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Possible Impacts of Reviews & Ratings, Tactics to Hike Them

Ask yourself what would be the first thing you do before making an online purchase? You know the answer, right? It is a review & ratings of that specific product. You, being a Brand can now think like a customer and make the required strategies to help yourself grow by being able to tackle the challenges in this aspect. Unlike a physical store, customers don’t have the leverage to experience the quality and nature of that product physically. This is the reason most customers turn out to read online product reviews first. Post covid when online business is booming, every customer choosing online platforms as their preferred shopping destination will prefer to view reviews before making the purchase decision. According to recent research, more than 85% of customers prefer to analyze reviews, and 75% of them build trust and take those as personal recommendations.

The impact of reviews is quite measurable too. There are two aspects of reviews positive and negative. Negative reviews usually carry more impact than positive ones. Based on the analysis, customers make their shopping decision. It may sound alarming to you, and you should take advantage of it. As a brand analytics tool, etraKY BS has incorporated reviews & ratings in its new eCommerce tactics SCRAP. If you are still not focusing on this aspect, it can affect your online business drastically in the long run. A single review with fewer positive words makes an ultimate opinion; however, a few more than say a similar thing make a communal consensus. In this blog, we have covered a few of the possible impacts of reviews & ratings and also the tactics you can use to improve them.


Viable Impacts of Reviews and Ratings on eCommerce Brands

Believe it or not, reviews and ratings can declare a lot more about your online brand. An abundance of positive wordings can quantitatively impact your overall sales. It can efficiently upsurge the purchases and create a base of loyal customers. These impressive vital points outline the benefits that make reviews & ratings a requirement for your online brand.


Escalates Your Sales

Not only in India but around the world, it has been proven that customers like to make an opinion on the basis of others’ perspectives. We can also say that reviews and ratings refer to the psychological phenomenon in which potential customers make their decisions on the basis of the shared actions of others. Analyzing positive reviews of other customers who bought similar products drives them confidence that they will buy a good product. Customers want proof from others that a product is worthwhile to buy. In such a way, reviews and ratings can elevate your sales more than ever. In the process of managing your reviews on a daily basis, you can take the help of powerful brand analytics tools such as etraKY BS.

Helps in Building Trust

In the massive eCommerce industry, numerous brands and products out there make it difficult for customers to choose the right one. There are countless brands in almost every category on eCommerce channels. Without a reliable way to trust the quality and authenticity, it is hard for customers to know who they should trust. Thus, reviews and ratings can be the best way for you to build your trust among the customers. Examining a good amount of reviews on a specific product indicates the terrific quality of the product and creates a dynamic reputation in the market that customers can trust. Statistics show that more than 65% of them are likely to trust and make a purchase from a brand with a good amount of positive reviews.

Upsurge Your SEO Efforts

Appearing on the search engine result page (SERP) should be your goal if you want to make a robust market presence. Although, establishing an SEO-friendly market presence requires enough time and effort. Well, in this regard, reviews & ratings can uplift your mission without your efforts. If you can satisfy your customers, there is a 90% chance that they will leave a positive review for you. In their review, most customers use several keywords such as brand and product names. It can benefit you in two compelling ways; First, your brand name will more likely appear whenever a customer searches for a similar product, and secondly, it can attract more customers who are likely to read a positive review.

Up Swing Brand Awareness

You must agree on this point that your brand is not just about selling your products and generating revenue. Of course, you want to expand and make your brand famous in all the prominent eCommerce ventures. To make it the talk of the town, you must consider the importance of reviews & ratings. If you are selling your products on various platforms, then positive reviews can increase your brand awareness and increase your market presence organically.

Effective Tactics to Attain More Reviews & Ratings


Offer High-Quality Products

It is not certain that every customer will leave a review for your product. However, there are more chances to attain them if you offer them a high-quality product. A product that meets their demand and satisfies them immensely can automatically force them to leave positive reviews or ratings.

Ask Customers to Leave a Review

If you are able to deliver quality-based products on promised time, then asking for a review is not a crime. It is pretty simple to ask your customers to leave a review for you. You can simply email them and request them to leave feedback on your product page. Believe it, and a generous review request can make a big difference. These days you can even WhatsApp them and ask for their valuable review.

Always Reply to Customers’ Review

To generate more reviews and ratings on your product page, you must incorporate the art of reply. In terms of general communication and professional terms, customers also appreciate the reply to their feedback. On a priority basis, you should reply to every review, whether it is positive or negative. Not only customers but google also like this; replying to reviews can actually boost up your local SEO efforts. So instead of considering reviews a secondary part of your online business, make it the priority and experience the magic.


Thus, you can understand how reviews and ratings impact your eCommerce brand. In this digital era, reviews and ratings are powerful marketing strategies that you can use for your brand to make a buzz around. On one hand, positive reviews can help you generate revenue and build trust. On the other hand, negative reviews can affect your business drastically and withdraw your chances of establishing trust again. An impeccable understanding of the impacts of reviews and ratings, along with knowing the tactics to upsurge them, can be an important way to make your presence in this competitive eCommerce industry. Keeping an eye on every feedback can’t be possible for you, so to minimize this problem of yours, you can take advantage of some brand analytical tool such as etraKY BS. It can make it easier for you to view all the feedback in one single panel, and you can take the next step accordingly. So, without delaying it anymore, start prioritizing the reviews and ratings.

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Advantages of Hyperlocal Fulfillment Analytics for eCommerce Brands!

While dealing with the eCommerce industry, it is essential that your product must be available there 24×7 to meet the demands of your customers. It is one of the challenging factors of the eCommerce business. Managing location-wise product availability is not that easy; it requires standard inventory management on a regular basis. As a brand, if your business is expanded all over the country and you are selling your products at almost every location in India, then it can be stressful for you to manage the availability of your products at every location. As much as your business will expand, you must take care of product availability and inventory.

Availability is the crucial aspect of our new eCommerce strategy called SCRAP. Having adequate products at the right amount in the right location is imperative to running your online business successfully. Believe it or not, the success of your brand also depends on how well you manage your stocks, especially location-wise stocks. If you cannot do it, it can terribly affect your business in terms of customer satisfaction and revenue generation. Just a little missed management of stock availability can ruin the entire effort you have implicated in your online brand establishment. In this blog, we have covered the significance of hyper-local analytics.

