Share of Search

Share of Search is a method of finding the number of searches a brand has received against the total number of searches made in an eCommerce platform.

In simpler words, these are the counts of organic searches done from the consumers side on a channel.

It is being called “Share of Search ” because the searches are being shared among all the brands operating in the eCommerce marketplace.

In eCommerce, this is a crucial part where every brand keeps an eye. “etraky Brand Studio Prodotto” is a special tool designed to make automated reports for your searches against other competitions. These reports help in better understanding of a brand’s product performance, visibility, and SERP ranking.

Online business has a dynamic market behavior that needs regular care on brand on better visibility and listing score. These are the factors to be on the Buy Button.

As visibility is the major reason why every online business focuses on putting surveillance on their SERP (Search Engine Result Page) reports. Let us understand it in a better way with a relatable example.

Imagine, you are brand ‘A’ that has competitions around in the marketplaces. Here, brand ‘A’ is dealing with weight gainer powder. In the eCommerce channel, brand ‘A’ gets a search of approx.

2 times lesser than the total number of searches made for a weight gainer product. This clearly means that brand ‘A’ is losing customers’ interest to sell their products.

Now, this is not to be neglected from brand ‘A’ but has to be taken care of by analysing since the time it went the lowest on SERP. This will help you gain a better positioning in Share of Search List because every online website works on the mechanism of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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Formula to Calculate
“Share of Search”

                                                Number of searches for your brand

  Share of Search  =           _______________________________________


                                          Total number of searches for all your competitions

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How Does etraky Brand Studio Ricerca Work?

Etraky Brand Studio Ricerca is an artificial intelligence support which is designed mainly to bring out the issues a brand is facing for its losses with market competition.

There are many aspects to deal with in eCommerce and one such aspect is recognizing Share of Searches a brand has received.

As for an online business, you cannot extract such reports without an automated solution. This is a gap etraky brand studio has recognized and has built a tool to get you on top with no issues.

Here, Brand Studio Ricerca basically provides a report on a real-time basis monthly to inform you that you are hiking in searches or losing interest.

It also informs you regarding the trending and customized keyword lists. Because we know it is important for you to analyze your customer’s interest in your product, we work in the back-end for better performance.

What Band Studio Ricerca
Adds to Your Business?
Genuine Evaluation Over Branding Investments

If you are a brand with quality, you must have a check on every aspect to have a smooth working environment with not just customers but competitions as well.

In this aspect, our report on share of search reliefs you with an accessible report which tells you when and how many times you achieve your higher visibility in comparison with the market.

Brand Studio Ricerca is a tool that clears your doubt and gives you a clear view on how much you are gaining public interest after your listing quality performance.

As it is not necessary that your marketing methods are actually showing impact on your business. This clearly means that you need to keep measuring your power increment as per your keyword input.

If you are gaining potential interest then, automatically your searches would be higher. We understand this and hence, be your power booster for sales purposes.

Create Reliability for Better Performance

eTraky Brand Studio Ricerca is the right place for brands to acknowledge their searching rates to progress themselves.

As it has been researched that only 4% of the customers really believe in advertisements and hence, listing quality score is the only scope of improvement. You need to keep checking your searching rates to maintain a standard sales rate every month.

We know, you are unable to rectify which product is on the buy button and which one is losing visibility.

Hence, our server-based reports maintain a record regarding your customer’s actions who are looking forward to buying your products.

Through this analysis we bring out some highest attention seeking keywords for you to accommodate in your description, title and bullet points.

This is a robotic method that enhances your possibility to increase your number of searches on any e-commerce platforms. In the report, the name platform is mentioned showing which time your products have gone OOS, gained/lost visibility, was on the buy button, etc. Overall, it gives a score of search rates for a brand on omnichannel..

Easy & Accurate Calculation

We are a software support that not just calculates the number of searches for you but also makes it easier and accurate to make you understand your performance.

Our search reports are built with an objective to enhance your productivity. This means if you have joined the community of smart brands for a correct but easy method of search report extraction, then you are at the right place.

With our subscription to an amazing powerhouse, support for tracking your competition activities without wasting time is important.

As per our understanding, a brand has a huge deal to crack and improve themselves in every possible marketing segment. Hence, we are here at your service.

Benefits Marketing

Marketing is the base for which a business is surviving. Having said that, you must have full control over who is searching what and how much of the share are you acquiring among the total search rates.

This is crucial because it not just creates a scope of improvement but also helps you build better marketing strategies because you need to be ahead of all. In an extremely competitive market, you can not afford to lose on any deals. But aspects such as competitors’ listing quality score, product pricing, visibility, etc impacts your growth. Although we can’t control their activities, the best we can do is to track them.

We can track their share in the total number of searches and analyze their business position. Accordingly, we can introduce some innovative marketing methods to influence our conversion rates also.

Customer Interest Rate

It is expected from you to know your target customer for your brand’s product. But in case you get inefficient in grabbing attention, you will rank low in SERP.

In the case of Share of Search, this rank will be low because of your keyword processing method. As eCommerce is said to be the best industry for rapid business expansion, you also require certain extra efficiency to be a master.

Customer Interest Rate here means, the interest your product has created in front of your target customer to appeal for purchase.

If you possess good visibility, naturally the attention of customers will be grabbed easily. But if the case gets inverse, then you may land up on a low selling scale page which can be avoided through our regular analytics.

Etraky Brand Studio Ricerca is a feature that gives you the power to earn the buy button opportunities. At the end of the month when brands struggle to realize where they are losing the conversions, we dig out the reasons for you.

We believe to be a support system that does not require brands’ bothering and investing their precious time on such issues.

Therefore, we guarantee a rate of accurate, immediate and accessibility reports that can help you analyze your SERP position better.

Hopefully, you must have understood the importance of share of search, hence do not share your searches henceforth because of keyword usage which is the utmost important part of e commerce channels.

Because this time, SHARING is NOT CARING. ALERT!