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A Complete Guide to Selling Products on Meesho!

The covid-19 pandemic is undoubtedly a curse for the entire world but not the eCommerce industry. We talk individually about the Indian eCommerce industry, which has attained tremendous growth in the past two years. Currently, it is expected to exceed the US to become the second-largest eCommerce market in the world. In the year 2020, the total value of the Indian eCommerce market was approximately 3528 crores, and it is expected to reach 26.75 lakh crores by the end of 2030. There is a detectable trend of Indian customers increasingly shopping online and preferring not to step out of their homes.

Pandemic has forced so many Indian businesses to move towards eCommerce marketplaces. It is offering sellers, brand resellers, and customers a win-win proposition. If you plan to earn immensely by reselling your products, then Meesho is the perfect eCommerce venture. It is basically, a reseller eCommerce platform that you can use to resale several product categories such as women’s wear, men’s wear, kids’ wear, home appliances, cosmetics, etc.

This platform provides a massive opportunity for local sellers and brands to make their online presence. In comparison to other eCommerce giants such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra, it is much easier to start your journey with Meesho. You don’t need to invest a heavy amount of money and provide a huge commission while getting along with Meesho. This blog consists of information about how to become a Meesho seller and sell your products on this platform.

What is Meesho?

Meesho is one of the leading eCommerce marketplaces for resellers. It was founded by two Delhi graduates, IITians, Vidit Atrey, and Sanjiv Barnal, in the year 2015. This powerful platform has approximately 2.8 Crore resellers at present. Meesho connects resellers to several manufacturers, who list their products on the Meesho App. It also allows resellers to select products from the various listed categories and sell them via social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. Becoming a Meesho seller does not require a hefty financial investment. So if you want, you can join this venture and earn decent revenue.

A Thorough Seller Guide to Sell on Meesho

To become a seller or reseller on this platform, you must follow several steps. Here is a step-by-step guide that can help you to get on board with this platform. But before getting started with the steps, you need to make sure that you have a GSTIN number and an active bank account.

Create a Seller Account on Meesho

To become a Meesho seller, you need to download this app and register yourself on the Meesho supplier panel. Here you have to enter your GSTIN and PAN number along with the details of your active bank account. These few things are mandatory to create a seller account on this app. After this, you need to enter your order pick address. After successful registration, you can visit the Meesho supplier website with your email ID and password.

List Your Products on Meesho

After the registration process, the next essential step is listing the catalogues of products you want to sell on this platform. Listing more than three product catalogues can help you with more orders and eventually more revenue. Product listing should be accurate with excellent quality images and descriptions. It can help you attract more customers and sell your products efficiently and effectively. Meesho provides two options to upload your catalogues. You can upload single as well as bulk product catalogues on this platform. To enhance the quality of your product listing, you can take the help of any listing quality analysis software such as etraKY BS.

Start Receiving Orders

Once you complete the product listing process, You can start promoting your products through various social media platforms. On the other hand, you can precisely receive the orders from the Meesho app as well. In the process of receiving a number of orders, it is essential to set the right price to attract more customers. To ease this problem, Meesho also provides a price recommendation tool for its sellers, and it suggests the best competitive prices for your products compared to others.

Product Delivery

Product delivery is an essential aspect of any eCommerce business. Once you receive the order, Meesho sends the email notification to your app supplier panel. You just need to accept the order first and then start packing the product with accurate labels on each package. This platform’s minimal shipping charge can be counted as no shipping charges. After the packaging, hand over the order to the courier partner, Meesho has a panel of various logistic partners who take responsibility for picking up the package and delivering it to the customers’ doorstep.

Receive Payments on Delivered Orders

You can receive the payment on every single order after fifteen days of order delivery. The process is the same for the cash on delivery orders as well. You will receive the payment in your active bank account. For further details on payments, you can check your Meesho supplier panel. Through this panel, you can receive each and every detail regarding the payment cycle, such as how much your deposited balance and future payment and other payments. On every order, Meesho charges a fixed commission from their sellers, it can be between 10%-20% on every order. However, if you sell products on other big eComm ventures you might have to pay a heavy commission.

Hence, these are the several steps you need to follow if you sell your products on Meesho. You can also take advantage of Meesho’s NDD (Next-day dispatch) program. It can help increase the customer’s experience by dispatching their order right the next day after receiving the order. It can help you in making a solid customer base as well.

Benefits of Selling Products on Meesho

  • This platform is ready to welcome every homemaker and small entrepreneur who wants to start their own business with minimum investment.
  • It provides effortless ways of product listing and a minimum shipping charge.
  • The best thing about this eCommerce platform is that you can get payments on time.
  • In comparison to big eCommerce channels such as Amazon and Flipkart, Meesho makes it easier for small businesses to survive in this tough and competitive market.
  • Sellers Commission on this app is also very low, which is quite affordable.


Meesho is a flourishing eCommerce platform in India for small businesses. Absolutely anyone can sell products through this platform with a minimum investment. Significantly it has provided compelling opportunities for homemakers to earn their living without being dependent on their husbands. Sellers, resellers, and small brands can also choose this platform to sell their products effectively and increase their customer base. This platform is getting bigger with every passing day. Customers prefer to buy good-quality products from this eCommerce venture. So if you are also looking forward to establishing a robust market presence, you can start your journey with Meesho.

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Major Problems Faced by eCommerce Fashion Brands!