Five Main Advantages of Hyperlocal Fulfillment Analytics

Handling the location-wise product availability is essential in terms of trust-building. To gain the trust of your customers, it is crucial to keep a check on location-wise product availability. If your Products are not available for the customers at the time of making a purchase, it will automatically impact their trust in your brand. They can even move to your competitors to buy the same product. However, with the help of stock analytics software for eCommerce, such as etraKY BS, you can handle this most critical aspect of the eCommerce business as they provide synchronized information identifying your conversion and fill rates of that particular location.

Helps Track Your Stock Availability Regularly

It is not that easy to track your stocks regularly. You just can not count it on your fingers, as manual tracking involves the chances of errors. The manual process of stock tracking can impact the measure of order receiving and order fulfillment. Several products that are damaged but do not get removed from the stock can also lead to significant errors in your counts. The happening of these types of errors at multiple locations can leave you with an inaccurate inventory count. To ensure stock availability on a regular basis without any error, you need to take the help of stock analytics software for eCommerce. With the help of such software, you can effortlessly manage your inventory under one single panel. It provides visibility of handling the stocks for various channels at multiple locations. In such a way, you can easily handle stock availability or product availability at various locations.

Application of Hyperlocal Fulfillment Concept

It is a brand new concept in the eCommerce industry. The eCommerce platforms have moved to a hyper-local fulfillment model. Hence brands need to get actionable insights at a pin code level. It is an ultimate beneficial concept that is emerging as a therapy for the challenges that make order fulfillment more complex in terms of managing the stocks. This concept relies on various fulfillment centers located in various urban locations in India. It can be either downtown or close to the core to stock and ship out products for your eCommerce orders. Bringing the product closer to the customers’ locations and then dispatching them is an excellent way to fulfill the orders faster without facing the situation of Oos (Out-of-stock). To take advantage of hyperlocal fulfillment service, you can get along with etraKY BS, as it provides information on stocks from various pin codes.

Adoption of Stock Analytics

Stock or inventory analytics is another effective way to handle the location-wise product availability for brands. In making vital decisions about your online brand, you require high-quality data in real-time. It generally applies to all aspects of your business, including stock availability. Powerful data can help you understand the upcoming trends and demands of the market and your valuable customers. To adopt the stock analytics, you need to integrate your system with robust cloud-based Stock Track Reports software such as etraKY BS. Via this software, you can access stock analytics that can help you take real-time actions, forecast upcoming demands, and help you in making the right decisions regarding your stock.

Smooth Integration with Your Suppliers

Undoubtedly, handling location-wise product availability can be challenging for you. However, integrating with your suppliers can make managing an accurate stock level based on various locations effortless. It allows you to view the essential information about available stock, price, and backorders. It can make the order fulfillment process much easier and more efficient for you and can also minimize the risk of stock-out situations. Integrating with your suppliers also ensures that they have specific products available in their stock whenever you need them. Your suppliers can also view the drop level of your stocks, and they can send you the right amount of stock you require. However, this is also a brand new process but highly beneficial to online businesses.

Easy Backup of Your Stock Data

Backup of your stock data or inventory data can also help you in the future in handling location-wise product availability. Losing your stock data from various locations can destroy your eCommerce business. It may take time to recover those crucial data, and in the meantime, you can lose various orders. It can impact the overall performance of your online business, so you must prevent your brand from these losses. A stock analytics software for an eCommerce business can help you in this situation. Using such software, you can keep your essential data safe and use it per your business requirements.


Thus, these vital advantages may help you in handling location-wise product availability. By following these above-mentioned tips you can never miss out on any of your customers. If you want to expand your business to the next level, you must get along with stock availability software such as etraKY BS. It can help you immensely in handling stock availability from various locations at a pin code level. It can effectively and accurately streamline all your eCommerce operations. Being an online brand, you can face several consequences in lack of poor stock management. That is why it is essential to power up your brand now by taking the help of such robust software available in the market. So, what are you waiting for? It’s now or never; take a stand and make your brand as powerful as it ever was.

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How Does Content Help You in Increasing Product Visibility!

As an eCommerce brand, if you are looking forward to increasing your sales, you must first increase your products’ visibility on diversified marketplaces. Like a physical store, online stores don’t have the liberty to showcase their products in front of their customers. In the eCommerce industry, brands and sellers need extra effort to make their products visible to their customers. In increasing product visibility, content is the ultimate aspect that helps immensely.

Unlike a physical store, while shopping online, customers do their research before making a purchase. During their research on buying a product, the product you are selling should appear to them at least once. Rich product information is one of the crucial factors that can upsurge product visibility. It is one of the essential aspects of an eCommerce business that can make or break your business. However, by implementing a great content strategy, you can effectively increase the visibility of your products and eventually add more customers to your list.


Content is one of the beneficial factors of our new eCommerce strategy called SCRAP. Good content leads potential customers to provide an elaborative idea about your product. But if you add top-searched keywords with it, it can also hike up the visibility. In this blog, we have mentioned how content can help you increase your product visibility.

Role of Content in Increasing Your Product Visibility

The beauty of the content is that adding a few powerful keywords to your products can work magically and upsurge product visibility on multiple eCommerce platforms. While adding impactful content, it is essential to research it. Keywords should be added as per the search behavior of customers. If your products have power-packed content, they can definitely make your product appear in the search bars of the various eCommerce websites. You must understand that visibility is the initial step of selling your products online. They need to appear in the search bar whenever a customer searches for a similar product. In such a way, content is the only factor that makes it happen. Here are a few aspects of selling a product online which require better content.

Add Effective Content with Product Description

The product description is essential in evaluating an online item’s value. Unlike a physical store, customers don’t have the advantage of touching the product before buying it. They only have the product description that must include adequate information about the specific item. The product description should be precise, elaborative, and informative. Your product’s accurate and specific content helps the customers to know more about the product in depth. For their convenience, you can add bullet points with the description, making the description quite readable for them. You should include primary top-ranked keywords with the product description to make them appear in the search results.

Along with that, you must add the product’s essential features; for example, if you are selling a beauty product, you need to add its benefits, quantity, brand name, material type, volume, etc, and all other specifications which may be expected by the customer. All these aspects help your customers better understand the product and make a decision about buying them.


The content of the product description should be straightforward to understand. It can be your ultimate chance to show your brand authenticity as you can tell your customers why they should buy your product. Adding imperative keywords can work efficiently and upsurge the viability. In this regard, you can take the help of marketplace seller analytical tools such as etraKY BS. It can notify you whether you need to rectify your product description or not.

