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Share of Search and its Importance to Create a Brand Story!


With the increasing popularity of online shopping, brands are now moving their businesses to eCommerce platforms. Unlike a traditional store, online stores have no humans available to showcase your products to potential customers. To sell your products online, they should appear in the search results. Whenever a customer decides to buy anything from eCommerce marketplaces, they first use the search bar to type the product they are looking for. Suppose your brand sells beauty products, and if it does not appear in the search results, customers will never be able to view and buy your product.

Post pandemic, more and more customers are shopping online. Which means your online product visibility becomes as critical as your in-store visibility. As per the customer’s first retail report released by Salesforce, more than 75% of customers begin product searches online. So, this is your brand’s window, and this is where you need to hold customers’ attention. But the primary question is how to appear high up on your customers’ search? Conceptualize the pages of an eCommerce website as digital shelves and relate that with the offline space.


Will the customer sieve through a shelf full of products to reach for your product, lying somewhere at the corner of the shelf? Undoubtedly, they won’t; if they have to buy a beauty product, they will select the brand visible to them on the front of the shelf. Similarly, when they search for a product online on well-known eCommerce sites, they will quickly add those to the cart or wish list for the ones that appear top in the search results.

Further in this blog, we have mentioned the significance of Search and how etraKY BS can help you with it.

Significance of Search Results for Online Products

Search is the first and foremost component of the SCRAP model. You can refer to our previous blogs to know more about this SCRAP framework. There are three types of search; generic, branded, and category 1st-page search results. To make your products appear in the search results, it is necessary to add relevant keywords. Search results are one of the critical aspects of the eCommerce business, that will help your target customers to locate your products and hence will impact your overall sales.


If a customer doesn’t find your product in the top search result, they won’t be able to buy it. Thus it is essential to make a strategy that can help increase your product’s visibility in the search bar. As a marketplace seller analytics tool, etraKY BS can help your brand appear in search results. by providing clear information on where you stand in the search results which indicates that some work is required to be done on the keywords.

Essential Steps to Increase Brands’ Appearance in Search Results

Modify the Content of your Products

To ensure that your products are visible to customers, you must work religiously on the product listing content. Content is all about using the right and relevant keywords. Here, you need to stiffen the strength of your products’ content to ensure that product descriptions and titles are accurate and include top-ranked keywords that customers generally use when searching for products. To add customer-based keywords, you need to think from the customers’ perspective. This process requires a lot of research and a tool such as etraKY BS that can let you know whether you have placed the right keywords or not by displaying your share of search.


Apart from that, while adding a description, you need to add several bullet points mentioning the top features of your product. In this way, it can become more accessible for customers to read the essential information about the product. The title must cover the essential information about your product. The title should highlight as many relevant keywords about the product. It can make the search easier for the customer.

Enhance the Product Ranking with Reviews

Several marketplaces search bars such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra prioritize products with positive reviews and ratings and display them higher up in search results. This automates product visibility and assures your brand of organic discoverability. So, in this regard, it is essential to fetch as many positive reviews and ratings for your products as possible. As per the recent research, more than that 85% of customers rely on online reviews as much as personal recommendations. In this way, they are inspired to trust a brand based on the positive reviews it receives. It can help in increasing your brand’s credibility as well.


Once customers begin to trust your brand, they will automatically add them to their cart and finalize their purchase. Some of them automatically can add reviews, but some may walk away without leaving one. To gather all the reviews and ratings, you must convince your customers to leave a review. They can leave it after making a purchase after giving a top-class experience to the customer. Positive reviews and ratings will make your digital shelf much more attractive and boost your sales. To make this a hassle-free process, you can take advantage of etraKY’s agile review management service.

Invest in Paid Advertising to Boost your Search Result

Investing money in paid advertising can be a great idea to gain visibility at various eCommerce sites. It can help in pushing your products to the top of the first page of your category listing. Some eCommerce platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart allow you to pay for promoted listings that are displayed near organic search results. Even a paid PPC campaign can allow you to build up your brand awareness and increase your sales volume, which may, in turn, assure your brand of long-term organic search placement.


The enormous idea of paid advertising is getting well-received all across, and especially Amazon’s accelerating paid ad revenue growth is proof of this. The eCommerce industry is expanding, and in 2022, retail eCommerce sales worldwide are predicted to reach more than 3.25 trillion dollars. To make the most of this rapidly growing industry, ensure your brand is winning the digital shelf by winning an adequate share of search results.

Revise your Pricing to Increase your Product Ranking

Price Hygiene, which is not too high or too low, should be your sword to make your brand attain excellent visibility among its competitors. You must understand this fact if the price of your products is dissimilar from other branded products it is competing with. It can drastically impact your position in search results. You should consider your competitors and analyze their pricing to achieve dynamic rankings. This strategy will allow you to fix the comparatively lower price of products than your competitors.


etraKY BS works as a price tracking software as well. It provides you with a list of your competitors’ pricing across channels. Ultimately, it can force you to apply dynamic prices and maintain price hygiene across channels. Some eCommerce websites are pretty sophisticated and reprice top-selling products more than three to four times per day. So maintaining a dynamic price is essential to make a pathway for your products to appear in the search results.