The eCommerce industry is not only about selling essential products; nowadays, Indian customers are choosing the internet to fulfill their fashion requirements. Some prominent eCommerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Messho, Ajio, etc., sell fashion products. Myntra, Ajio and Meesho are mainly into the eCommerce fashion industry. However, the eCommerce industry is still trying to get adjusted to the fashion industry as per the customers’ requirements and demands. According to recent research, the eCommerce fashion industry’s revenue will reach 19.65 billion dollars in India by 2023. This growth is not going to stop there; it will continue in upcoming years.

Now, let’s talk about the darker side of the eCommerce fashion industry. Although this industry is growing and brands are already generating revenue, the primary issues remain. If it is not handled efficiently, it can diminish the reputation and growth of online fashion brands. But with the help of a robust strategy and the right solutions to their issues, they can rescue their online business and head towards victory. In this particular blog segment, you will get to learn about the specific issues faced by the eCommerce fashion brands and their solutions.

Significant Challenges & Solutions of eCommerce Fashion Brands

If you are the one who is going to start an online business in the eCommerce fashion industry, then this blog can help you to resolve several issues. Undoubtedly, the fashion industry is emerging day by day in the online business world. Customers from all over the country are buying fashion essentials from several eCommerce websites. But still, some glitches need to get resolved shortly.

Immense Return Rates

In comparison to other product categories, returns are higher in the eCommerce fashion industry. It is around 25%-40%, and numbers usually go up during peak sales. Well, this number is surprisingly high but there could be many reasons behind that. Customers mostly complain that the product they have to order does not match the product they have received. Some complained about the product’s size and quality while others complained about delivery timing. Returns are a horrific part of the eCommerce industry, but for fashion brands, the ratio of horror is relatively high. Let’s get to the solution.


You can’t completely eradicate the issues of the return, but you can, of course, take some essential steps to minimize them.

  • The photograph of your product should be high resolution and taken from various angles. High-quality images of the product can make the customer better understand the product.
  • Add informative but short product descriptions to explain the significant factors of the product, such as size, fabric, material, etc.
  • You should add a standard size chart to eradicate the confusion regarding the size of the product.
  • Add agile customers’ reviews along with the product to convenience them so that your product can meet their demands.
  • Subscribe to a listing quality analysis software such as etraKY BS that can help you with the solutions mentioned above.

The Demand for Speedy or Free Shipping

In the eCommerce industry, shipping is the crucial factor that can make or break your business. Six out of ten customers consider those fashion brands that deliver their products as per their expectations in terms of quality of the product and delivery time. Most customers also tend to abandon the carts if the shipping is not fast or free. However, being in this industry, you can not simply apply for free shipping because it won’t suit your finances. So you need to handle it smartly without the risk of financial crunches.


To resolve the issues regarding shipping, you can take the following steps.

  • One of the best ways to minimize the shipping cost is to circulate your inventory across various warehouses in India.
  • As an intelligent seller or brand, you can also include the shipping charges into the maximum retail price to create an illusion of free shipping for the customers.
  • Select the best low-cost, high-quality shipping and courier service provider.
  • Implement the automated order processing tools to fasten up the shipping process.
  • Always notify your customers that their order is ready to ship and will be delivered to you on time.

Higher Competition Rate

Numerous brands are entering the emerging eCommerce fashion industry. That is why it is becoming difficult for new brands to increase their popularity in the market. There are several brands that are present in the eCommerce fashion industry, but no one recognizes them at all. To beat your competitors, you can take the following steps as a solution to it.


To get the customers’ recognition and beat your competitors, you need to upsurge the visibility of your products on various eCommerce channels.

  • Add top-ranked keywords to your products. It can help your products to get placed on the search lists.
  • You can run paid campaigns on several social media platforms.
  • Maintain price hygiene of products across channels.
  • Use a competitor tracking tool to understand the selling strategy of your immediate competitors.

Frightful Situation of Stockouts

Although it is one of the major problems in the eCommerce fashion industry, on the other hand, it is one of the most typical ones. After making a buzz around the customers, if your product is not available in the stock, it will not help you generate future revenue. Moreover, you may lose your valuable customers due to the frightful stockout situation. You can lose out on sales, which will also make your customers unhappy.


To prevent stockout, you need to manage your inventories effectively. It is the only aspect of an eCommerce business that can save you from the horrific situation of Oos (out-of-stock).

  • Analyze your historical data to predict the upcoming demand of customers and refill your inventory accordingly.
  • Always keep track of your inventory, and never lose a single customer.
  • Always forecast the inventories during the festival sales or any other sales.
  • Take advantage of seller tracking solutions software such as etraKY BS to get updated with your inventory constantly.



Running an online fashion brand on various eCommerce platforms is not an easy task. However, the alluring fashion industry attracts sellers to get into this business. At times you can experience that your business is doing well and you are generating significant revenues. But the increasing return rates and pressure to deliver orders on time and manage your inventory precisely are some of the significant issues related to the eCommerce fashion industry. All these factors can have a drastic effect on your overall business. That is why you need to take some primary steps to resolve these issues efficiently. In the current scenario, you also need to understand the market trends and the demands of your customers. Apart from that, to resolve these issues, you can also take the help of a powerful brand analytics tool such as etraKY BS. It can help you with listing quality analysis, stock availability analysis, managing the price hygiene of products, and keeping an eye on your competitors’ stock and prices. In this way, you can successfully mitigate all your pain areas and can have a hold on more customers.


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