The Content of Product Title Must Include Vital Information

The title of your product plays a vital role in increasing product visibility. If your product’s content doesn’t include specific information about the item, then it can’t get appear in the search results. The distinct knowledge about the product includes brands’ names, product names, variants, materials, color, features, etc. You should also add the product’s volume, size, and length with the product title. Apart from these, adding the top-ranked keywords is essential to add a full product title.


Effective keywords can help your product to appear on various eCommerce sites. The overall structure of your product title should be appropriate and includes all the necessary information. It should be simple and searchable for customers. It will help if you think from the customer’s perspective about what content they use while searching for any specific product. On the basis of customers’ search, you can add specific keywords with the title as well. It can increase the viability of your products and later on the sales as well.

Add Attractive Images Along with Inviting Video

Adding alluring images and videos with your product is also a part of the content. If we compare a physical store to an online store while shopping online, customers can not touch or feel the product before buying them. They don’t have the liberty of analyzing them closely. Images and videos are the only things they rely on to analyze the product’s quality. That is why it is essential to add high-quality, attractive images and a clear video to enormously affect the shopping decision of potential customers. Good quality images can help you in attaining the customers’ trust. You must add a zoom-in and out feature so that they can analyze the product image as closely as possible.


Products with high-resolution images and engaging content can dominate the shopping decision of customers. The product image should not be less than 1080mp, and you should use a white background to provide much clarity. Brands who are into clothing can use a dummy to represent their apparel in a well-structured manner. Always try to add the images from various angles for an extensive view. Along with the product image, you can also add promoting content with it. Some eCommerce websites provide you with the advantage of adding the video as well. If you are selling such products that fall into the category of video, then you must add that. The combination of high-quality images, clear video, and good content can be the key player in increasing product visibility.


In such a way, content can help you increase your product’s visibility. Content and top-ranked keywords are essential to make your product appear in the search results on various eCommerce platforms. Customers search for any specific product by entering several keywords. Based on their search, you can add those keywords along with your product title and description. Images of the products and the content you use play an important role in presenting your product to potential customers. Based on that, they can make their shopping decisions. You should add these factors at the time of listing your products. To uplift the quality of your product listing, you can take the help of etraKY BS.

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Role of Brand Analytics Software in eComm Stock Management!

Stock management or inventory management is one of the most imperative aspects of an eCommerce business. It involves having the proper inventory in the right amount and at the right place to meet the demands and trends of the market. You can not establish a successful brand if you cannot handle your stocks accurately. It can drastically affect your business in terms of customer satisfaction, revenue, and brand credibility. You just can not miss out on this particular aspect because it can ruin the entire labor you did to improve your brand.

Stock management/ stock availability/inventory management is a vital part of SCRAP, a proven approach that can help you power up your brand in many ways. As a brand, you need to gain the unbreakable trust of customers. Trust building is essential in selling your products rapidly on various eCommerce platforms. In the process of building trust, you need to keep an eye on stock availability. A Stockout situation can make you lose potential customers. In this regard, you can take the help of stock availability software to sort out the availability and unavailability of products. etraKY BS is here to help you out of this situation by providing real-time information on stock availability. In this blog, we have mentioned the enormous role of such particular software for eCommerce management. Let’s find out how it can help you establish your brand adequately.

Significance of Brand Analytics Software for Stock Management

Efficient software for stock management helps in processing massive amounts of data from past sales and counting on future demand for your inventory. It also predicts the festive season’s demands and the eCommerce business’s lead time. Earlier it was much more difficult to manage stock availability against the anticipated market demands. But with the help of this analytical software, stock management became advanced along with demand forecasting. It also provides insights into customer behavior and the performance of your products. Besides that, it has become possible with this software to keep track of the location-wise availability of your stock. It helps in managing almost everything, including inventory and demand for sales.

Benefits of Analytics for Stock Management


Improves operational efficiency

With the help of such software, you can have a real-time view of the stock operations and a better understanding of the metrics as well. This helps in a great way to eliminate all the obstacles that come with improving your sales performance. It also implements supply chains to intensify performance when compared to traditional models anxiously. Effective stock management involving data analytics helps eliminate various problems that will ultimately help improve operational efficiency.

– It undoubtedly helps in restricting the stockout situation.
– Prevents overstocking of products.
– Helps in accelerating the order fulfillment process.

Maximize Sales & Revenue

While dealing in the eCommerce industry, it is crucial to have access to real-time data that allows you to manage sales with a high revenue margin with the help of preeminent insights. It can also ensure that the brand can make decent revenue with the help of contributions in stocks that are attaining higher sales along with high customer demand. In such a dynamic way, proper stock management always initiates maximum sales opportunities with the help of stock availability software.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

The real-time data captured with the help of analytical software helps in perceiving the primary reason behind the sale of a specific product. It can help you in making effective business decisions for your online brand. You can also use it to predict the upcoming trends of seasonal sales. It can help you in understanding the demand of your valued customers. Following that, you can ensure that the right amount of products is available in your stock to meet the requirements of upsurging customer demand during the sale. It can also help you in boosting customer satisfaction via several other ways mentioned below.

– By optimizing product description, title, and image.
– Maintaining dynamic pricing across channels.
– Providing the impeccable feature of review management.

Manage the Slow Moving Stocks

There is the possibility that several products from your stock rarely turn over. Such products may not be top-rated among customers and ultimately sell slowly or not sell at all. Stock availability software can also help you analyze those products so that you can revamp them and sell them properly. Such products may have a lower stock level, and you may not need to manufacture them very often or keep much less stock in hand. Data provided by stock software can also help you identify the seller-wise performance. In such a way, you can locate which products are performing better in which location and which are not. Based on these analytics, you can decide to discontinue or continue the specific products in your stock.

Analyze the Performance of Your Stock Management

Essential analytics provided by such software provides insights into how well you manage your stocks on the whole. You can view several metrics such as the total amount of inventory, total number of products in your stock, and total number of sales on a daily basis. These metrics help determine how effectively your stock management is working. It can help you in managing the demand for products across channels. Individually if we talk about the total amount of inventory, it can be helpful for you to analyze asset utilization in the online business.

Apart from these, availability software with data analytics helps control the stock’s cost factor or inventory. These several reasons are enough to make you realize why it is essential to stock adequate products. It can be done only with the help of real-time inventory visibility provided by software like etraKY BS.


