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Tricky Use Of Ratings & Reviews to Hike Online Conversion Opportunity


It is quite evident that eCommerce marketplaces are sensitive and transparent in behavior that works both positively and negatively while operating in it. But sometimes, this transparency adds on as an area of pain because small details are also rectified by your customers. Having said that, the new normal phase that means the time after pandemic 2019 hit the world, things have become more digitized giving rise to active users on such platforms. And as brands have also started selling on web-based shops, their customers also focus on their online services more. Because of this reason, customers give mixed reviews and ratings to such brands that directly impacts their conversion rates. 


As per data recorded for online brands, 81% of customers are more likely to buy your products by judging you through your ratings and reviews. But certainly, no brand exists that may not have negative reviews. Hence, the questions come like what to do next after such reviews? 

First, lets’ understand why it is important to look after your reviews and negatives for online business.

Impacts of Reviews and Ratings Negligence

  • Uncovered Brand Image

Since online channels offer customers to share their viewpoints through a feedback feature, customers are more active in giving negative ratings and reviews for good ones. Therefore, you must not ignore this fact while marketing into such a medium. Be aware of what your business goodwill is to make effective decisions accordingly as no customer wishes to buy products from low-ranked brands on a public domain.

  • Demotivated Potential Buyers

While making a purchase, buyers have a habit of analyzing your product’s performance through others’ experiences so that they may not fall into the same trap. If you are neglecting those reviews which are negative or not studying yourself, then that may result in losing your potential customers which eventually hampers your conversion power. Therefore, always look upon your bad side too for effective selling action plans.

  • Creates Struggles While Branding

Investing huge budgets on advertising would not work until you are good at addressing your business performance first. If your public domain shows your unorganized and delayed deliveries or costly but worthless product reviews, do you think buyers would like to pay you for your items? Of Course not! That is why the primary focus should lie on improving your rating & reviews in the public domain for grabbing more buyers along with advertising through different mediums.

  • Discourage Business Survival

The marketing mantra says satisfying your customers around you is the key to your success gateway. But still few brands lack to counter their customer sentiments and dreams of business expansion easily. But the truth is, you can only grow if your customers support you in this journey. Because no business can survive without customer satisfaction, you have to do all the improvements in your products and services to impress them and then gain high profits. 

We have now come a long way to know how customers’ sentiments affect eCommerce platforms. But reviews and ratings are more than just drawbacks. Some brilliant techniques through which you can have a large-scale operation in the market are discussed below. Have a look: 

  • Apply Customer Sentiments in Branding
  • Grab More Customers Through Existing Reviews 
  • Highlight Positive Reviews for Quick Conversion
  • Showcase Negative Reviews also to Build Trust
  • Boost Your SEO Efficiency
  • Analyze Customers’ Desire
  • Include Reviews in e-Mail Marketing
  • Apply Customer Sentiments in Branding

The main focus of Branding or Advertising is to encourage more customer engagement by showing your USP and standard of product or service. It has been seen that 91% of people in India trust ads and start learning about such brands significantly to make a purchase. Hence, it is pretty clear to say that effective marketing strategies will hike your conversion at an impressive rate. For such purposes, you may also use your genuine customers’ good reviews to influence your upcoming customers to trust you instantly without thinking twice. So, your reviews profit you not only to rank your good ratings but also as a marketing tool to grab long-term customers’ loyalty.

  • Grab More Customer Through Existing Reviews 

Real existing reviews are always a good idea for large-scale operation. As suggested above, you may take the help of your existing customers’ sentiments to encourage other customers to make a purchase decision from your store only. If you focus on the objective, sales are the only reason why a brand exists and with satisfied customers, you can serve your products on omnichannel with incredible sales control. Since customers listen more to other customers rather than the brands themselves, it’s important to smartly add your existing customers’ good experiences to influence new ones too. 

  • Positive Customer Experience Benefits Your Conversions

You must have seen some big brands follow the technique of placing their positive reviews at the top of the review section. This is primarily because they want their positivity to overtake upcoming customers’ mindsets and influence them to buy their products. As online conversions are rapid in place but are not quick in terms of influencing the conversions, that is why it is advisable for brands especially the new ones, to effectively allocate such reviews at top 10 review lists as this is the average of review readings customers go through.

  • Showcase Negative Reviews Also to Build Trust

No brand or business is existing in the entire global market that does not have any flaws in it. If brands have higher-cost products than their competitors, deliver late, go bad with inventory availability, or provide bad after-services, etc. then negative reviews can be expected from the customers’ end. Therefore, create a genuine space of analysis for your customers who visit your brand and its reviews. For this purpose, the negative experience also may be lesser than the positive one. This will help you build trust in your customers because they also know the smart tricks of advertising loopholes for getting sales and they may not like it as you would seem to be “too good to be real”. 

