Cookie Policy

Please read the cookie policies carefully before browsing any further on the website.

What are cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of data that is present on the user’s web browser while browsing on a website. It is designed with the motive for a reliable mechanism for a website to remember essential information.

What information is collected?

It collects and makes records of the user’s activities that occurred on the browser including clicking particular buttons, logging records and records website pages visited in the past. It also records the information that has been entered in the field like names, payment card numbers, passcode etc.

What is done with that information?

This information is used to empower our frameworks to give you a more interactive experience on our website, along with some perks like other websites recommended for you, customized ads on several websites, and recommendation of products from your personalized shopping cart.

How to reject, delete or accept cookies?

Every browser has its own set of instructions to accept or reject cookies. Since most use google chrome here is how you can delete on the browser itself Go in the settings > On the left side go in privacy and security option > Click on cookies and other site data selector > See all cookies and site data > Click on remove all

For rejecting, every browser gives you the option for accepting or rejecting the cookies. There you can either choose to accept or simply click on the cross icon.

Are there any technical or harmful consequences?

No, there are no technical or harmful consequences.