This quick review of stock availability software shows that it is the only way to improve your stock management. Whether you want to forecast seasonal sales or prevent out-of-stock or overstock situations, such software can provide you with the essential insight you require to power up your brand. It can be surprising for you to discover how it can streamline all your online business operations in an accurate manner. Thus, it is always the best choice to get along with such software as etraKY BS. It provides you the stock availability analytics and helps you improve the listing quality of your products on prominent eCommerce websites.

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Five Excellent Ways to Make Your Product Visible on eCommerce Platforms!

Be it eCommerce or any other business venture, the ultimate goal is to make a robust market presence and generate decent revenue. The eCommerce business is no exception; brands and sellers are here to stay and generate revenue. But to upsurge your sales, you need to understand the fundamentals of this emerging industry. One of the basic fundamentals is product visibility. If your products are not visible to customers as you expect them to, they won’t be able to buy them, which can ultimately affect your sales. The competition is also very high in this particular business, and customers have numerous choices to buy the best available products online.

These days customers have constant access to their phones where they can research a product anytime before making a purchase. In such a scenario, product visibility can make or break your business. Product visibility is essential in terms of placing your products in the search result. It is an integral part of our brand new strategy, SCRAP. As an online brand, it is quite important for you to increase your visibility to enhance your sales. Here in this blog, we have mentioned five distinctive ways to make your product visible on significant eCommerce sites.

Five Magnificent Ways to Make Your Product Visible on eComm Channels

Product visibility is the primary step to selling anything on eCommerce platforms. Customers will never be able to buy your products if they lack in locating them. It doesn’t matter how good your product is and how many features it has; ultimately, it will fail to generate sales if it is not visible or appears in the search bars. Let’s find out ways to help you immensely increase your product visibility.

Add Top-Ranked keywords to Your Products.

If you want to increase the organic search for your products, adding top-searched or top-ranked keywords to your product’s description and the title is crucial. While adding a product description, you need to apply the product’s noteworthy features, color, size, and width, including keywords. Similarly, you must add an attractive and eye-catching product title; you must add such a title that can represent the nature of your product. You must add the name of your brand along with the title. All these aspects can help you enhance product visibility on various websites. As a brand-centric eCommerce software, etraKY BS can guide you in adding the product description, image specifications, and title to your products.

Appealing Product Visualization

You must have listened to the fact that sight plays a vital role in representation. That is why as an online brand, you need to focus more on the visualization of your products. The way you will represent it online impacts your customers’ shopping decisions. Your product must look attractive and have a multi-dimensional view. It can make it effortless for customers to analyze your products closely. You can add a high-resolution image with a 360-degree view to make them visible and attractive. Graphics and videos can also add personality to your branded products and attract more customers. It helps your products earn better visibility as several eCommerce websites prefer to keep the well-managed products on their search bar. Images are the hero of your product, so they should be high in quality.

Upgrade Your Product Navigation

It is not possible for you to always feature your products on the category first page of the eCommerce website. However, it will help if you ensure that customers can easily find your products. It is essential to offer your customers to view your products in as few clicks as possible. Try to make it a one-way click to locate your products for customers. You take the help of pay-per-click advertisements to increase the search visibility of your product on various eCommerce websites. Product navigation can be the key to making it locatable for your potential customers. PPC campaigns and other modes of advertisement can allow you to enhance your brand awareness and increase your sales volume as well.

Redirect Customer’s Attention to Relevant Products

To redirect the customers’ attention towards your relevant products, you need an eagle eye to notice a particular product that is incredibly popular, but your items are not performing well. Now, you can just let your potential customers know that they have various options for similar products they prefer to buy. Multiple colors, designs, and styles always become successful in attracting more customers. You can opt to sell the most popular products by offering additional choices to them. Additional choices mean there is something for everyone. This is one outstanding technique that global brands around the world use.

Consider the Reviews & Rating Section

Reviews and ratings also play a crucial role in making your product visible. There are various eCommerce websites in India, such as Amazon, Myntra, and Flipkart, which fetch products with positive reviews and ratings to display in their search bars. It automatically increases your product visibility and assures the organic discoverability of your products. It is the easiest way to upgrade your product visibility. To execute this process successfully, you need to have numerous positive reviews and above three-star ratings. You must know that customers prefer to buy products with more positive reviews and ratings. Once you can add positive reviews to your products, eCommerce channels may showcase them in their search bar; eventually, it can become hassle-free for customers to pick them. After every purchase, do encourage your customers to leave reviews and ratings. To manage your reviews, you can take the help of the agile review management feature of etraKY BS.

So these excellent five ways can help you effectively improve your products’ visibility across channels. While getting along with the ways mentioned above, taking advantage of etraKY BS can benefit you.


Thus, when it comes to making your product visible on various eCommerce platforms, there are a few requirements you need to consider. First, you need to think from the customer’s perspective and apply relevant keywords to your products. The visualization of your products should be impeccable, and last but not least, make your brand glow at all times. If the presentation of your product is attractive, customers will be able to locate your product in the first place. However, apart from this, you can also implement compelling marketing strategies and are well on your way to success. You can even revamp the prices of your products to attain visibility on well-known eCommerce sites. Customers mainly consider buying a quality product at a reasonable price. That is why pricing is also essential in terms of enhancing product visibility. etraKY BS also works as a price tracking software. It makes you aware of the prices set by your competitors. Based on their pricing, you can change yours and attract more customers. In this way, you can effectively make your product more visible on prominent eCommerce platforms.

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Why Price Tracking is an Essential Component to Build a Successful Brand?

According to recent research, more than 65% of customers prefer to buy a product from online marketplaces purely in terms of the best price. Customers like to shop from eCommerce websites because it is convenient, easy, and offers so many choices to them. In addition, customers can efficiently compare the pricing of individual products on various marketplaces and select the best deal. It means you must maintain your products’ price hygiene across various eCommerce channels. You risk losing valuable customers if you don’t know how to set a dynamic price for your products. It can diminish your brand value as well.

As a brand, you need to understand and visualize what is happening in the online industry. In terms of building a successful brand, you also need to track your competitors’ prices as well. To attract customers to your products, it is crucial to keep a check on competitors’ prices. It will help if you implement a price tracking strategy to establish your brand as one of the customers’ favorites. It is one of the powerful aspects of SCRAP, our new strategy to power up your brand effectively. In this blog, you will learn why price tracking is essential to building a successful brand and how etraKY BS can help you with this.

