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How Can A Chatbot Facilitate eCommerce Brand Customer Relation!


A Chat Box is a communication medium offered to share thoughts and remarks in textual format from the sender to the receiver. Every person has a habit of chatting around with their personal connections, and gradually, it is showing benefits in connecting professionally. Our primary concern lies in the eCommerce business; the industry is very prompt and competitive. In this regard, we can learn some interesting facts about chatbox contributes to the success of online businesses. 

Online brand’s virtual stores are operated over a server where they provide all the details related to brands’ products and their associations. This provides buyers with a better scope of learning, and exploring and creates connectivity with a relevant brand image. But every website of an eCommerce online marketplace must flash a chatbox service through which the customer may raise a concern and acknowledge relevant information directly from the brands’ associates. This increases the competition for improving communication methods also in the market due to the rise in instant interaction features.

Cause to Apply A ChatBot in eCommerce

  • All-time Service

As a brand, you must have your customer centers dedicated to clearing out customers’ doubts and queries. But a human cannot serve you 24/7 with their presence. They need rest after a long shift. And hence, it would be best to realize their manual team is not sufficient for your customers’ engagement. Along with this, hiring more members of the team is even worse because staffing costs more than implementing a software tracking tool Know more. A robot assistant is always a better choice for a stable man workforce. They would even find it challenging to assign them all day long with such tasks. Eventually, appointing a robotic staff is better than could address your customers anytime with stated relevant information instantly. 

  • Cost-Efficient

What can be better than gaining a less-budget, high-productivity outcome from a particular business functioning addition? This cherry on the top of your cake (e-commerce business) is a Chatbox. Cost management and the excellent efficiency of the back office are good business management strategies. If you have noticed that it is the latest trend through which brands retain communication with the buyers. Getting the benefit of a fast back-office support system available whenever your customer pops up with a question on chat is incredible. The automated assistance is a surety that your customer center operates in an advanced algorithm to give you cherishable results in less investment. At least, currently, it is the best system to provide information directly to the desired customer in no time.

  • Builds Customer Engagement

Website traffic decides whether the engagement is bringing the expected potential or not. Here, an automated chat box is implemented to bring the customers close to your product listing on,, and other eCommerce marketplaces. In such cases, your modern customers do not like to wait for a reply on chat. Instead, they would spend their time surfing your rivals’ virtual stores. This means you are generating scope for your rivals’ to drive their customer towards themselves, and you are at a loss. Hence, establish a speedy reply system with an artificial intelligence chatbot executive to your online customers. 

  • Increase Conversion Possibilities

Your on-site robot assistant, who is active all time long to relieve you by answering your customers’ questions, is even good at increasing your sales too! As mentioned above, it is possible that your rivals would grab the time you allow your customer to wait. To prevent such situations, brands must look for an involved staff that looks forward to always greeting your customers so that their confusion gets cleared right away and they decide to buy your product or glance over other offers if they desire to. It has been noticed that customers love when they receive brand hospitality in less hustle. This helps the buyers to trust you and see you as a professional brand that may have quality in their items.

  • Influential Guidance

You must have noticed that some non-technically sound users tend to stay away from website navigation. Additionally, if they acquire something like an automated answering tool, they try exploring the virtual store in-depth and extract potential thoroughly. Although, your chatbot would be disclosing as much information as you would permit it. Therefore, it is not harming your unique marketing strategies if applied to any. It is advisable to add the trick to build a creative way of communicating with the customers. The best could be to talk about the advantages along with the product details simultaneously when asked. This helps the customer to be convinced to make a purchase effectively. It even benefits you over competitive benefits because people like talking to somebody who could answer innovatively. 

Steps to Establish An Automated Chatbox

  • Choose a platform to apply an automated chatbox
  • Select Appropriate Technology
  • Plan Dialogues 
  • Teach the Robot
  • Test & Trial the Robot
  • Deploy the Robot
  • Keep the Robot Updated

End Thoughts

According to reports, brands implement a chatbot through multiple popular chatting applications. Primarily, these chatbots are on WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, etc. These are the platforms that are even known for personal interaction, and buyers are highly active on these and find it convenient to use the same to know the brand better. 

Therefore, it is advisable for brands to have their existence in all the chit-chat software that may suit the customers’ comfort and allow them to get the best out of their interaction. But do not miss out on planning your dialogues effectively where buyers could not find a solution for their issues. 

Try to prepare your answers in accessible language and give a format of interactive sense to the user with an experience of a genuine person talking to them. Avoid jargon that may dissolve the power of communications as your customer may not find it easy to understand. Build it in a way that suits every type of customer base. And last but not least, get optional languages in which the user would like to interact to facilitate a free and flexible conversation. 