  • Boost Your SEO Efficiency

Every online channel uses Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for getting their brand enlisted on Google. Also, they can only float their products for conversions through SEO mechanisms. In this, customer reviews also play a vital role. When customers write their experience regarding any product of a brand, they unintentionally use such words which fit right as per SEO keyword criteria. This enhances listing power on not just google SERP but also on online platforms. Hence, your customer engagement not just benefits you in case of conversions visibility but through giving reviews sections as well.

  • Analyze Customers’ Desire

Every organization analyses its performance rate to build a good brand image. This analysis not only includes conversion rates but also what your customers think of you and your products. Customers give their feedback on whether they like your products or not, or what areas of concern they may like you to improvise or innovate. This keeps you always on the desired button when your customers see you do as per their wishes. Hence, build a status rule of always addressing what your customers have to say about you and establish yourself in the manner for strong market coverage.

  • Include Reviews in e-Mail Marketing

Email marketing is largely being accepted by all online firms to enhance their customer engagement regarding any new product launch or big discount news. This technique is used for keeping in touch with what’s new you are up to. You may also help them remember you time-to-time for purchase. And to empower your marketing tool, you may include your attractive and influential reviews of existing customers to let them know you better. Emails are also a professional and productive way of making your conversion rate reach a higher level than your current position anywhere in the globe.

End Thoughts

It is high time to decide on making your reviews and ratings better than before. If you are looking forward to enhancing your conversion rate, you need to track every segment of your business operations. You have to emphasize establishing good control over your sellers’ and rivals’ performance. Only then you may apply a powerful business strategy by tracing what all is happening. Tracing gives you flexibility with regards to your listing score, the share of search, stock availability, pricing technique in comparison to your rivals. And eventually, you can get good results of improved customer feedback out of it to enjoy a high conversion graph. Now, you may go through some of the tracking tools etraKY Brand Studio provides for brands struggling in it to access regular analytics instantly! Tap Here.But it is observed that 84% of people trust reviews more than ads and take their final decision of purchase through this. Hence,

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How to Become An Expert Seller on Amazon


Despite so many business options available in the market, every seller ends up establishing their selling setups on Amazon. Have you ever thought why is it so? We all expect that if one seller is on Flipkart, he must not be on Meesho. But on Amazon, almost every seller has an account. That is because Amazon has a great space for selling with flexibility. Being an eCommerce platform, it has maintained its image like a supermarket that has everything to offer its customers. But before the emergence of eCommerce marketplaces, it seemed to be a foolish idea. But some of these foolish ideas proved to be better and unique than others that created history. Likewise, Amazon has brought first flexibility of operation through “Cash on Delivery”. It was for the first time on the globe when such a marketing strategy was created. And do you know for which country it was initially applied? India. Yes, you read that right. The decision was made by Amazon to make Indians active as eCommerce buyers. Similarly, Amazon is a highly chosen online platform by not just buyers but sellers too.

But some sellers still have covered their eyes and have not understood what Amazon’s huge market space has for them. That is why this article would help you to understand the scopes you need to fulfill to make your performance better and bigger. But let us understand a new term launched lately, “Third-Party Seller”. Read down to know more about it.

“Third-Party Seller” Meaning

Third-Party Sellers are the individual sellers who perform selling activities on eCommerce platforms. These are not the direct dealer who deals but are the members of Amazon who receives the order and fulfills them by their own methods. Also, they control their products’ customer services excluding Amazon Prime Items. One of the great features of Amazon is that it allows people to sell items on its site, which means if you are a 3P-seller, you can use the flexibility and great impact of this platform for your business expansion. Amazon has been providing this opportunity in foreign trade since 2006. By using the Amazon Merchant Dashboard, you will have the option to tackle an online-based business outside of your site and allow Amazon to tackle all monetary activity. There is no doubt that it is good to have a site, or a blog, or a web-based media presence to make sure you send the expected buyers to your Amazon page.

What does Amazon offer to its retailers?

  • Engagement

Continuing since 2020, Amazon has been visited by more than 2 billion consumers in a few months and more. Obviously, not every visitor will be looking at your item. But you will be in a better position for those individuals who want your special items, and are ready to buy.


  • Opportunities for Quick Shopping Entry

Using the Amazon platform, you do not have to worry about setting up an online shopping website. You can simply compress your items into existing formats to make them more usable and display faster.


  • Transportation and Satisfaction

Instead of buying postal goods and construction methods without preparation, you can follow an online dumping business to let Amazon agencies handle orders, shipping, etc on your behalf.