Why Price Tracking is Important for Online Brands

You can not deny the fact that competition is surging on a daily basis in the eCommerce industry. Customers have millions of options for buying one single product. To attract customers to buy your product, you need to track, compare and analyze your competitors’ product prices. In such a way, you can offer something different to your customers. Remember one thing, until or unless you are not offering the best deal to your customers, you won’t be able to increase your sales. Apart from that, price tracking is essential in terms of maintaining price hygiene across the channels. It can not only help your brand to stand out differently but also helps you in generating more sales. Let’s see how tracking price benefits your eCommerce brand.

Monitor Your Competitors’ Price

Price tracking is beneficial in monitoring your competitors’ prices across various eCommerce channels. Suppose your competitors sell the same product as yours at a lower price. Why would a customer buy your product instead of theirs? However, by monitoring your rivals’ prices, you can set up your product prices accordingly and accelerate your sales rapidly. In this varied process, etraKY BS works as an eCommerce price tracking software. It offers you quick reports on who is on the buy box at present. This software can provide you with the sellers or brands’ name that has attained the highest buy box button. etraKY ensures you won’t lose your revenue because of poor pricing management. It provides insights into competitors and lets you be on the same page.

Dynamic Pricing Control

The importance of price tracking increases when it comes to controlling the prices of your products in diversified markets. Price tracking is not only about applying a lower price than your competitors. Sometimes customers don’t prefer to buy the lower price products. Because of their mentality, most of them think that if a product is lower in price than others, that means the manufacturer has compromised with the quality. At this point, you need to control the prices dynamically. After analyzing your competitors’ market trends and prices, you need to act smart and offer a reasonable price to your customers. To implement this process vigorously, etraKY BS can incredibly help you.

Control Price Breaching

Pricing tracking is crucial in terms of controlling the price breaching across multiple eCommerce platforms. As an eCommerce brand, you must have experienced the issue of price breaches from the sellers’ end. Sometimes sellers sell your products at a lower price than the authorized ones. It is called price breach, and this practice takes place due to the less surveillance on eCommerce platforms. This activity can affect the pricing policies of your brand and leave a destructive impact on customers as well. To avoid this situation, you can take the help of etraKY BS. This enormous software provides you the assurance that you have complete control over every seller’s operating system. It sends you real time WhatsApp alerts whenever a seller breaches the market operating price. You can monitor them and can take the required actions against them.

Historical Price Movement

History repeats itself, and this statement also applies to the eCommerce pricing strategy. Historical access to pricing is essential to analyzing your past pricing strategy and can help you improve your current prices. Historical prices help you know what may go wrong and what can help you generate more sales. It is one creative way to revamp your pricing policies while dealing in this highly competitive and sensitive industry. As an intelligent price tracking solution provider, etraKY BS helps you extract your historical price data. In such a way, as an eCommerce brand, historical price movement can let you apply most dynamic prices to your products. Eventually, in such a manner you can retrieve more customers and stand ahead of competitors in terms of pricing management. To get your historical price movement, etraKY BS is here to help you. It provides you the data of your pricing history, and you can specifically use that information to power up your brand at various eCommerce sites.

Seller-Wise Price Monitoring

Price tracking is essential in the manner of seller-wise price monitoring. It provides information about all the various sellers at what pricing they are selling your products and who have achieved the buy box button. However, you can not get this data manually; it requires automation. In this regard, etraKY BS can help you effectively. It works as server-based software and doesn’t leave any chance of mistakes or delays. By accessing these data from anywhere at any time, you will be able to see the pricing of every seller and analyze who is performing well. Later on, you can use the most prominent pricing to sell your products. etraKY BS provides you the seller-wise monitoring data through tracking their locations and rectifying the price at which your products are being showcased on channels. Our software is eligible to monitor the price of your sellers from diversified eCommerce channels such as Amazon, Myntra, Messho, Flipkart, Ajio, etc.


Now hope you understand why price tracking is essential to building a successful brand. Pricing can affect your overall brand success as it directly impacts the shopping decision of your customers. In case of a poor pricing strategy, you can lose your potential customers, and they can buy similar products from your rival brands. In such a manner, as a price tracking software, etraKY BS can help you intake a hold of conversions through tracking price on various eCommerce channels. We provide you with a real-time Whatsapp alert to notify the situation of price breach and MOP (Marketing operating price). Apart from that, etraKY BS provides you with extensive data on historical price movement and seller-wise price monitoring. All these features can ultimately help you provide an excellent customer experience and automatically upsurge your sales.

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Importance of Reviews & Ratings for Online Brands and How etraKY BS can Help you Attain Them!

In the eCommerce Industry, reviews and ratings are essential for any online brand. Reviews and ratings work in two ways; first, they let you understand the demand and perception of customers for your products. Second, it helps you in attracting more customers and increasing your revenue. Nowadays, reviews are crucial as they provide customers with the necessary information regarding your products. It dominates the customers’ shopping decisions in an extensive way. They want to buy products with more positive reviews and above three-star ratings. Positive and negative reviews play a vital role in making the final decision about initiating a purchase.

It is obvious that no one will buy a product with several negative reviews or stars below three. That is why it has become imperative to keep a check on reviews and ratings of each product you are selling online. More reviews mean more sales, and more sales increase your overall revenue. Around the world, it has become human nature that they prefer to take a review before spending their money on anything. Positive reviews help them to build trust in your brand. Reviews and Ratings are the essential aspects of our specific SCRAP strategy. We have covered the SCARP framework in detail in our previous blog. In this particular brand, you will get to know why it is important for your brand and how etraKY BS can help you attain them.

Why Reviews and Ratings are Essential for eCommerce Brands


Believe it or not but reviews and ratings have the ultimate power to make or break your brand reputation, credibility, and sales performance. Positive reviews can help your customers to believe in your brand. It helps them to trust you in the first place. However, one negative review can ruin your market image and credibility among the customers. That is why it is crucial to manage your reviews and ratings. Apart from that, many other factors consider the power of reviews and ratings. Lets’ see what they are and how etraKY BS can help you with that.

Boost Your Product Performance

Reviews and ratings have the enormous potential to boost the performance of your products on various eCommerce platforms. Excellent or positive reviews make your product the best among the various similar products on eCommerce platforms. According to recent research, more than 82% of customers trust reviews as personal recommendations. They always want to know what others are saying about your product. If they find a buzz about your brand, they will buy your products without any doubt. In this way, reviews are vital to boost your product performance. However, if you are unable to manage your product reviews, etraKY BS is here to help you. It aims to build a robust control over review and rating management. In a single panel, you can view all the reviews regarding your products and take further action.


