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Product Listing Details

Product Listing Details

Upgrade Your Listing Quality with etraKY BS

Enhance your Product Listing Page with etraKY BS

Product listings should be accurate and appropriate to enhance customers’ shopping experience and make your eCommerce business more profound.

Customers can not find a product if the product listing quality is not up to the mark. A numerous number of small to medium eCommerce businesses are experiencing reluctant growth just because of inappropriate product listing practices. It is obvious that if your products are not searchable, customers will not be able to buy them.

Role of Product Listing in eCommerce Business

Product listing is basically a technique to list your products on various eCommerce platforms in the required categories. One can not sell their products without going through this process. It helps in introducing your products to potential customers. SEO-based keywords play an essential role in the product listing and lead to an increase in the conversion rate.

Elements that Hamper the Quality of your Listing

Poor quality of product images.

No indulgence of relevant keywords.

Insufficient product descriptions.

Inappropriate product title.

Enhance the Quality of your Product listing

High-Resolution Product Images

The quality of your product images should be top-notch. You should not settle down with ok-ok image quality. All the product images should be of high resolution, providing a clear view to the customers. Images work as an analysis factor for the customers. In terms of online shopping, there are only images that help them to know more about a product.

Descriptive Product Description

The product description should define the unique features, exceptional quality, nature, and product usage. No one will buy your product if it doesn't contain a descriptive or elaborative description. One must conclude every small and effective detail about the product. Include details such as color, size, material, brand name, dimensions, etc.

Appropriate Product Title

The title of the product is the name you assign for the product. The essence of the product should be visible in the title. It should be written in such a way that customers can easily recognize what this product is about. The product title must contain the brand name, color, size, and other specific information.

Must Include Relevant Keywords

While listing your products on multiple eCommerce platforms, you must include relevant keywords with it. Keywords can help your products to appear in search engines. If you ignore the importance of keywords, you must have struggled to increase your sales. Adding relevant keywords can do magic to your eCommerce business.
Benefits of an Adequate Product Listing

Make your products searchable for customers.

You may develop a better understanding of your customer’s preferences.

Increase sales.

Decrease the time of the checkout process.

Enhance customer engagement.

Upgrades overall revenue.

To simplify this process, etraKY BS can be the ultimate support. It can help you recognize the current errors in your product listing. It provides a well-researched analytics report to understand product listing quality better. Keep humming that your products must appear on Google SERP. Otherwise, you may lose various opportunities to increase your sales.