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How to Make the Best Utilization of Product Listing Image


In every eCommerce platform, brands book a product listing or product page where they can add all the product-related information and images in detail. When a buyer visits the virtual store, they view the listing page where they can find the item and its features comprehensively. The product listing on any platform has four essential components: product title, description, bullet points, and image. Many experts guide online sellers about making effective keyword usage in their first three contextual representations of listing. But we will address the listing image section to extract the most out of it to get seamless conversions on multichannel.

The basic idea for the image is to represent the look of the product before and make customers potentially understand how they can get the utility out of it. But this is not it when it comes to posting on major online marketplaces. Online platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, etc., have a high competition where sellers are the only hope for brands that can bring customer attention. As a mediator, sellers also need to focus on giving the possible profit scale to brands to safeguard their business continuity. But can informal or unprofessional product photographs give you the real perk of operating online? Absolutely not! And if you agree, you can carry forward your reading and learn the fantastic ways to kickstart your new sales process with incredible images on the listing. 

Tricks to Make Product Images Influential

Segregate Product Features

The item you post in the listing needs to talk about itself through its image. The leading thing sellers need to focus on is mentioning all the features on the image format also. This helps the seller to understand the items more relatable to make a purchase. 

As online customers have a history of questioning the eCommerce products’ quality, they may easily be convinced to drop a negative comment about their unexpected experience with the product. That is why it is safer to provide the most in-depth feature details on images to clear all their doubts with visibility. 

Emphasize on Weight/Size

The listing image is a virtual medium through which the customer tries to figure out how the item looks in real life. But the most common issue your customers face is identifying their actual size and weight. This means you also need to create transparency about the items’ weight and/or size. It is suitable for you to establish an unfiltered trust between you and your customers. 

Eventually, when the products belong to a particular brand, they must have also been manufactured, keeping the essentials in mind. Therefore, the basic eligibility must be present in the product. Hence, sellers should use the details to showcase such details in the description and on the image too. Remember that these texts you use to refer to these details must not be messy and crowded. Otherwise, the image will result in ineffectiveness as buyers would not like the presentation approach. 

Showcase Variations

It is possible that your buyer may like a specific product type, but its color or size may not match their wishes. Hence, if the brand provides options in their product and you procure the same, do not miss out on your virtual display. It helps you get high conversions quickly as customers check out their desirable product with varieties. 

It is great to sell on different eCommerce platforms, but it is even better to deal with diversified options. Categorize your product image into different sections that can disclose your offerings. Practicing this technique can give you immense benefits over competitors. 

Show Set of Items at Ones

You would have noticed that a customer mentality works in such a way that they choose combinations of products to buy first rather than a single product. It means the image should give importance to the best offer for the customers. This trick is being used for marketing the product, and for years it has been a successful method to get increased conversions. But the buyer is not acknowledging the advantage from the image itself; then, it’s none of your benefits. 

Plan to display your bundled product in such a manner that can substantially impact every other rivalry item. It will be best if you decide to add more practicality to the image. Try to brief with different colors and textured items that may be better relevant to make it precise and perfect to be bought. Not every combo product is appreciated to be sold. This means you have to demand identical products for all customer types. 

Add Professional Editings

Try to hire a professional photography team to help you with stylish and compelling images. Smart Sellers are those who know to get the first click amidst the rivals in the Share of Search. They know that professionalism is a guarantee that convinces the customers’ minds to try a product. Although one brands’ product has been sold by many eCommerce sellers, not every seller could make it cherishable. Henceforth, you can be the rainbow among the clouds if you apply a reasonable and organized way of presenting your stock. 

The best you can also execute to enhance the productivity from your image is relating it with the base utility. That means you may show a cut with hot coffee in it, a watch with an outfit to complement the whole attire, etc. Use graphics that can beautify the image quality.

End Thoughts

The higher your image quality, the more trustworthy and professional you look. The image creates the first impression of your product, and this directly creates the possibility in buyers’ minds to visit the product listing. That means it is good to improve on-time and throw intense competition with the rivals when your and their product would be displayed on a single interface, i.e., on the SERPs. You would give a super sixer shot on field and grab the highest conversions seamlessly without hustling much on any chosen well-known online platform.

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Learn the Factors Which Decelerate An eCommerce Business Growth


You must have heard of eCommerce marketplaces where uncertainty is natural and may happen any day. Considering the market competition and complexity that is increasing these days rapidly, a smart brand tracking solution is used to standardize the eCommerce marketplaces mechanism. As the only thing a brand can control is the discipline of its sellers and smooth routine functioning, tracking reports enables brands to do so effortlessly.