Rectify the Issues of Your Product

Product reviews are essential for rectifying the issues related to your product. If your products are getting negative reviews, again and again, it is possible that there may be something wrong with the product. As soon as your product receives negative reviews, you should focus on resolving the issue. Delaying this process can let your customers bombard you with negative reviews. So it is better to resolve the problems as soon as possible. As a seller analytics tool, etraKY BS can help you rectify the issues with your product by providing you with an agile review management facility. Here you can view all the positive as well as negative reviews in a single panel across multiple channels.

Upgrade Your Conversion Rate

If you can deliver products as per the customers’ expectations, you are creating room for positive reviews. Such reviews play a massive role in upgrading your conversion rate. Happy customers will leave positive reviews with open hearts. You must understand that even a single positive review can help you increase your conversion rate effectively. Suppose your product has far more positive reviews as compared to the negative one; it automatically diminishes the power of negative reviews. Numbers play an essential role in every business, so you do not need to worry about having more positive reviews and fewer negative reviews. If you are honest with your customers in terms of providing them with the best product, no one can stop your increasing conversion rate.

Enhance Customer Experience

Product reviews can help you in enhancing your customer experience better than ever. Mismanagement or negligence of customer reviews can discourage the trust of your customers for your brand. Hence, it is better to monitor them and then work towards initiating the improvement. Once you can rectify your customer’s demands, expectations, and other issues, you can work on them. It can help you in providing a better customer experience in the future. With etraKY BS, you will be able to notify all the reviews and can work accordingly. It helps you in enhancing your product quality as well as customer experience. This software can help you build new customers and always retain older customers associated with you.

Trivialize the Return Rate

If your product doesn’t have any reviews, customers may not be able to make a purchase decision. Reviews provide them the assurance that product quality is up to their expectations. Customers will never be confident enough to buy your product without reviews and ratings. It can build doubt in their mind regarding the product quality. In any case, if they make a purchase by ignoring the reviews, there are chances of return if they find any issue with the product. However, a product with decent reviews and ratings likely faces fewer returns. It is because they get convinced by the reviews that there is no defect in the product. That is why you need to manage your reviews efficiently and put them on your product page. With the help of etraKY BS, you can productively select the positive reviews and add them to your product page on various eCommerce sites.


In the eCommerce Industry, the customer is the king. They have the supreme power to take your online brand to new heights or bring it down severely. Their reviews and ratings are exceptionally crucial, as it tells about their experience and how good or bad your products are. You should not worry about negative reviews if you are assured of good-quality products. There are customers with honest reviews which give you a reality check. And it also identifies that you welcome whatever a customer says with open arms. The importance of reviews becomes prominent because there is no such automation yet that could let customers inspect an online product. However, tracking online reviews on a daily basis is not an easy task. That is why you require an agile review management system such as etraKY BS. It is a trusted software that can bring down all your product reviews to one single dashboard. With just one click, you can monitor channel-wise reviews and ratings of products. Remember, reviews are essential in building trust between your brand and your customers. Reviews and ratings also help you in attracting new customers in this highly competitive eCommerce business.

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Why Do You Need to Keep a Check on Product Availability & How etraKY can Help you monitor this?

As an eCommerce brand, your success depends on so many factors. One of them is customer satisfaction; without it, you can’t be able to establish your brand on various eCommerce marketplaces. These days customers have complete control over online marketplaces. To fulfill the demands of your customers you require an appropriate view of product availability. You need to know location-wise product availability and how soon it can get delivered to your customers. If you cannot monitor product availability, your customers can buy the identical product from somewhere else. Poor product availability analysis can also lead you to overstock the products as well.

A lot can happen if you are not able to keep a check on product availability. Availability is the essential aspect of SCRAP, a tested strategy that can help you create a successful brand story. To enhance your brand’s trust and credibility, it is essential to always have clarity in your product’s availability across multiple channels. Suppose customers rely on your brand for any specific product, and that is unavailable in your stock.


Undoubtedly, it can affect their trust and convenience them to purchase from your competitors. In this special edition, we have mentioned why you need to keep a check on product availability and how etraKY BS can help you with it.

Significance of Product Availability

If you have listed products on various eCommerce websites, then it is vital to know the location-wise availability of each product. The unavailability of listed products can disappoint your customers if they find that products are unavailable for delivery. It can make you lose your potential customers. Unlike physical stores, customers always have access to buy their desired products anytime from online marketplaces. That is why product availability is crucial to never miss out on a single customer.


The unavailability of products can impact your annual revenue. Nowadays, eCommerce channels have moved to a hyper-local fulfillment model. Hence, it is more critical for you to get actionable insights into multiple pin codes and cities you are operating. To monitor your product availability efficiently, etraKY BS, a brand analytics tool, can help you immensely.

Reason You Need to Keep a Check on Product Availability

Apart from increasing your customers’ trust, there are other reasons to keep checking products’ availability. Here we will mention some of the other essential reasons you need to analyze your products’ availability.

Maximize Your Conversion Rate

Unavailability of products can disappoint your customers to the next level. Once you fail in fulfilling your customers’ demands, they may never return to you. It can minimize your conversion rate as well. To maximize your conversion rate, it is crucial to keep a check on product availability. As a brand, if you want to make a robust market presence, you must have a complete idea of available or unavailable products in your stock. But it is not that easy to monitor your stocks all the time.


To handle this situation adequately, etraKY BS is here to help you out. It provides real-time data on your inventories and notifies you as soon as any product gets out of stock or back in stock. It can save you from overstocking the products and ultimately save your money. With etraKY, you will never get in a situation where your customers get disappointed. You can escape the situation of Oos very well. It can result in you maximizing your conversion rate.

Upswing Sales Opportunities

Whenever a customer faces unavailability at the time of purchase, the demand for that specific product naturally goes down. It can impact your sales performance drastically. That’s why it is important to always keep a check on product availability so that your customers never face an out-of-stock situation while shopping. Available products can increase the demand of the customers and ultimately helps you upswing your sales opportunities.


If you want your products to always be in demand, you need to constantly check whether products are available in your stock or not. Always ensure that products are visible and available for your potential customers. In such aspects, etraKY BS can help you in constructing a better mechanism by keeping a check on availability on a real-time basis.