Hence, now you understand the importance of Search and why it is vital for the success of your brand story. In this regard, etraKY BS, a market seller analytical tool, can help you immensely. It can help you in executing the strategy of increasing search performance. Above mentioned essential steps can not get applied without the help of this tremendous software. If you have understood the importance of Search then you must consider etraKY BS for the growth of your brand.


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A Prodigious Guide to Amazon Sponsored Display Ad!

Amazon is the one gigantic eCommerce website in the world. It has effective control of the worldwide eCommerce industry. In the Indian market, it is considered as the number one platform to sell or buy anything. It has simplified the life of customers and sellers both. If one can buy almost anything from here, the other can sell anything. Being an Amazon seller, you can get tremendous benefits to boost your sales through Amazon-sponsored display ads. If you are still unaware of this term, this blog is entirely for you.

Amazon sponsored display ads allow you to target the customers on and off this platform. These ads will not only be displayed on the various Amazon pages but also on third-party websites. These ads can get displayed on the home page of this website to product detail pages. Customers can view them on the Amazon app through their mobile phones and laptops. There are many reasons to get convinced to implement this strategy into your online business. In this blog, we have mentioned some compelling reasons why you should apply this to your business and what Amazon-sponsored display ads are. Let’s dig deeper to know the importance of this strategy.

What is Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

Amazon sponsored display ads refers to product display ads. It’s an incredible marketing technique from Amazon that allows you to showcase your products to customers who have formerly viewed your products or similar products. Amazon introduced sponsored display ads back in 2019 to empower sellers and brands by increasing their reach. Since then, it has become popular among sellers, and many of them are using this strategy to attract more customers. Sponsored display ads are a quick fix for self-service display advertising that helps your brand grow on this eCommerce channel by engaging customers across their shopping journey. You must have seen these ads on the Amazon home page and other websites. It can efficiently help you retarget the customers who have viewed your products in the past but haven’t bought them. This ad can remind your potential customers about your products off Amazon too. Many sellers and brands have taken advantage of sponsored display ads in the past years. According to them, more than 80% of their sales come after getting along with this advertising strategy.

Advantages of Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

There are various reasons for applying Amazon-sponsored display ads for your brand. Here we have mentioned some of the impeccable reasons to use sponsored display ads for your business.

  • You will be able to target more customers from third-party websites as well.
  • Advertise individual products for the broader audience base.
  • Within 30 days, you can retarget those customers who have abandoned the cart.
  • You can control your budget and bids for sponsored display ads.
  • You can even track the overall performance of your ad campaign.
  • As an Amazon seller, you can precisely choose the placement of ads and target the customers based on their interests.
  • Sponsored display ads let you increase your brand awareness.
  • You can place your best seller product under your competitors’ listing.
  • It can increase the reach of your new product listings.

The hierarchy of Amazon-sponsored display ads is that you will be able to reach out to a broader range of customers in significantly less time. Eventually, it scales up your revenue faster than ever. Apart from that, Amazon sponsored ads provide you with the three major retargeting options.

Views Remarketing

In this option, you can target customers who have previously viewed your product but haven’t bought it within the past 30 days.

Searches Remarketing

With this particular option, you can target those customers who haven’t viewed your products but have searched for similar keywords as yours. To implement this option in a suitable manner, you have to apply the top-ranked keyword to your products. For that, you can use the etraKY BS as it provides you with the suggestion for using the right keywords to hike up your products’ search volume.

Purchases Remarketing

Using this particular option, you can effectively target those customers who have previously purchased your products. You can retarget them via sponsored display ads and add more revenue to your business.

One of the best benefits of these above targeting options is that you can use them smartly and customize your target customers on the basis of your business goals.

How to Create an Amazon Sponsored Display Ad

If you are an Amazon seller or used to selling your products on this enormous website, then you can take advantage of Amazon-sponsored display ads. Implementing this ad is quite simple, and it requires only a few steps:

  • First of all, login into your Amazon seller account.
  • Now create a campaign by using the campaign manager.
  • Then enter the product ASIN or the name of the product that you want to advertise.
  • You have to select a targeting option from the above-mentioned three.
  • Once you choose the targeting option, you must select your daily ad budget and bid.
  • Based on your targeting option Amazon automatically generates the ad creative for your campaign. You need to select the products you want to run the ads for.
  • Enter your bidding price, budget, and duration.

Now you can preview your sponsored display ad and submit that.

Amazon automatically extracts the product image, price, and ratings from your product page throughout this campaign. This ad provides a “shop now” button redirecting customers to your product page. This can also make it easier for customers to buy the products with just a single click. The best practice you can do for a successful sponsored display ad is always to keep an eye on your running campaign. You should continuously monitor and optimize it with time.


