading to losing customers’ trust and low brand image. Including this, some issues such as hijacking product listing or price also impact the brands’ growth. Buyers find them worthless to purchase and move to rivals’ products.

This needs to be discontinued as soon as possible. eCommerce marketplace non-transparent nature does not allow the brand to watch these unethical activities. Thus, it gives the rise of utilizing an automated tracking solution to safeguard brand value and conversion efficiency.

  • Additional Payment Processing

If brands design their order checkout process in a simpler format, that does not mean you are free from processing stress. At times, making payment becomes a real challenge for their customers. They either have to spare a lot of time to confirm payment or add personal bank details without other options open to make payment. This may upset the buyer while ordering and switching to another brand’s product.

Brands should apply an automated payment system that fastens the payment processing by safely routing to bank accounts and instantly sending an acceptance invoice. Customers should have the accessibility to their payments and order processing to get updates regarding the order.

  • Poor Marketing Strategy

Market research is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some brands hire an excellent team of professionals that dedicate their time and effort to analyze the marketplaces and take note of growth perspectives. But still could not find their proper promotional technique and customer data to get the impactful results. eCommerce brands who float their advertisement materials on social media platforms struggle to calculate a reasonable response rate. Some brands mislead through manual research processes and invest in unfruitful advertisements.

Advertisement costs a lot and is hardest to ensure whether the investment is giving a worthwhile result or not. Brands also need to identify their customer focus and preferences to strategize better. Therefore, do not allow overflow of finance on marketing and branding. Track your marketing strategies performance through brand analytics tools that can gain your study on returns and trends simultaneously.

  • Unstandardized Customers’ Sentiment Management

Customer sentiment is the ratings and reviews given by the online buyers in the form of feedback to any particular brands’ product on multichannel. The feedback (positive, neutral, or negative) in product listing needs to be managed effectively because it impacts your listings’ convincing power. Buyers are of nature to judge the product with its feedback given by other customers before placing an order. Anyways, brands should not run away from getting negative feedback. Instead, they can address such comments and connect to buyers to resolve their issues, if possible. This helps in building strong customer relationships.

Additionally, the business would be enriched to retain the old customers by bringing new customers to join the sales. In this manner, many well-recognized businesses have managed their survival by managing their customer sentiment in real-time through a tracking system. The interface clarifies the lagging points on which brands can focus for betterment.

End Thoughts

Brands may not know what is impacting their business growth even after applying the best business management practices. Sometimes, it is about tracking and jotting down a comparative report to help you solve business issues. We discussed almost every primary reason for the brands to lose out on conversions and customers. Their huge-budget advertisement is of no use and even not the sale strategy. This is because something else is your pain area which you have no idea about. These hidden problems hollow the business efficiency, and brands struggle to survive even offering the best product quality.

Online platforms such as Meesho, Paytm, Flipkart, Amazon marketplace sellers also try to achieve Buy Box Benefits but do not realize the actual hardship quickly. Identifying the smallest problem is essential, and tracking system software knows how brands can gain a seamless selling experience. Hence, adopt such a powerful tracking tool that facilitates your growth with ease, transparency, and accuracy where no loss of finance, conversions, goodwill, or customer satisfaction could occur.

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