To Attain Positive Customer Review

Once customers start trusting your brand for a specific product, they always want to buy the same product. However, their trust can get broken if they find that the product they are looking for is not available at the time of purchase. In such a scenario, they can leave a negative review that may create a challenge for you in building more customers. Several eCommerce platforms have the review and rating feature; if your products don’t have good reviews, it can negatively impact your targeted customers.


To attain positive customer reviews, you need to ensure that products are available to fulfill their demands. You need to consider this as a primary requirement for your eCommerce business. As a brand analytical tool, etraKY, BS provides complete visibility of your inventories across the channels and helps you meet the demand of your customers. In such a way, your customers never get disappointed, and you can attain their positive reviews.

Outride Your Customers

Customers looking for a specific product to buy from your brand can not select you if they find the out-of-stock situation repeatedly. Customers do not have the patience to wait and let the products get back in stock. In the case of Oos, your customers can move to your competitors to make the purchase. It can leave you behind your competitors and let you lose your valuable customers. If you want to outride your customers, you have to keep a check on product availability. Customers have thousands of options for one single product.


So it would be best to be alert about not losing a single customer. You need to provide a dynamic customer experience to beat your competitors. As a brand, you must put extra effort into presenting your products online. It should be a matter of consideration for all the brands out there. With etraKY BS, your competitors will never be able to fetch your customers. To compete effectively with your customers, this software provides you with tracking records of your stocks on a real-time basis.


Satisfying your customers in every circumstance should be the ultimate goal of your online business. You can not write your success story without pleasing your customers. Customers are the primary focus, whether online or offline because they decide your fate. That is why it is essential to always keep a check on your product availability. Customers visit an eCommerce website to make a reliable purchase. If they find your brand reliable for them, they will make the purchase again and again. But if you fail in fulfilling their demand just for once, it can hurt your brand’s credibility.


However, to save you from such situations, etraKY BS focuses on accelerating your brand’s flexibility. As a software, it minimizes your problems related to product availability and sends you a notification on a real-time basis. It can help you with multiple channels to keep a check on your inventories under a single panel. etraKY BS can help you forecast the upcoming trends and demands of the eCommerce industry. Especially during peak time, you can arrange your stock before the sale and fulfill the demand of your customers.


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Role of Content and its Impact on eCommerce Brand Performance!

The eCommerce industry has provided an immense opportunity for brands and sellers to make their presence on the various eCommerce platforms. However, having an eCommerce business is not as easy as it used to be. These days customers have so many possibilities to choose from that it is a combat for brands to stand out from their competitors and for customers to find a brand they can trust completely. The crucial difference in success is a fusion of ingredients among essential, appealing, and upgraded product content. 

The best product content is a part of our brand new strategy SCRAP. It is also a collaboration of informative product descriptions, engaging product titles, and high-resolution images. It should contain relevant keywords to attract the target customers. Product descriptions and product titles are essential to creating a successful brand story.


It helps your product to become more visible on various eCommerce platforms. Necessary and accurate information about the convenience of the product for the customers to make a purchase. In this blog, we have mentioned why every aspect of product content is essential for your online brand and what could be a possible impact. We will also let you know how etraKY BS a brand analytics tool can help you enhance your product content.


Why all the Aspect of Product Content is Essential for Your Brand

As mentioned above, there are three significant aspects of product content: product description, product, title, and product image. These aspects can eventually help you increase your brand awareness, credibility, and revenue. Let’s see how these aspects of Content can be essential for your brand.

Product Description

In eCommerce, industry customers do not have the advantage of evaluating the product physically. All they have is a product description, so it should be precise and informative. You must include bullet points in the description as it helps the customers to read the essential information promptly. The Content of your products should be specific and accurate, and you must add all the specifications of your product. Suppose you are selling mobile phones; you must add the brand name, camera features, display screen, and the information about battery and processing.

It helps customers to know more about the product and further convinces them to buy your product. Apart from that, your product description content should be simple and understandable for a layman. Product content is your ultimate chance to show your authenticity; you can tell your customers why they should select your brand and why your product is a perfect fit.

As a marketplace seller analytical tool, etraKY, BS notifies you whether your product description is user-friendly or not. This quintessential software can even let you know whether your description includes the bullet points or not. In such a way, etraKY BS can help you implement a dynamic product description. Follow these essential steps to revamp your product description.

  • Try to write the product descriptions in your own words. Copy-paste can diminish the actual essence of your product.
  • Always try to highlight the several qualities of the product.
  • You must add how it can resolve specific problems with your product description.
  • Write a product description according to your targeted customers.
  • You must add specific details of your products in the description.


Product Title

Product title is also an essential part of product content. The title of your product helps your customers to find your product quickly. Product title also helps increase your product’s visibility on various eCommerce websites. You must include your brand’s name, product name, variant, color, flavor, and material. Apart from that, the product title must also include the size, quantity, and unit of length. All these aspects are vital to creating an attractive product title. Besides that, you must add relevant keywords with the title.

Keywords can help your product appear in several eCommerce sites’ search bars. So, it is crucial to add an appropriate product title while listing them on diversified marketplaces. To make a complete product title, you can take the help of etraKY BS, which can effectively guide you in adding a decent product title. Here we have mentioned some of the essential points that can help you enhance your product title.

  • The quality of the Content language should be easy to read and understand for customers.
  • The structure of the product title should be appropriate and include the brand’s name and specification.
  • Use the SEO-based top-ranked keywords with your product title.
  • The product title should be simple but searchable for customers.

Product Image

Unlike a physical store at online shopping, customers don’t have the advantage of verifying the product too closely. Images are the only thing they depend on for a quality purchase. So, if your products do not have high-resolution images, it can drastically affect customers’ shopping decisions. You can build trust in your products in customers’ minds with high-quality images. They got the advantage of analyzing the products more closely. It can give them a proper online shopping experience.


High-resolution images can help your brand build trust among the customers. It will help if you consider that images leave the first impression of your brand on customers. That is why it is required to add high-quality images of your products. The following steps can help you in intensify your product image.

  • The image of your products should be attractive and tempting.
  • Image resolution should be less than 1080mp.
  • You can use plain white backgrounds as it provides a clear view.
  • If you are selling fashion apparel, you can use a dummy or models to represent your products well.
  • You must add the different angles of the products for a better extensive view.
  • To provide a clearer view of your products, you must add zoom-in features.
  • Always try to add a bigger size of the product images.

After concentrating on these three significant aspects of Content, you will be able to make your brand more impressive than earlier. All it requires is an elaborative product description, product title, and product image. These three primary aspects of the Content play a crucial role in building the excellent reputation of your product. It enhances product visibility and lets your customers find your products online.



