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Boost Your Share of Search with etraKY BS

Have you ever imagined why your products are not selling rapidly? Well, in the eCommerce business, you can not sell your product if it is not visible to your customers. Your products must appear in the search results of every marketplace you are selling your products on. More than 75% of customers always search for products before making a purchase. That is why it is vital to make your products searchable. In terms of improving your share of search it is vital to follow the essential steps that can help your products to appear in search results on various eCommerce sites.

Role of Share of Search in eCommerce Business

Share of Search indicates how frequently your product appears in the search results on various marketplaces. It is essential to ensure that your product is visible in the search results or not. To establish your brands’ on various marketplaces it is essential to increase the visibility of your product. Lower visibility can impact your business growth as customers will not be able to purchase your product if they can’t locate it. That is why it is important to understand the role of SOS in your eCommerce business.

Increase Share of Search by Implementing the Following Steps

Frequent Content Optimization

Content optimization refers to adding relevant SEO-based keywords while listing your products on several eCommerce marketplaces. It can help your products appear in the search results on whichever platform you sell them. In the optimization process you need to add relevant keywords in the product title and with the description also. You can add products’ color, size and nature as a keyword with the title. It can help customers to find your products in the search results. To optimize your product page content frequently, etraKY BS is here to help you.

Upgrade Your Product Reviews & Ratings

Positive reviews and ratings are essential to upsurge the ranking of your product on various eCommerce sites. It automates the product visibility and assures organic discoverability of your product. To increase your product visibility you must encourage your customers to leave a positive review or rate your product after every purchase. You can send them an email, a review request card with the order or send them a pleasing message to leave their valuable feedback on your product page. Several eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra prefer to visualize those products on their main page who have numerous reviews.

Maintain Price Hygiene Across Channels

Maintaining price hygiene of your products are essential in terms of attaining dynamic visibility among your competitors. You need to offer the best price to your customers to rank your products in the search results on marketplaces. You do not need to offer a lower price but it should be dynamic. If your product price is not similar or dynamic, than other branded products, it can highly impact your product ranking in the search results. Because customers will always go for a quality product with a reasonable price and will not be willing to pay more for the same product.

Invest in PPC Advertising

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is one of the best techniques to increase product visibility on various eCommerce sites. It helps in promoting your products on the top of the first page of your product category. Marketplaces such as Amazon. Flipkart and Myntra allow you to run paid PPC campaigns to enhance the visibility of your products. A little initial investment can help your business to flourish later.