The best method of dealing online has the immense power to perform market research, establish brand uniqueness, adapt technology back-office support, and plan strategies effectively. The brand could have the accessibility over the real-time reports to understand where the loopholes are hampering the business. It may not always be an external interference, but your own ineffectiveness lowers your sales rate. Marketers cannot figure out the activities killing their business growth due to a lack of brand tracking efficiency. Hence, we will discuss some pointers that drain brands’ power to embrace fast growth.

Factors for Slowing Down of Online Business Growth

  • Prolonged Checkout Procedure

As a brand, try to establish a system of checkout which allows your customers to place an order quickly. It has been noticed that online customers exist for purchase due to its convenience feature. But if a brand designs a long ordering process on an online channel, the customer experience gets badly affected. Along with this, cart abandonment is another issue where customers add the items to the cart but never place an order in the light of time-consuming methods.

All the brands operating in eCommerce multichannel marketplaces are advised to fade out their selling efficiency by burdening the checkout procedure. Judge your system with its time consumption, access to guest checkout, or mobile responsive site for user convenience. In the race of many similar brands, your focus should be grabbing the conversions by keeping them short and simple.

  • Unethical Action Administration

Several times, the seller doesn’t cancel the order, but the customer is notified regarding order cancellation. This means the seller loses command over operations and security checks, leading to losing customers’ trust and low brand image. Including this, some issues such as hijacking product listing or price also impact the brands’ growth. Buyers find them worthless to purchase and move to rivals’ products.

This needs to be discontinued as soon as possible. eCommerce marketplace non-transparent nature does not allow the brand to watch these unethical activities. Thus, it gives the rise of utilizing an automated tracking solution to safeguard brand value and conversion efficiency.

  • Additional Payment Processing

If brands design their order checkout process in a simpler format, that does not mean you are free from processing stress. At times, making payment becomes a real challenge for their customers. They either have to spare a lot of time to confirm payment or add personal bank details without other options open to make payment. This may upset the buyer while ordering and switching to another brand’s product.

Brands should apply an automated payment system that fastens the payment processing by safely routing to bank accounts and instantly sending an acceptance invoice. Customers should have the accessibility to their payments and order processing to get updates regarding the order.

  • Poor Marketing Strategy

Market research is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some brands hire an excellent team of professionals that dedicate their time and effort to analyze the marketplaces and take note of growth perspectives. But still could not find their proper promotional technique and customer data to get the impactful results. eCommerce brands who float their advertisement materials on social media platforms struggle to calculate a reasonable response rate. Some brands mislead through manual research processes and invest in unfruitful advertisements.

Advertisement costs a lot and is hardest to ensure whether the investment is giving a worthwhile result or not. Brands also need to identify their customer focus and preferences to strategize better. Therefore, do not allow overflow of finance on marketing and branding. Track your marketing strategies performance through brand analytics tools that can gain your study on returns and trends simultaneously.

  • Unstandardized Customers’ Sentiment Management

Customer sentiment is the ratings and reviews given by the online buyers in the form of feedback to any particular brands’ product on multichannel. The feedback (positive, neutral, or negative) in product listing needs to be managed effectively because it impacts your listings’ convincing power. Buyers are of nature to judge the product with its feedback given by other customers before placing an order. Anyways, brands should not run away from getting negative feedback. Instead, they can address such comments and connect to buyers to resolve their issues, if possible. This helps in building strong customer relationships.

Additionally, the business would be enriched to retain the old customers by bringing new customers to join the sales. In this manner, many well-recognized businesses have managed their survival by managing their customer sentiment in real-time through a tracking system. The interface clarifies the lagging points on which brands can focus for betterment.

End Thoughts

Brands may not know what is impacting their business growth even after applying the best business management practices. Sometimes, it is about tracking and jotting down a comparative report to help you solve business issues. We discussed almost every primary reason for the brands to lose out on conversions and customers. Their huge-budget advertisement is of no use and even not the sale strategy. This is because something else is your pain area which you have no idea about. These hidden problems hollow the business efficiency, and brands struggle to survive even offering the best product quality.

Online platforms such as Meesho, Paytm, Flipkart, Amazon marketplace sellers also try to achieve Buy Box Benefits but do not realize the actual hardship quickly. Identifying the smallest problem is essential, and tracking system software knows how brands can gain a seamless selling experience. Hence, adopt such a powerful tracking tool that facilitates your growth with ease, transparency, and accuracy where no loss of finance, conversions, goodwill, or customer satisfaction could occur.

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