Customers worldwide use the eCommerce marketplaces to search, compare and learn about products before making a purchase decision. Occasionally, customers do visit some eCommerce sites and make the purchase immediately. They apply this process only to those products about which they have strong brand loyalty or trust. The connection between eCommerce platforms and online product content is more essential than ever; captivating customers with great products and keeping them engaged is achieved through impressive Content, both in terms of text and images.


With a better understanding of the motive and development of great Content and well-planned e-commerce strategies, brands can revamp their eCommerce presence to exceed customers’ expectations and be in a stronger position regarding their competition. Content is the key that helps your customers look for a specific product on various platforms per their requirements. If your Content is not up to date, your customers will never be able to find your product, which can ultimately reduce your sales and trust in the market. However, to place strong Content to your products, etraKY BS can help you immensely. It gives you the proper visibility of your product content across multiple platforms.


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How etraKY BS can Help you in Implementing SCRAP in your Business!

Search, content, reviews & ratings, availability, and price (SCRAP) plays a vital role in increasing your brand awareness and credibility in the marketplace. These are the most critical aspects that can help you generate revenue and make your brand stand out in the concourse of millions of other brands. We have already introduced SCRAP in our last blog. If you read it, you will get an idea of how it works and how it can benefit your business.

In this individual blog, we have mentioned being a powerful brand analytics software how etraKY BS can help you implement SCRAP in your online business. It provides you with one single, innovative dashboard that can make it easier to view all the analytics in one place. An analytical view can help you improve your brand’s overall performance on various eCommerce platforms. Let’s find out how etraKY BS can help you apply SCRAP for a better view.

Five Fantastic ways etraKY BS can Help you in Applying SCRAP

In the process of establishing your brand adequately in the eCommerce industry, you need to administrate SCRAP in an accurate manner. Accurate search, content, reviews, availability, and pricing analytics will help you flourish your brand immensely. However, you can not apply these to your business without the help of any brand analytics tool. That’s why etraKY BS is here to help you out. Let’s see how this software works and help you in generating great revenue.

Revamp your Search Result

As an eCommerce brand, you need to secure the buy box button. Although it is not an easy task, it requires a strategic mind and intelligent software. To make your products appear in the generic, branded, and category 1st-page search result, it is essential to add relevant keywords to your product. It intensifies your chance to reach out to more potential customers. etraKY BS can help your branded products to achieve that buy button and further build a solid customer base. As an analytical tool, we conduct the entire keyword research process for you. We guide you and provide you with the analytics on whether your present keywords are doing well or not.


If it is helping your products to get appear in the search results on various eCommerce platforms or not. You must know that a customer will not be able to find your product in the search list if you don’t add top-ranked customized keywords with it. This is the only way to help you enhance your products’ visibility to the customers. etraKY BS provides you the complete insight into keywords on various platforms and lets you know if it is doing well for your business or not. Thus, you can modify the nature of your products and revamp your search results effectively.

Enhance the Content of Branded Products

There are four main elements of the content of a product; title, product description, bullet points, and product images. All these components are necessary to add to your products while listing them on multiple eCommerce sites. You should add a short and crisp description to your product; you must include color, size, nature, dimension, brand name, and the product’s essential features in the description. It helps customers understand your product well and convinces them to buy it. The product’s title must include relevant keywords and information about the product. Now, if we talk about the product images, they should be high-quality.

You have to understand that, unlike a physical store or an online shopping platform, customers don’t have the liberty of taking a close look at the product. Here all they have to analyze the products are images; if they are not of good quality, it can change their decision to purchase that specific product. So, it is essential to add high-resolution images of products. As a powerful brand analytical tool, etraKY, BS provides you with the complete detail of every product from various platforms. It can help you analyze which of your products needs high-quality images, impressive descriptions, and titles. We help you effectively revamp your listing quality.

Agile Review Management

The SCRAP strategy doesn’t work without agile review management. It is the most influential factor that helps build your brand story vigorously. Reviews & rating helps the customer to make their shopping decisions. According to a recent study, more than 65% of customers buy any product after analyzing the reviews and ratings. Believe it or not, no one wants to buy those products that don’t have positive reviews or no reviews at all. Customers use reviews and ratings as a form of reference. All they want is to try out a referred product.

It helps them to trust your product and then buy them eventually. If you are not considering it as an essential factor, it may negatively impact your online brand. Review management is crucial for you as a brand because it helps analyze your weaknesses and thus makes a come back with extra efforts. You may face massive drawbacks if your review management is not effective. However, etraKY BS provides you with impeccable control over review management. With the help of this software, you can easily keep an eye on every review and ratings your customers will leave for you.

Scrutinize your Stock Availability

For the growth and success of your eCommerce business, it is imperative to keep an eye on your location-wise stock availability. To diminish the stock out situation, you need to keep an eagle eye on your inventories across channels. Stock availability analysis is crucial to fulfilling the customers’ demand during the peak seasons. You won’t be able to fulfill their demands if you don’t have clarity of your stocks. Out of stock situation can prove a venom for the growth of your brand.

It demotivates your customers and forces them to purchase an identical product from your competitors. Nowadays, eCommerce channels have made their path to a hyper-local fulfillment model. So it has become essential to gain actionable insights into stock from various cities and pin codes. In such a manner, etraKY BS helps provides you with a tracking facility of stocks across channels and locations. You can view which location or channel you need to refill your stock. It provides you with data on a real-time basis and keeps you safe from experiencing the stock-out situation in the future.

Maintain Dynamic Pricing

Your pricing strategy should be compatible with the eCommerce metrics. The price of your product must be lower than your competitors because customers are always lookout for a high-quality, low-budget product. You can lose customers if your competitors sell the same product at a lower price. That is why it is vital to maintain the dynamic pricing of all your products across channels. At etraKY BS, you can get a clear picture of your competitor’s price and thus finalize the price for your product. Apart from that, we can also help you in resolving the price breaching situation. You can get notified whenever a seller tries to sell your product at a lower price than the authorized one.


This way, etraKY BS can help you implement the SCRAP strategy in your online business. These elements can help you revamp your market presence and build a solid customer base. Apart from that, implementing SCRAP can help you generate revenue faster than ever. In the eCommerce industry, competition is increasing on a daily basis, and to sustain here for a long time, you must take advantage of this unique strategy produced by us. You should go for this without wasting a moment to make your brand more powerful and prosperous.


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