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The eCommerce Product Page SEO || Five Do’s & Don’t!

In this digital world, if you want to expand your eCommerce store on several platforms, you must make your products visible to potential customers. If you ignore this fact, you can miss out on various benefits of this industry. Customers making an online purchase will always search for a specific product on Google or the platform’s search engine. They can buy your product only when they find your product on the search engine. The global eCommerce industry provides you the opportunity to increase your product visibility and let the customers find your products. There is no such business model as eCommerce that is automatically adapted for expansion. Targeting a massive customer base is not that easy but doing it in an accurate digital form has made it accessible for so many brands and sellers.

You need to follow the eCommerce product page SEO guidelines to make your product searchable on multiple eCommerce search engines. A recent report shows that more than 70% of customers search for a product before buying it. That means online product visibility is an essential factor in terms of selling your product promptly. If your sales are not performing well, it means that there is some loophole in your eCommerce product page SEO, and you need to optimize that as soon as possible. Optimizing your product page to make it visible and searchable for your customers is crucial. You can click on this link to learn about the importance of search results.

Here in this blog, we have mentioned five do’s and don’t for eCommerce product page SEO. Let’s dig in and find out what you should and shouldn’t do to increase the visibility of your products.

Five Do’s of eCommerce Product Page SEO

You need to understand the fact that while dealing in the eCommerce industry, exposure is reasonably necessary. Unlike a physical store, online stores don’t have a sales executive that showcases their products in front of their customers. So it is essential to provide that necessary exposure to your products to make them visible to your potential customers. That is why a well-optimized product page is vital for any online business. Always remember that customers already know what they will buy, and they will search according to that. All you need to do is make your products searchable to them to sell your product in the first place.

Apply a Robust Keyword Strategy

It is the one and only rule that can increase the visibility of your product on various search engines. You need to apply a robust keyword strategy to make your product visible to your customers. With little research and patience, you can surely be able to get those relevant keywords that can make your product visible in the search bars. While applying a robust keyword strategy, you should make sure that you are focusing on the search volume of the keyword along with its ranking and search relevance. You should always select keywords relevant to your product that customers will probably search. For example, if you sell online bags, you must add all the relatable keywords to the product page. To add more relevant keywords to your products, you can take the help of eCommerce analytics tools such as etraKY BS which will help you in identifying the performance of the added keywords.

Upgrade Your Product Title and Meta Description

For a high-quality eCommerce product page SEO, you must focus on your product title and meta description. These are the two vital aspects of eCommerce SEO. There are several factors that you must consider while adding a product title. You should always include your brand name, product name, model number (if applicable), color, size, material, and other relevant information along with your product title. Apart from that, meta descriptions advertise your product page to show up on various search engine results. The eCommerce meta description is basically like a short tweet that is capable of attracting costumes from various sources. Thus, these two factors are unavoidable if you want to implement an effective SEO practice.

Add Exclusive Product Description

Since you are not personally handling your customers and presenting your products to them, it is essential that you must add complete information regarding your products. Always try to think from a customer’s point of view about why they should buy your product? It can not be negligible and must be something that makes you stand out from your competitors who are ranking on the same page. That is why it is crucial to add unique and exclusive product descriptions that can attract the customers’ eyes. You must add relevant keywords with the description as well. It should always be in bullet points to make it more readable for your customers. Must add as much information regarding your product to make it buyable.

Add FAQs to Your Product Page

The eCommerce industry has said that the best online retailers must have an elaborative product page. To make your eCommerce product page more elaborative, you should add high-quality content to your product page to rank it on the search engine results page (SERP). It is where you need a FAQ (frequently asked question) section on your product page. It can also help your customers to know more about your product. You must add all the relevant questions that customers might have in their minds regarding your product. It is also another way to inform your customers more about your product. You should also add focused keywords along with this section.

Always use High-Resolution Images & Videos

Unlike a brick-and-mortar store, customers don’t have the liberty to analyze a product while shopping from an online store. All they have are images and videos to go through your product and then make their final decision whether they want to buy your product or not. To convince potential customers to buy your product, you must add high-resolution images and videos to your eCommerce product page. Images and videos somehow bridge your product and customers, considering they can not touch your product physically. Add high-resolution images and videos to give your customers a more comprehensive view of your product. In this regard, getting along with a product listing analyzer tool can be the best idea. It can alert you to implement incredible images and videos with your products on various platforms.

Five Don’ts of eCommerce Product Page SEO

  • It will be best to avoid following SEO mistakes to make your product visible on multiple eCommerce platforms.
  • Never avoid adding an elaborative product description to your product page. Apart from that, you must not copy the description from your competitors’ pages. It will never let your business grow from an SEO perspective.
  • Never settle on low-ranked keywords; it can drastically affect the search volume of your product.
  • Never rely on automated optimization, as they can not help you add exclusive information about your product. You have to do it manually only.
  • You should not miss out on adding hyperlinks and backlinks to your eCommerce product page.
  • Avoid adding low-quality images and videos.


We hope that you must have developed some understanding of the eCommerce product page SEO. Now, if you know all the crucial aspects of implementing a robust SEO strategy, you must practice this on your various product pages. Product page optimization is a must-step to drive more customers and help you generate decent revenue. A well-structured product description, title, meta description, and high-resolution images and videos can help you drive traffic to your product page.

Avoiding these aspects slows down your sales and ultimately impacts your conversion rate. In this regard, you can use any listing quality analytics tool such as etraKY BS. It sends notifications regarding your product page if you lack the abovementioned do’s of eCommerce product page SEO.

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