  • Potential customer

The time a seller starts selling their product, they may not find as much customer attention because online platforms work on SEO mechanisms. This mechanism requires some patience while generating visibility of your product. But when you choose Amazon over any other marketplace, you will have the highest customer engagement than any other platforms because of its good operating report from customers’ side.


  • Regular and Secured Payment

In e-commerce, business platforms first receive the payment and then transfer it to the sellers’ account. As you being a seller do not deal directly with your customers, you need to be secure about your earnings. This is being guaranteed from Amazon as they transfer a regular earnings in every 7days-interval of customers even for CODs (Cash on Delivery). 


  • Stress-free Shipping Process

Amazon handles the mechanism of your order shipments of any type of shipment method whether it can be FBA(Fulfillment by Amazon) or Drop-shipping method. This protects your inventory while delivering so that your resources do not get damaged or wasted. 


  • Add-on Third-Party Support

There are sellers who are interested in getting added support services from the Amazon marketplace. These additional services include product photography, account management, and many more. This help is entirely to enhance your product visibility and ease of business management provided by Amazon itself to their sellers with charges.

How Can You Find the Best Selling Opportunities on Amazon?
  • Get Automated

Some sellers believe they can earn more in the modern world but with older methods. But this thought will take you nowhere. This is because the world is dynamic and so is the eCommerce industry. It keeps on changing with time that creates pressure on making things go rapidly. Here, competition is high which means you need to be sharper in the aspects you choose, faster in the process you choose, and smarter in the tools of your choice. It is observed that eCommerce is very sensitive with its pricing in comparison to its competition. That is why artificial intelligence is being widely used to give good analytics by automatically tracking your competitor’s price to have full control over brand hygiene. This can not be achieved with a manual team that has an infrastructured set to monitor the pricing methods of different sellers of a brand. But automation makes it easier and faster. Automated stock tracking tool gives you comprehensive data of every time pricing updates for a product. If any product violates the pricing, this software supports generating alerts to ensure standard competition.

  • Become an Active Advertiser

You can’t just throw your stuff on Amazon and trust enough people to find it automatically. Unlike the natural business, the common method of “build and come” does not always work. You should advertise your business using web-based media, on your blog by sending messages to your organization. Or any other sensible approach for your product. You can also combine tools and applications that are intended to enhance customer commitment towards your objects, such as chatbots or surveys. You may decide to create a special online media account for your object only and attract customers with challenges or improvements. Label your item on attractive photos, then add links back to your Amazon Merchant page. Try as many innovative advertising methods you can for better reach.

  • Choose the right Niche

When you run a business on Amazon, you need to sell things that people are passionate about. Stay informed about patterns in your industry and show that in your online business. If you already have a full-fledged item or business, you are probably investing some money to earn and know about your intended buyer. In a situation where your contribution can be categorized as one of the most popular ones on Amazon, you have a good chance of tracking the right crowd. In any case, if your item is black, you may have the option to enhance visibility (and deals) by linking it to the most popular category. For long-term financial success, you will need to get into things in the business industry that are always strong, such as weight loss, general well-being, self-improvement, yoga, shopper gadgets, baby items, and more. A decent way to measure a profitable market is to test Amazon itself for what smash hits are? Keep in mind that it is a wise idea to stay in a large mainstream market that will continue to be profitable for a long time to come.

  • Be Competitive with Your Competition

 It usually pays to see what others do with your speciality. See how they test their stuff, what kind of promotion they use, how they introduce and present their stuff, how often they launch new items. Even if your Amazon store is thriving, there is no guarantee that it will always be that way. To avoid stiffness and stay productive, it is important to stay aware of the market. An unusual way to do statistical research, especially on Amazon, is to evaluate customer surveys for good and bad. Find out what people don’t like and what people like about certain things, at the same time, make sure you fix those problems and stay away from traps.

  • Innovative Marketing Strategies

You could start small-stage earning with just one item on Amazon, and if you are lucky it may be one miracle. Also, focus on availability to see positively sold products and use what you know in your business to make more with resources. It is also important to use busy shopping periods. Regular retailers make up the bulk of their revenue each year during the Christmas season, and the same goes for online retailers. Online marketing has even inspired your own “vacation days” shopping. Make sure you are provided with all the space to handle the number of requests. In case you hope to recommend your web-based deals, there is a way to earn double. By joining Amazon’s Associate program, you can include partners who are connected to your content in your promotion. So when someone buys your item, you get a profit on that deal, but more than that a referral commission.


Eventually, Amazon has made a larger market than any other eCommerce platform. Thus, this makes it the most famous of all. As a result, more customers are available here who are searching for products to make a purchase. Hence, be smarter in your approach too for making a higher profit, giving strong competition to your competitors. Make choices that will keep you maintaining a fair product performance, visibility, and customer satisfaction rate on Amazon.

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