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Stock Monitoring Details

Watchdog your Stocks to Escape the Situation of Oos

Importance & Benefits of Stock Monitoring

Have you ever imagined what will happen if there won’t enough stocks? It can create chaos for your online business; customers will get disappointed and may buy similar products from your competitors. This situation can snatch away potential customers and the opportunity for sales generation. One can resolve this problem by implementing constantstock monitoring.

What is Stock Monitoring?

The process that should be implemented to escape the out-of-stock situation and watchdog of your stocks is basically stock monitoring. Oos can become a significant diversion for your customers to move from you to your competitors to buy a specific product. However, you can totally skip this situation by implementing a robust stock monitoring software that provides real-time notifications of your stocks. 24×7 stock monitoring is essential to make a strong customer base and generate heavy revenue.

Importance of Stock Monitoring

For a strong customer base

To enhance the customer experience

For greater efficiency and productivity

To increase the visibility of your stock management

For a future sales forecast

To Improve the order fulfillment accuracy

To beat your competitors

Stock monitoring is vital in terms of attaining the above objectives for an eCommerce business.

Benefits of Stock Monitoring

Prevents Shortage & Overstocking

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Customer is the king, and to sustain your business on various marketplaces, it is essential to satisfy their demands on time. But in the case of Oos situation, you won't be able to fulfill their demands. One can only satisfy customers by fulfilling their demands on time. In this regard, etraKY BS smart stock monitoring system can help you immensely.

Managing Productivity Level

It is not an easy task to track the accuracy of productivity. As a brand, you have access to this information only when you have complete control over your stocks. One can manage their productivity level by implementing the stock monitoring system. Once you get clarity on your current stocks, it can become easier for you to manage your productivity level. Accuracy is crucial for managing the productivity level efficiently.

Stock Forecasting for Peak Season

In India, the peak sales season is the festive season for online sales. One can experience a giant increment in customers' demand during festivals. It can prove to be an excellent opportunity to increase sales as well. But the hurdle is that if you do not know what is there in your stock, you won't be able to fulfill the demands. Constant stock monitoring is the ultimate way to forecast stocks for the year's peak season and generate tremendous revenue.

This is how you can use etraKY BS as a stock monitoring tool and gain real-time notifications on your WhatsApp. This tool notifies you whenever a product gets out of stock or back in stock.