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Must Add Value Added Services to Intensify Post Purchase Experience!

The unpredictable eCommerce industry is changing its strategies to customers’ demands. Most brands and sellers focus more on the fundamental steps of selling their products to meet the customer’s requirements and make it a worthwhile investment. But many of you may overlook that to make this online business a successful affair, you need to divert your focus on the post-purchase experience of customers as well.

It can be an essential step for your eCommerce business journey to help you build brand credibility and customer loyalty. As you know, this industry is quite competitive, and the competition is getting more intense. To survive in such a competitive environment, you can not afford to forget your customers after the sale. To maintain the sales flow, you need to remember every customer to make them repurchase your products. Additionally, they can become your brand advocates. In this regard, the traditional selling method will not work; you must add some value-added services to delight your customers and ensure their return. Here in this blog, we have mentioned some of the value-added services that can intensify the post-purchase experience of your customers. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get in and find out what these services are that you can provide to your customers.

A Better Understanding of Value Added Services

In the eCommerce industry, value-added services add several values and attractive points to customers’ shopping experience. These points can keep your customers engaged with your products and services and resolve their queries instantly. It can help drive more sales and make your presence remarkable at the various marketplaces. You can attain the customer’s loyalty and make a robust connection with them. If you are still thinking about what are those value-added services you should add, read out the following points.

Fantastic Four Value Added Services to Delight Your Customers

Offer Product Warranty/ Product Protection

In terms of providing value-added services to your customers, you need to offer them a product with a warranty period. These days many prominent sellers and brands offer this facility on their signature products. Now is the time for you to offer this value-added service to your customers and let them sit back and enjoy the features of your products. It assures the customers that they have made the right purchasing decisions.

Product warranty provides customers peace of mind that in case of any issues with the product, they can get it fixed without paying an amount. You can offer repair and replacement on certain items through this specific service. It can help you drive high customer satisfaction. It can be an excellent choice to get back your valuable customers. It is quite understandable that if you can resolve the pain areas of your customers, then nothing can stop them from coming back and buying another product from you.

Apart from this, you can also offer product protection on products such as mobile phones, televisions, and other electronic items. A protection plan comes with unique techniques to save the product from any upcoming mishappenings. If a customer spends a maximum amount on any particular product, they can also spend a minimum amount on protecting that item from breakage or other factors.

Offer a Hassle-Free Refund & Return Process

Some brands and sellers do exist that hide their “return and refund” policies from their customers. Well, if you think this strategy can reduce the return rates, you are absolutely wrong. To gain customer loyalty and intensify the post-purchase experience, you must be open about your return and refund policies. It can help your online business win the trust of your valuable customers. It will help if you are not afraid of the returns. If customers are not happy with your product, they will surely go for a return.

Believe it or not, this is the fundamental element of a delightful post-purchase shopping experience. To make it a hassle-free process, you can contact your logistics partner to understand if they can manage your anticipated return volume. Apart from that, to provide clarity on this, you must add the policies on your product page.

Focus More on Getting Feedback/ Review

Asking for customer feedback or reviews post-purchase can help you build a trustworthy relationship. Positive reviews can add more value to your online business. It can make customers more confident while buying your product. Reviews and feedback matter a lot if you are in an eCommerce business. It can help the customers to know more about your product and later let them buy one. According to a recent survey, more than 65% of customers are influenced by reviews and read them before purchasing.

So without further ado, you should always encourage your customers to leave their valuable feedback. It can work in two ways; first, your current customer may think you care about their thoughts, and second, it can help you attract new customers. You can leave a sweet note with each order and ask your customers to leave their reviews. Apart from that, if you are the one who is not good at managing your reviews, you can take the help of several review management software such as etraKY BS. It can help you manage all the reviews from various channels in one panel.

Provide Personalized Post Shopping Experience

We all like to get pampered, whether it is me, you, or someone else. Providing a personalized post-shopping experience to your customers can let them more connect with you. It can be an outstanding value-added service to intensify the post-purchase experience. To implement this process, you can simply send them notifications regarding the upcoming products and offers.

You can also pamper them by letting them know about the date of upcoming sales as well. Apart from this, if you have some regular customers who buy the same products every month, you can send them alerts that they should re-order the product as it can get out of stock soon. It can let your customers make a quick purchase and add more revenue to your business. Customers can also spread their word, and it can also help you in increasing your sales rapidly.


Hence, these are several value-added services that you can implement with your business and intensify the post-purchase shopping experience. This way, customers can get attached to your services and keep returning to your online business. It is effortless for your competitors to fetch your customers towards them. But these services can never let your customers visit your competitor’s product page.

If you can provide phenomenal value-added services, nothing can stop your customers from revisiting you.If you are ready to invest in value-added services as a brand or a seller, you can establish a remarkable position in the market. It can increase sales, enhance your brand’s credibility, and nurture your overall business.

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