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Alex Daisy

About Alex Daisy

Alex Daisy is one of the top children’s furniture products offering a wide selection of high quality children’s room furniture. They offer a variety of bedroom furniture such as beds, bunk beds, study tables, chairs, bedside tables, wardrobes and much more. Their designs are colorful, vibrant and timeless so kids can enjoy their stay in the room. Colorful appearance and functionality make their list one of the most sought after items for kids.

They offer a free online shopping experience by shipping to Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Their  children’s room furniture is made of non-toxic materials that meet American and European quality and safety standards. As one of the leading children’s furniture products, they ensure that their customers have a comfortable, affordable and enjoyable shopping experience.

Brand Requirement
  • Out of Stock Tracking
  • KAM Wise Reporting
  • Share of Search
  • Location wise Metrics
  • Fill Rate Trends
etraKY BS Solution
  • BS Prodotto
  • BS Procurator
  • BS Ricerca
  • BS Procul
  • BS Prezzi
Case Study: Alex Daisy

Alex Daisy apparently shared their issues regarding ineffectiveness in fetching details about their closest retailers and their low conversion issues. For a matter of fact that Alex Daisy was facing “Out-of-Stock” because of their sellers’ mismanagement. They also added of receiving a remark of bad customer experience that is impacting their sales. Also, because of bulk order processing they were unable to manage their stock availability, back-in-stocks and stock fill rate frequency. 

As a big brand, it needed the demand metrics as per the cities where it operates in to always ensure stock availability.

What went right with etraKY BS 3.2

The Process

Etraky Brand Studio is specialized in fetching metrics on location-wise and seller-wise availability. As our client, Alex Daisy, commanded us to provide them a list that could show which location has the highest conversion rate and which seller is required to improve its inventory fill rates, we worked on these parameters. We found a number of sellers who were not performing their selling operations effectively. We started extracting through tracking sellers’ location and making Alex Daisy identify the reasons behind the areas of pain. More numbers of conversions were found in Bangalore that were not getting fulfilled due to sellers’ irresponsible behavior. 

Including this, Alex Daisy was lacking in building good distribution channels that was costing more than the investment required. They were behind in the race to provide their customers a good shopping experience. Few buyers were bouncing back as their product was showing “Out of Stock” and few used to leave a bad order processing sentiments. Afterwhich, we provided a real-time report emphasizing on the number of stocks available as compared to the number of conversions for each location separately. We also tried our best to enhance their order processing with best inventory management through regular analytics collection. 

The Outcome

Alex Daisy is a known name in kids’ furniture and has been serving their customers since a long time. But according to their teams’ feedback, by the time our back-office support got installed, they had a fast and easy method of handling their inventories. We used to provide alerts regarding OOS status, back-in-stock items, location-wise sellers’ performance through server-based reports instantly.

Since digitalization happened to be in the industry, brands faced a huge drawback in order accomplishment. But hopefully, they have recovered themselves really fast with etraKY BS exclusive features of inventory allocating location-wise demands and powerful dissemination of items to the closest seller distributor that could cost less for logistics. 

Eventually, our purpose to ease the tracking of sellers’ performance for each city they operate in to hike their conversions and customers’ sentiments has been fulfilled and granted a satisfactory experience to the brand.

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