When there is an opportunity, why not use that? Well, Amazon-sponsored display ads are a whole way of advertising. If you want to beat your competitors, you must boost the impressions of your products. Although, in the eCommerce business, you should follow what suits best for your business. Apart from this ad strategy, you can also take the help of some eCommerce analytics tools such as etraKY BS. It helps you with listing quality analysis, stock availability analysis, maintaining price hygiene across the channels, and more. Keep in mind that any ad campaign will work when you maintain the quality of your products and you have positive reviews. It won’t help if your product or brand doesn’t meet the customers’ demand and the latest market trends. So before jumping into running an ad campaign, make sure that you are selling a high-quality product with minimum errors.

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Avoid These Mistakes to Establish Your eCommerce Brand!

Establishing an eCommerce brand can be a super exciting process for you. However, success is not always guaranteed; there is a massive difference between establishing an online business for your brand and generating expected revenue. The dynamic eCommerce industry is quite unpredictive; what worked yesterday may not deliver the good results today. You have to take precautions in terms of launching your brand online.

It is better to avoid the mistakes in the first place and not wait to make one. However, humans are prone to make mistakes and learn from them as quickly as possible. While establishing your brand online, you can also make some mistakes unknowingly, which can affect your business later. Customers’ expectations have become higher than ever in the past few years. Today customers have so many choices while shopping online that if you make it uncomfortable or complicated for them to make the purchase, they can simply switch to your competitors. They can even leave negative reviews for you as well. In this particular article, you will learn about those mistakes that can become a hurdle in establishing a successful online business.


Escape These Mistakes to Successfully Establish Your Online Brand

If you are new to an eCommerce business, it is natural that you may make several mistakes. But the smart business strategy is to diminish those mistakes before moving any further. To escape the mistakes, firstly, you need to know what they are. So, the following are some of the most common mistakes that you must avoid if you are planning to establish an online brand.

Not Selecting the Right Platform

Before starting an online business, nothing can be much more essential than this to choose the right platform. Select a suitable eCommerce channel to provide the proper exposure to your brand and generate good revenue. When choosing the right one, you need to do some research and find out the best one for you according to the nature and needs of your brand. Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, Meesho, and Tata Cliq are some of the prominent eCommerce platforms in India. You may choose any of these platforms for your online business. Your money and hard work may go in vain if you are not choosing the right platform.

Not Conducting the Research on Market Trends

The planning and execution of your business should depend on the research of the latest market trends and the demands of customers. Not conducting any research regarding this can put your brand at risk and push it towards failure. Although you can not satisfy every customer, you need to focus on finding out who your brand will be targeted according to the market trends. You can take expert advice and silently monitor the eCommerce platforms to understand the trends better. Although it may take some time, eventually, you can get a good result and save your brand from disappointing your future customers.

Do Not Care About the Competitors

The glorious eCommerce industry has provided an immense opportunity for sellers and brands to sell their products online and make profits. Since the industry is wide open for everyone, numerous brands are out there selling similar products. So, before you decide to sell any specific product, you must look out for your competitors and monitor their every move. Believe it or not, it doesn’t matter how good your product is; if your competitors are doing better, you can miss out on building a solid customer base. You must know who your competitors are and what skills they use to sell their brand. It will help if you decide on the price of your products after evaluating the price of your competitors. Always focus on the established competitors who are on a rapid rise. To monitor your competitors, you can also take the help of brand analytics tools such as etraKY BS. It can help you better understand your competitors’ every move at various eCommerce channels.

Not Using the Listing Quality Analytics

In the process of starting selling your branded products online, the first essential step is product listing. But your work doesn’t end just by listing the product on any eCommerce website; you should also look for the quality. Before listing your product, you should always add an informative but short product description, high-resolution images, top-ranked keywords, and meta tags. In this regard, brands sometimes fail to identify how to manage this process. Thus, brand analytics tools such as etraKY brand studio provide you with the best scope of improvement in organizing the fast listing features.

Not Developing the Customer Trust

It is one of the most common mistakes brands make. Remember that your business can only grow if your customer has faith in your brand. One can not make a profit without satisfying their customers. To realize significant conversions, you have to appear as a trustworthy and reliable brand. However, the effective way to develop customer trust is to put on the testimonials and reviews of your product. According to research, more than 45% of customers rely on reviews before purchasing. Reviews can incredibly help you in increasing sales. In this manner, you can take the help of brand analytic tools such as etraKY BS. It provides you with the agile review management feature.

So these are the mistakes you should avoid while establishing your eCommerce brand. Apart from this, it is better if you take the advice of eCommerce experts and take the help of a brand analytics tool. The dynamics of this industry are changing rapidly, so you need a close analysis of everything related to this business.


To establish your eCommerce brand effectively, you must not indulge in the mistakes mentioned above. When dealing with an eCommerce business, put the customer first and remove as many barriers as possible, from product listing to analyzing the market trends and knowing your competitors. You should also ensure that the eCommerce platform you choose and your potential customers’ details are safe, and your product is well researched to please your target customers. To avoid some significant errors related to product listing and monitoring the competitors, you can take the help of any available brand analytics tool in the market, such as etraKY BS. This advanced tool is designed to help you at every step, whether it is related to keywords, review management, price hygiene, product description, images, etc.

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